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July 2nd, 2018

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Happy Belated Canada Day!  We had a busy day: the twins ran their first race (1K), they went swimming at Nana’s for nearly two hours, then we were out till 11pm for a fireworks show.  I just put them to bed (writing this Sunday night) so I’m hoping they sleep in super late and I can have a nice quiet morning because I miss school :(
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  1. Shenny

    Geez the giraffes are STILL holding a grudge? What about ratting the bears out to the polars?

  2. Hake Feretto

    These girafe seem have totaly forget that Prozac have save one of her last time…..
    But I know Evil, as if he is in dangerous situation he will found a solution.

    But seriously the lion seem really not know about the poisoned water…. its really them or this plan was orchestrated by these damn Girafe for having revenge on Evil ?
    They maybe have tell to the monkey to poison the water and tell that it was Lion in case or they be catch ?
    But it want tell too that their know that Evil will be requested for the interrogation and will be the one to know about it…

    No no this definitivly can’t be that it is realy too complicate… I will certainly enjoy the next for see how our little bear will survive.

  3. All

    Well I’m pretty sure he was asking for it at that point.

  4. SmOOcheS

    Evil all confident and then just, “PUNT!”.

    Also, seeing as no one else has said it…IT WAS THE GIRAFFES!!!

  5. chasey

    Dang, I want to believe the monkey was telling the truth just because I don’t want them to turn out to be crappy friends to Lech, but it does seem like liondude’s really not in the loop here.
    Giraffe probably did the whole thing and framed the lion, told monkeys the lions said they’d kill ’em if they didn’t go poison the bears…

  6. gamehunter8

    aaand Evil is dead R.I.P.

  7. Nikary Flare

    …was that part of Evil’s plan?

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Well, I hope Evil wrote his will…

  9. BarbWhat

    Evil’s gonna be made INTO the steak

  10. Petitfrere0412

    Honestly I think this is also part of Evil scheme, and the giraffe was more than happy to oblige

  11. wallybear

    Nobody thought that this could be a flashback?

  12. Vausch

    I think there’s a solution to both of their problems: Feed the giraffes to the lions.

    Smug bastards have had it coming for a while.

  13. Nicole

    I am confused. But I know it will all become clear in the end. :D

    I love how the lionesses really don’t give a shit.

  14. Richard SF

    all part of the plan, the Evil plan or it would appear too easy and the Lions would owe Evil which just wouldn’t fly with the pride….No backup on this should be proof enough that Evil has something risky in mind.

  15. Abdiel

    Evil’s out here playing 4D Chess

  16. T-Shaw


  17. Potato


  18. WhiteGamingBunny

    It does appear that the lion “king” is not aware of the poisoning, and Evil is too focused on his plan to notice. Those giraffes, or at least one of them may be the target of some Evil brand revenge at some point. I am amused that punting Evil off of the rails is becoming a reoccurring joke.

    If the lions are being framed, that implies someone either tricked the monkeys into thinking it was the lions’ will to poison the bears, or someone has the monkeys in such a bind that they cannot betray their oppressor. Not to mention it would seem that whomever is doing this is purposely guiding the bears to aggravate the other exhibits, possibly to cause the war Prozac feared might happen. I can think of only a few candidates for the potential mastermind: One such would be Sloth Bear, if he has been planning revenge for the long while he has been gone (not that I’d really blame him), since this plan involves little direct action on the mastermind’s part, which fits his lazy style. My other hypothesis is even more unlikely: Evil 2 is presumably dead, what with the popping and such, but if he did somehow come back he would likely hatch a plan to get the bears in a war and, more likely than not, try to make the original Evil do something that could kill him and being a clone would have insight on how to do that. Not to mention with how easy Evil can get the monkeys, his clone would have no trouble doing similar, and would be able to make voodoo dolls of them, which would explain why the monkeys would lie to their friend and not break from Evil’s interrogation as they would know the clone would do far worse. These hypotheses are however not likely, what with Sloth Bear being all but forgotten (and I feel disliked by the author), and Evil’s clone being popped.

  19. chasey

    Those seem like fun ideas, Bunny, but I’m willing to count out evil clone and sloth bear almost 100%. Sloth bear’s story seems to just be, I dunno. Over. I feel like it’d be a weird, and not-very-clever cop-out to have Sloth bear be the villain behind almost anything from here on out.

    As for Evil Clone; same thing. He seems to be super gone, and it would feel rather cheap to bring him back for repeat shenanigans. Evil clone seemed to like going directly for the biggest, baddest, scariest climax of all, instead of being a sneaky, patient planner.

    It could be a whole new baddie altogether! Maybe this baddie just wants to stir up trouble and he knows an easy way to do it is to rile up the bears because they are known trouble-makers!

  20. WhiteGamingBunny

    I agree, Chasey, that it is super unlikely that either will reappear in the series (though I would like to see Sloth return), I was just saying they are the only ones I can think of that would be suspects from the known characters, as the polars are too direct, and that leaves only the giraffes and monkeys having shown any animosity towards any of the bears. A New character seems likely, but most of the characters who have turned against them have shown themselves relatively early in the chapter/arc, yet a few chapters have thus-far only furthered questions. Only time will tell.

  21. chasey

    Yes, there’s also the little thing the monkey mentioned in the Petting Zoo with Tanked arc. He said the list of grievances against the bears was a very long and growing one, so that’s why I wonder if it might also be someone we didn’t see get totally forked over by the bear’s shenanigans.

    It’s prooooobably going to be someone we know/have met, though, I think… but maybe not someone we’ve seen in awhile to keep it surprising, or someone we don’t expect because every gosh dang animal is framing every OTHER gosh dang animal, like I suspect the Monkeys could be with the lion king. (whether they are doing it because someone’s making them or not)

    But yes, even though it might feel cheap and it’s unlikely, I still ALSO wouldn’t really mind seeing something more of sloth bear!

  22. WhiteGamingBunny

    Something I thought of last night was how at least one entire chapter ended up being largely a misunderstanding, and all this could be a chain of misinterpretations gone awry.

    And I think there could be a couple ways they could come back and it not be too cliche. and even were it to be a cliche reason, the evil twin thing is normally considered very cliche and it worked out well, I feel.

    Conjecture all we want, only time will tell, I supposed.

  23. Hake Feretto

    That Sloth bear can ne the orchestrator of all that its a possibility but he only hate Evil ( I don’t see why he would like hurt the others ) or maybe he was a victim of them and we don’t know.

    One thig is sure :

    If Evil have a plan we will see it next monday ! And he can’t dead because if he deasapear of the comic this last will be never the same. But maybe this arc is a special arc for make evil “loved” by his family ( because he seem in an other world sometime in this arc) . So maybe that evil will be really gravly hurt (a very serious injury that need direct human intervention to save the life of evil)

    But we can’t know now we must just wait !

  24. Wentil

    As the Lion seems well educated, he probably would have said it correctly, “wreak it upon you” (i.e., as in, to inflict vengeance or punishment), rather than “wreck it upon you”, pronounced “reek” as opposed to “reck”.

  25. admin

    @Wentil: yes indeed! It shall be fixed :)

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