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August 18th, 2008

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BEAR NUTS for August 18, 2008 – 02 Bear Nuts


  1. BlueNight

    I love this comic.

    However, I did want to point out that a large number of zoos are part of endangered species breeding programs. They also function as wildlife education for schoolkids in cities who otherwise would see dogs, cats, birds, fish, and the occasional horse in their lifetime. They often aid local universities’ biology departments; how many of those khaki-shirted volunteers are grad students? More than you might think.

    The public exhibition aspect is, in the better zoos (which this obviously is not), secondary. Every animal in the Rio Grande Zoo has a place to hide from peeking, poking, noisy kids.

  2. admin

    Don’t worry Blue, I definitely don’t have an anti-zoo agenda! I do love going to zoos, but I sometimes feel bad for the animals and that’s kind of what lead to this.

  3. Fyuvix

    Gaaaaaah your style is SO CUTE!!! I love your work! 8D It’s so expressive and unique!

  4. EvilRabbit

    what does ursus moronis mean…?

  5. Nikelas

    …Stupid bear, in somewhat silly latin, I think.

    Also, this comic amuses me. ^_^

  6. Bryant

    I have been reading this webcomic for sometime and I decided to reread it from the start. I wanted to know what animal is that in panel 2 I love how it looks.

  7. Sum1

    I think that animal is a wolf…
    I wouldn’t know.

  8. Sum1

    By the way that is really awesome art <3

  9. Anonymous

    Really? “Moronis”? You couldn’t have used “stultus”, or “excors”, or (at the very least) the grammatically incorrect “morio”?

  10. EJAK5199

    Seriously? Who gives a crap? It’s s’pposed to be a joke.

  11. Jaguar

    Just rereading this. I love your style..
    Sum1, I don’t think this animal is a wolf. Wolves have longer snouts. Looks more like a wildcat to me.

    Anyway, great art!

  12. Chronamut

    is that a snarf I see behind those leaves..

  13. Anonymous

    I wish it were easier to go through the pages this is the third time i had to go from the beginning to the page i was on (200 something)

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