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July 16th, 2018

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If only my kids could get along so well… first week of summer they did camp so no major issues, and Sam misses school and wants to go back already (some of the time!).  Second week they’re home and the fighting (or sometimes it’s just the noise level) is constant.  I try to keep them occupied (limited tv time) and get them out on walks and stuff, but we work from home and I have to fit that in…argh.  It’s going to be a long summer.

Last week we ran a t-shirt contest post on Facebook and our randomly picked winner is Kerisa Ricketts! PM me on FB or send me an email ( with your details!!

Vote incentive: It’s been so hot I’m feeling this guy lately…


  1. Shenny

    We hear what we want to hear. :)

  2. Peanutbutter

    BAHA @shenny: Factz

  3. Abdiel

    So Tanked ended up keeping the remote and also got a beer out of it.

  4. Kath

    So my friend is trying this for the summer with her 2 kids (ages 6 and 4) they purchaced a lockable deck box and placed it in the family room. Each time they fight, refuse to do things or things get out of hand , she stops what she is doing and puts a toy in the box and locks it starting with the electronic games. She does not lock up books. If they protest the lock up, another toy gets locked up. If they say there is nothing to do, ax he gives them dusting cloths and tells them to dust. So far they haven’t won back any toys for good behavior and shes informed them that by summers end the toys may be given to charity.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    The irony that Crack is the only one to realize something is wrong isn’t lost on me… Also, really now, Gay? REALLY?!

  6. Vausch

    Is there a term for that? Something like the opposite of a Freudian slip where you hear wrong and it reveals more about you?

    Random thought, any of y’all remember that SNL parody of Dora, “Maraka”? Somehow I see that being the show in this universe. “We need to get the egg back! Can you tell me why my father left me?”

  7. WhiteGamingBunny

    Nerd bear knows very well how it feels to have things he enjoys, such as TV taken from him by those who abuse his meekness or lack of physical strength, so him protecting Tanked from being taken advantage of, regardless of how he feels about the show, is understandable and also really adorable.

    On a side note, am I the only one who notices Gay Bear is progressively becoming more of a self-centered jerk as time progresses? He also no longer seems to emulate both definitions of his name, as he once did.

  8. Hake Feretto

    Crack just interupt a funny moment… the sensation of “I don’t understand” in nerd’s eyes is hilarious XD

    But I have a bad feeling for the next of this story, especially because the one that know the true (exepted Vanity Lech and caught-monkeys) it’s “Crack” and I knowi “Evil”‘s personality, he have certainly locked his room.

    I see the next like that :
    ( its only for my proper satisfaction, don’t take that like the real story please !!)

    Nobody will trust in Crack’s informations, why ?

    First reason :

    -He has not fully regained the trust of others bears at the exeption of Prozac and Evill that know that “bad crack” is dead.

    The second reason :

    -Even if one of the bear would believe in Crack’s informations, if they question him where he have take this informations, well when Crack will tell them “The ducks have tell me that!!!” I think that all bears will run away and thought he is crazy.

    So for the continuation of the story I see well :

    Crack try to convince all bears he meet to believe him, unfortunatly no one of them trust him cause of the last event with “Bad Crack”.

    In the same time “Evil” fighting and try to resist to the lions, “Vanity” and “Lech” finaly wacking up and begin to question the monkeys for know where “Evil” is gone, the monkeys answer them. “Vanity” and “Lech” try to get out for give the informations to the others but the door is locked.

    Finaly “Crack” talk about the duck’s info to “Prozac” and “Death”, Prozac don’t understand and decide to go see “Evil” ‘s room, He open the door and “Vanity”, “Lech” and all the monkeys finaly tell them where “Evil” has gone.

    Knowing now the emergency of the situation all the bears regret to didn’t have believe in Crack’s info, they decide to go to the Lions and unfortunatly they see “Evil” in dead-situation. “Prozac” want go save him but the giraffes don’t let him pass and tell to him : He have only what he desserve and you’ll not pass!!

    “Evil” is gravly hurted and on the point to be killed and “Prozac” can’t bear the situation anymore, he become anraged and kick out the giraffes, go in the lions’s den, fight with them and save in-extremis “Evil”, this last is really hurted and see Prozac’s face before pass out.

