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August 13th, 2018

Page 643

The twins are going to a new camp this week: our local Humane Society has a kid’s day camp.  They do the typical camp activities, but I guess with some simple animal husbandry thrown in?  Maybe they make them clean the cages?  Take the dogs for walks?  Whatever it is, Evan will love it.  He’s super excited and can’t stop talking about all the “beautiful and wonderful animals” he’s going to see.  Owen, on the other hand, is a little nervous around dogs and isn’t so sure about this… we’ll see how it goes!  I have to drive about 25 minutes both ways too… buggers better appreciate :D

We watched the original Jurassic Park with them last night and at no time did one of them run and hide under the couch.  We seem to be past the stage of paralyzing fear and sobbing: Evan once cry/demanded we leave a theatre because the preview (for the Jungle Book) was too scary.  Vote Incentive:  a definitely not scary T-Rex!

As always, support the comic!  Buy some tees!  Impress a cat! (not possible).


  1. Fety E. R. Charles

    Hey, am I the first to comment!!!!!! ;)

  2. Fety E. R. Charles

    Alison, please NEVER STOP making these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chasey

    I think this might be kinda important enough to disturb Pro a second time, though, guys…
    If you ALL get maimed and he has come to save all your butts again, he won’t be any happier, that’s for sure. :P

  4. T-Shaw

    There goes Prozac’s perfect meditation.

  5. lou

    You’ve got a minor typo: “probabaly” in middle row, last panel :) Love your work!

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Hmm… Have Prozac go nuts on everyone, or let Evil get mauled by the lions… Tough choice.

  7. justachameleon

    ALISON! The 10th Anniversary of Bear Nuts is this Friday! August 17th, 2008 to August 17th, 2018! Any special plans? ;)

  8. Abdiel

    I wonder if Prozac is so convincing that he could’ve actually made the lions return Evil just by talking.

  9. Mvilu Uatusun

    Oh, the white cat drawing looks almost exactly like my Buddy, especially the “I’m not impressed” statement. The only way to make it look more like Buddy would be if you have him/her blue-green eyes. (Yes, my Buddy has blue-green eyes.)

  10. admin

    @Iou: ooo, made a few of those lately :P Thanks!
    @justachameleon: crap, no way. I totally wouldn’t have notice that! Aaaaaand I have nothing planned :(

  11. falcoloyd123

    Hurray Bear Nuts is about to be a decade old wish I knew about this when the first few pages were uploaded. Also congrats on this milestone for comics.

  12. Nicole

    Wow! Congrats on 10 years, Alison!

  13. justachameleon

    Happy 10 Year Anniversary Bear Nuts!

  14. DarkSpyro92

    Speaking of Prozac, I’m now starting on Prozac! Now I just need to get a shirt with his pill on it and take a picture with my pill bottle and I’ll be all set.

  15. Michael Sirius

    Oh wow, belated congratulations on the 10th anniversary.
    Send Crack to retrieve Prozac imo, he seems to tolerate him the most

  16. Hake Feretto

    @Michael Sirius

    Not really I think that Tanked is one of the once bear that can’t make Prozac in bad mood, so it will more appropriate to send Tanked and Crack. I don’t know if you remember but the last time Evil has had some problems and be free in the natur by the zoo it’s Tanked that had convinced Prozac to come search him.

    But here the situation is really serious and need some explanation and Tanked can’t talk… So the best is to go see Death in first, because Death is just after Prozac in the bears’s hierachy and he is the once bear really close to him, the once that have never hurt him or make him angry and the once that can enter in his room without disrange him (it’s Death that have teach the meditation to Prozac) .

    So for me in the actual situation the best is to talk to death before and let him see for the next.

    Alslo congratulation for the 10 years of bearnuts Alison!

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