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July 23rd, 2018

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The lions are hungry! ;)

Jim made me some vegetable boxes this year so we have a few tomato plants, some bell peppers, and some carrots.  I wish I’d gotten more yellow tomatoes, they’re awesome!  They have such a nice flavour, but I have one plant and it’s growing slowly and so far I’ve gotten three small tomatoes off it and shared most of them with the neighbours.  I’ll have to figure out how to get them through the winter and then get more next year!  By the way, how do you know when the carrots are ready??

Vote incentive: me trying to nap and the kids are home for the summer :(

Zombies!! (prints/tees/mugs/skins at Teepublic)


  1. Shenny

    NERD! TF!!!!

  2. Shenny

    Waitaminute Gay was bribing Tanked with an empty can?? “Such a dick” is right on the money.

  3. Vausch

    Aw Nerd! What happened to being the third in Team Lecherous Evil? Team Lecherous Nerd only makes you into a 2 person Minoru Mineta.

  4. Aldin

    Shenny, look at last week’s comic, third to last panel. Tanked’s cheeks are puffed out ’cause he chugged it down.

  5. T-Shaw

    VICTORY!! Nerd Wins!

  6. Todd Maccarone

    OH, come on, guys! Evil is trying to settle a problem you guys had (in his own demented way) and you won’t lift a finger to save him? That’s low! How does Prozac and Death feel about this, hm?

  7. YetAnoutherBrian

    Is someone playing the Bears against the Lions? Polar Bears perhaps?

  8. Sterling Rodd

    Nerd! This is a side of you we haven’t seen! :O

  9. Glowworm

    Nerd’s reaction is classic sibling behavior!

  10. Chasey

    Definitely still think someone’s pitting the bears against the lions, and I still wanna say it’s the polars because they are downright MEAN. I don’t know the monkeys well enough but I like that Lech is friends with them so I still don’t want to think that the one lied to Lech on purpose, so someone’s ALSO lying to the monkeys… in my fantasy anyway.

  11. Richard SF

    Seem to be a few single plant hothouse/greenhouse that may work. All I remember about carrots was they seem to take a while and that chickens will eat them.

  12. gridsleep

    As we know from Red Dwarf, cats always refer to us as monkeys.

  13. StoticM

    @Chasey To be honest, I agree with you on that assumption, they’d have the motive for it.

  14. TaggertShare

    Oh Nerd! I am sure your joy will be short lived.

  15. Abdiel

    It’s nice that Crack cares about Evil

  16. Nicole

    Guess who’s evil now? :D

  17. Michael Sirius

    Nerd has been spending too much time with Evil

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