    Because “Evil” is too gravly hurted for be saved by the Bears, Prozac request to someone to go alert humans that finaly coming and take care of “Evil” for an emergency-operation.

    During the operation all bears are very worry for “Evil” and after so long years begin to see other thing that his bad-side. Indeed “Vanity” and “Lech” understand that “Evil” has Knock-out them for protect them. And all others understand that if he hadn’t tell nothing to nobody its was only for not mingle them to the situation.

    in the same time one of the bears come and tell to all he have see a veterinary truck leave after have let something in the enter of the bears’s den

    All the bears coming for see that, they standing face to the closed door and… finaly the door open and in the dark-shadow of the cage one white Clawed hand finaly get out. And “Evil” get out with some bandages and scars on his body. He look to the disgruntled face of the others bears with an intriged air and his habitual “Evil-Face”.

    And before he can speack, all the bears finaly look to him with a rassured-smile and “Sara” give him a hug with tears and tell to him that she is happy he his alive and give him a kiss on the cheek..

    A kiss that firtsly disgusting “Evil” that want kick her away but he don’t know why this make him strangly happy and finaly he let her continu.

    “Lech” is horribly jealous,
    “Nerd” don’t understand what he see,
    “Vanity” have a nauseate face,
    “Crack” see in this hug only a way for transmit germs,
    “Death” is happy,
    “Cara” have her arms crossed with an bored look on her face,
    “Tanked” give a hug to “Evil” with “Sara” that surprise him,
    “Gay” watch the scene with a “wtf” look on his face,
    “Prozac” smiling.

    Finaly all finnishing good and some days latter… all is as it was before but a little bit different for the happyness of “Prozac” to see “Evil” doing some efford to not be bad with the girls ( especially with Sara) and here is the end.

    Well its how I has imagine the next of the story but like I have told at the begining its only for my proper satisfaction and how I would see the story ending in my mind XD. So please don’t take that as the real story because this last is only in Alison’s mind and we can only wait and see or, like me do,some “fan” story in our mind in wait of the next page !

    Thanks for have reading !

  9. Ponyhome

    That’s impressive. I didn’t think that ANYTHING could piss off Tanked, and yet Gay has accomplished exactly that.

  10. TaggertShare

    When it comes to the Bears’ infighting Tanked may have won this “round”.

  11. chasey

    Not gonna lie, Hake, I didn’t read your entire post. But I think the other bears might believe Cracked and follow him. My ONLY reasoning for this is because they, or at least Prozac, already know Evil was on the case so it wouldn’t really sound unreasonable even if they don’t trust Crack again yet. Also, this is more of an Evil-centered arc, so I think maybe just that alone will mean more focus on Evil and not on Crack’s problems, at least for right now.

    OF COURSE I could be wrong! There have been plenty of times where past events have come back up just in passing, like Sara saying she’s not going to have lunch with Madge and Cara because she’s obviously still mad about being put in her place…

  12. Hake Feretto


    How I have said in my post its only for my proper satisfaction I have imagined the story like that XD , I told to nothing to trust what I had post here ! Each one have his own view for the next I have only shiw mine. So I’m open for all other idea but keep in mind that the one that know how all of that will finnish is the author of bear nuts , so it’s Alison ^^.

  13. chasey

    Well of course!
    I just wanted to offer up my own ideas, too. :)
    I think we all love trying to predict what Alison’s going to throw at us next, especially since we have a whole week between updates!

  14. Hake Feretto


    Exactly but your idea is great too :p.

    And yes one week so lot of story can appear in the mind of all bear nuts fan ^^.
    Now I can’t wait for see how all this story will finnish :3.

  15. T-Shaw

    OK then.

  16. bunny

    so, i havent read bear nuts in like
    4 years? the fact that its still AROUND, for one thing, is incredible, but equally as amazing, memorable, amusing, entertaining, and intriguing, thru my entire teenage life (yeesh) is… beyond incredible tbh… like ive had my art style and character design permanently influenced by reading this comic when i was super young.
    im amazed its still around and just as awesome as it was from the beginning! thank you alison!! you are a master god!!! ;_;

  17. Michael Sirius

    Gay’s attitude and whatever the auditory equivalent of a Freudian slip is reveal a need to get laid. You’d think that he’d have some kind of arrangement with a certain someone

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