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June 25th, 2018

Page 636

Got to see ‘Incredibles 2′ last weekend for Father’s Day/the twins’ birthday.  We had a blast, it was so much fun.  The kids adored Jack Jack, and it’s been a little while since we last took them to a movie but they’re 7 now and suddenly seem so much older: there were a couple of dark/flashy/scary in your face moments and they were fine, no issues, no clinging.  These kids sobbed uncontrollably through parts of ‘The Good Dinosaur’, found parts of ‘Finding Dory’ too scary, and Evan in particular tried to make me leave another movie when he found the preview (for the ‘Jungle Book’) too scary.

My little babies aren’t little babies anymore :(

Anyway, TWC vote image is of course Incredibles :) (‘Group Hug’ is also available as a tee from Neato)

Still want to see ‘Solo’ with Sambit…


  1. goma2003

    Let the mind games beigin.

  2. Nicole

    THIS is solving the problem????!!

  3. Abdiel

    It sounds like the lions didn’t know it was the bears’ fault?

  4. chasey

    Hoo boy.
    It seemed there was actually a teeny chance the lion king might’ve listened and dropped it… but then again, if the monkey’s telling the truth, Evil wants revenge regardless, I suppose?

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Well, the fun begins… Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  6. Sterling Rodd

    Lions. Putting the “dis” back in Discount Zoo. :)

  7. Kath McGill

    ether the monkeys are lying, or the king of the beasts doesn’t want his pride to know he’s been relying on the monkeys to do the dirty work.

    waving a piece of meat at a line who’s being fed slop? eh… Evil better start playing with his dolls.

  8. Hake Feretto

    Evil you will finnish in bear-steack !!

  9. TaggertShare

    Evil is certainly a brazen little Devil!

  10. Ponyhome

    Who wants to take bets on how that steak has been adulterated?

  11. Sterling Rodd

    @Ponyhome — Ewwww, you mean you think Evil had se– Oh, wait… not THAT kind of adultery. Never mind. 0:)

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