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July 30th, 2018

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Oh when is summer vacation over already??  Lol, I’ll miss the weather, but I’ll miss the noise level and fighting even more.  Of course Sept last year was amazingly hot, I wonder what it’s going to be like this year, considering the heat we’ve already had.  Most of the summer camps I signed them up for are in Aug, but not next week :(

Vote Incentive: Summer enjoyment with ‘good’ Stitch and ‘bad’ Stitch :)

With Disney eating Fox and set to take over the world, we may as well get some out there team ups :)
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  1. Roxas

    Wow its like 12am and im surprised there’s an upload at this time of night.
    I’m so proud of my scaredy boy. He has come a long way

  2. Athlone

    Heh, “room in his closet”!

  3. Ponyhome

    Tanked seems awfully cranky, lately. Did someone switch him to O’Doul’s?

  4. Nikary Flare

    Looks like Crack’s one of the best now.

  5. Calvsie

    I love the turtle swear word.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Glad to see Crack’s matured… But that is a good question- what swear word would the turtle be? Maybe it’s just Tanked being himself… Hopefully.

  7. TaggertShare

    With all that infighting I wouldn’t blame Tanked if he wanted another Drink. And I don’t mean water!

  8. T-Shaw

    Thank you for intervening Crack. At least you matured.

  9. Abdiel

    Evil’s already long gone at this rate

  10. Nicole

    Tanked’s swear thoughts are the best!

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