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June 11th, 2018

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“Incredibles 2” is out this week!  Sooooo looking forward to this, for like 14 years!  We’re going to take the kids for Father’s Day and the twin’s birthday (7 now!  How time flies!) and their favourite lunch out: Octopus sushi!!!  My kids are strange :)

Vote incentive: been awhile since I updated this but here’s a fun vote image of a wedding gift commission (FYI I’m available for commissions!  More info here) Super fun, ninjas make everything better :)

New shirt on Neato for all the dog lovers :)


  1. Shenny

    Sorry, I’m not really following :|

  2. All

    @Shenny The zoo is too cheap to feed the two extra bears, so Evil has been taking the meat from the lions in order to feed the girls. Ameliorate just means to take a bad situation and make it better.. but it involves butt plugs? So I guess we will see what Evil means exactly by that. Sticking things into holes?

  3. Sirius

    I too, also as well, am looking forward to the Incredibles 2 this week (crossing my fingers that I don’t end up disappointed)

  4. Dan

    Evil hasn’t been taking them, the zoo is just too cheap to feed steak to all the animals so occasionally the lions have been missing out on account of the new bears.

  5. FiliasNox

    i dont think Evil stolen from Lion i just think the Zoo cut their rations!

  6. Siraj

    … oh dear. This is going to end in hilarity.

  7. Nikary Flare

    Well… guess which adult just had to consult the dictionary for the very word “ameliorate”.

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Meat stolen from the lions, potential monkey drownings and… Butt plugs. *Sigh* only with Bear Nuts could such an odd combination result in both immense curiosity and considerable concern from me at the same time!

  9. WhiteGamingBunny

    That last line… in the words of Johnny Bravo “I’m sickened, but curious.”

    Also wanted to say that pandas do eat meat, just significantly less than normal bears. it is actually unhealthy for any bear to go vegetarian entirely. not expecting this to change anything, as Vanity’s vegetarianism is played for laughs here, just trying to inform people random animal knowledge.


    This plan will be bigger than the Manhattan Project.

  11. tripleqmark

    Vanity probably does eat a little meat but he’s Vanity so he wouldn’t tell anyone so he can keep his better than everyone else status.

  12. Urago

    Wait, I thought Vanity WAS a cub?

  13. CloudHiro

    @All probably not evil. Its more likely that the zoo cheeply said “the lions dont need so much meat. lets give the new bears some of theirs”

  14. Abdiel

    @Urago He is, but he doesn’t want to be treated as one.

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