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July 9th, 2018

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If I still had the time to do mini comics I’d totally do stuff like the Misadventures of Detective Crack and his sidekick Goose… and I’m still backwards/behind/discombobulated with school ending, summer starting, and the inevitable chorus of “Mom! I’m bored! He punched me! He bit me!”…etc on the way.  I usually run a free t-shirt contest on the FB page for my birthday…which was two Mondays ago, but it’s up now!  So head on over to the BN Facebook page and like/share/comment (let me know your fav design, or what you’d like to see next!) on the contest post for the chance to win a Dooomcat tee!  Like this one below: (from Neatoshop, my favourite printers :D )

And a new vote incentive image is up: for all the cat lovers! (within reason)


  1. Vausch

    Awww, Crack is on speaking terms with the geese!

    But Gay, what if Swiper shows up? Without you three watching, who will stop him from swiping?!

  2. T-Shaw

    Nobody ruins Tank’s favorite TV show.

  3. MicaXIII

    I’m so happy for Crack getting visibly better :’)

  4. Hake Feretto

    Yeah craci can finaly speack with duck and he can understand them too ?? He is really a différent bear now but it can only be good for him !

    But it’s calm before the storm !! I hope Death will be in the “Let’s go save Evil” team.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Nice to see how Crack has come along with the geese… Also, Tanked loving Dora the Explorer- sweet. Leaves you to wonder how the gang will take the news of Evil being face-to-face with the lions…

  6. Robin Banks

    ok, so im getting some dark vibes from this comic chain. we already know that prozac will walk through hell and back for the bears, and hes the only one who remotely cares for evil (possibly nerd too). really not liking possible implications when he finds out where introspective evil went

  7. Kath McGill

    We never said “I’m bored ” around our parents as they always found things for us to do (dusting , vacuuming, scrubbing down the bathroom etc) and we were made to understand toys are a privilege, not a right. so, if there was negative behavior, ALL the toys were removed and placed in a secure location. (we had a camping chest that was bear proof with a lock on it) if two of the kids couldn’t get along, ALL of their toys were locked up and it wasn’t for an hour, or a day, it could be a week or more until things were resolved. (of course my brother would sneak into my room and play with my stuff and then I would get yelled at because it was out and I’d point out to my mom that I had been at school, and my room was clean when I went there (as she had to have seen when she put my laundry on the bed) and the only one home that COULD have played with it was my younger brother. I still had to put it away, but I got in a few solid thumps to him later.)

  8. Abdiel

    I think the goose told Crack the news about Evil, so I’m guessing he’s grievously injured. Also, I would totally read a mini comic about the misadventures of Crack and Goose!

  9. chasey

    That’s my guess the goose is telling Cracked about Evil as well.

  10. Sterling Rodd

    Someday, I want to see Bear Nuts animated. I can’t wait to see those irises in action, from the non-plussed size of a dime to the enthusiastic size of a softball. :)

  11. Sterling Rodd

    Also… isn’t that weird? Ten years ago, I would have instantly understood Tank was holding the TV remote. But for two days now, something in the back of my brain’s been quietly going, “Why is he holding his cell phone? Is there some tie-in with the TV show? My God, TV has sure changed since I was a kid. Why, I can remember when…” And then just now some other part when, “Shut up, stupid; that’s the remote and Gay’s trying to ply it off him. DUH.” “Oh, yes, of course; how silly of me! Ha ha! Why, I can remember when–“

  12. Sterling Rodd

    Went, not when. Went oh went are they ever going to give us an edit button! <:(

  13. TaggertShare

    I think the Goose said “hurry before Evil’s goose gets cooked”.

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