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August 6th, 2018

Page 642

Continuing with the super humid weather this past weekend, and probably all this week though they’re currently calling for thundershowers Mon/Tues (oddly, the forecasts have been off a lot lately: they call for rain and it often doesn’t happen…aren’t they usually pretty accurate the day before??) We’re super curious to find out if Sept is going to be as insanely hot as it was last year!
Sam has a new obsession: the Harry Potter lego sets are pretty cute/expensive.  He has the most trouble actually saving his money, and frequently bargains with me about getting into debt (with me) over various things.  He’ll have a savings goal in mind, and then see something shiny and blow it.  The twins are a lot better in general about not spending their allowance/bday money unless it’s something really special (though if I let them, they might just blow everything on Pokemon cards).  Hopefully this improves (he needs $140 for the Hogwarts Hall set, I don’t think he has the will power).
Now can I justify getting this totally awesome Voltron set for myself for xmas…

Vote incentive: speaking of 80s cartoons


  1. Abdiel

    I’m surprised they think that the zoo keepers would notice if a bear went missing.

  2. Chris

    Crack is being surprisingly lucid about all this. He’s usually a raving lunatic.

  3. Vausch

    @Chris Character development!

    Still, Nerd does seem to be acting more aggressive about Evil than usual, especially lately given the two of them had been getting along better for a while.

  4. Athlone

    9th panel has a spelling mistake “transgrettions”

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Hmm… The lesser of two Evils, I see. Yes, that was a pun. Sue me, if you must.

  6. Evilbob

    @Chris. You know, he might be usually raving BECAUSE he’s lucid and he finds himself in these kinds of situations. The fact he’s subdued right now might just mean he’s high.

  7. DarkSpyro92

    So started anti-depressants today, and one of the options I could’ve taken was Prozac. I immediately thought of this comic. Well at least now hopefully I can be happy like the blue bundle of anger-repressing joy.

  8. T-Shaw

    Can’t go wrong on the tenth panel.

  9. Nicole

    OMG, Gay in panel 8! ROTFL!!!

  10. Nicole

    And, btw, Evil is dead by now, right? Lion food. All this chit chat! lol

  11. Hake Feretto

    @Nicole no bear will dead in this comic , it been very bad for the main story. But I think that they will found evil very hited or maybe not maybe he has had a great idea for keep his situation in hands. Well in all case we can only wait&see ^^

  12. sanguisuga

    I’m on LEGO’s VIP email list – had that Voltron set in my hot little hands before it was in stores. It is AWESOME.

  13. Michael Sirius

    Trouble in the Nevil household? Tragic

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