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June 4th, 2018

Page 633

I can’t believe it’s June already!  Only one month of school left :(  And the twins turn 7 this month, crazy!  And ‘Incredibles 2′ is out soon!  Been looking forward to this movie forever, I think we’re going to combine that and the twins’ favourite sushi dinner with Father’s Day and just have a great afternoon, hopefully take my mind off the fact that THERE’S ONLY ONE MONTH OF SCHOOL LEFT :(

Speaking of Father’s Day, Teepublic has great Dooomcat designed tees and mugs and travel mugs and etc for dads (like my fav Star Wars tee!), and a huge thank you to everyone who voted for my stuff on Woot last week, “Unstealthiest Ninja BBQ” got 1st and “Dead + Pool” got 2nd!!

Also on the Star Wars theme, here’s a new one on Shirt Woot, a follow up tee to my “Rebellious Ladies” design from last year.  I was talking about this on FB and I’ve thought more about it lately: we seem to be so quick (and harsh!) to judge lately; the buzz around Solo is so mixed but I mostly hear complaints, or a general feeling of “I deliberately went in with the lowest expectations and it didn’t entirely suck/etc”, or the best is people outright refusing to watch.  Are we too spoiled these days?  Do we expect too much?  It feels so entitled.  I think I will take Sam, and he will be blown away regardless and have a fantastic time, and appreciate the fun experience.  I think this world needs everybody to step back a bit and try to approach things with a little of that childhood wonder.


  1. T-Shaw

    What about the girls?

  2. falcoloyd123

    Im so CONFUSED but i feel like thats a good thing.

  3. tripleqmark

    What’s up with the monkey’s look when Lech says he should have his own harem? What exactly do the monkeys know about him?

  4. Peanutbutter

    LOL i don’t think the “king” likes the fact that the bears have females now haa, but that’s just a theory…a ga….Ok im leaving.

  5. Chris

    It’s always women isn’t it? >:P
    I believe two certain female bears have caught the eye of a lazy king. And his harem isn’t gonna have none of it.

    (Also good luck with that Lech)

  6. Hake Feretto

    But… what a Lion will do with female bears ?

    First : they are genetically incompatible, what could they be good for?
    Second : not hunting in a Zoo…

    So what could they be good for ? I can’t wait to see the next, maybe a war with Lions ?

  7. chasey

    What? Is the lion somehow jealous that another exhibit gets to have females too or something? Definitely can’t wait for the next page. They’re gonna have to be sneaky to avoid being eaten by lionesses.

  8. Sterling Rodd

    Yeah, it’s been my suspicion something’s been going on between Lech and at least one of the monkeys since the rescue at the polar bear exhibit. Frosty Vengeance and Bear Off, I think. :)

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, I’m so lost as to why the Lions are attacking the Bears, but I will admit… The fact that the King’s lady friends are behind this is interesting. Very concerning (given their apparently impressive physical condition), but interesting as well. Can’t wait to see where this leads!

  10. BarbWhat

    The plot thickens!

  11. Abdiel

    Lech calling someone out for their “ridiculously inflated ego” is ironic

  12. FiliasNox

    i am more confuse by the fact that Lech , not only have the trust of Montangue, but to be able to call him with a nickname, and to risk his life for one of them , now i really want to know what is happening betwen Lech and the monkey.

  13. chasey

    Man, the last time monkeys and lech were mentioned it was 6 years ago!
    And the last time they upset the lions was nearly TEN years ago!
    Obviously, comic time moves slower than real time, but dang!

  14. tripleqmark

    Honestly the more I think about this the more I think Lech is sleeping with at least one of the monkeys…

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