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June 18th, 2018

Page 635

A late Happy Father’s Day to all!  (I did a ‘Supernatural’ themed image for the occasion, probably marginally happier than the Winchester’s Mother’s Day…)

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Badness Level: High” “Badness Level: Low” and “Stay on Your Side



    I dunno. Re-filling syringes can’t be sanitary.

  2. SmOOcheS

    It’s so weird to see Evil taking such a serious turn with all this, but awesome all the same! Keep up the great work!

  3. Nonsens

    Woah. That’s some serious evil about to happen.

  4. Hake Feretto

    Hmm interesting It seem that for once Evil want resolve the problem lonly for don’t put his family in a dangerous situation.

    Hope it will don’t take a bad way… be very careful little Albinos-bear, bearnuts will don’t be the same without you !!

  5. Therew

    Be safe Evil. <3

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Genuine concern for his family’s well-being… Well done, Evil. Also, the monkeys finally get what they’ve had coming to them for making poor Tanked the way he is today!

  7. gridsleep

    Your Stitch is basically … Stitch. I guess there is no way to chibi-ise him. He’s already Zen.

  8. T-Shaw

    Well….. now what?

  9. Francis-Olivier

    Well that looks like a suicide mission if I’ve ever seen one.

  10. FiliasNox

    get ready the first aid kit,this wil get really messy if Evil want to go alone.

  11. Nicole

    Evil, you never cease to amaze me. Be careful!

  12. Abdiel

    I wonder what he’s planning to do to the lion. It seems like he’s not sure he will survive.

  13. TaggertShare

    This is one case where it may be good to be evil. That last panel…thank goodness for Bung Holes.

  14. Nannobot

    Did I just binge read this whole comic in one day… yes… yes I did.

  15. Todd Maccarone

    @Nannobot- I did the same thing once, my friend. Congratulations! That’s something to remember.

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