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April 4th, 2016

Page 520

The Crack trauma is nearly over!  It feels like every one of these origin arcs I write gets longer/more complicated/more dire…

Vote incentive: is not dire!  Bacon is the king of the world!! (still tastes gross though)

Having fun with ‘Batman vs Superman’ (otherwise known as ‘Needs More Wonderwoman’ :)

‘Bandaid’ from Woot, and ‘Super Childish’ from Neato.


  1. Alister

    Yep, that place totally doesn’t have “redneck meth lab” vibes oozing off of it.

  2. Arron

    I think it’s more like a small crack den. *Badum tsh*

  3. T-Shaw

    His life was hard being all alone. Makes me feel sorry for him.

  4. Urago

    I wonder if Gay’s origin will involve homophobia? Just curious.

  5. HareTrinity

    I’m not the only one who thinks bacon tastes gross? AWESOME!

    Also, your art and storytelling have really progressed with this comic! Not that they were bad to start off with, but your progress is very clear. It’s great to see my favourite character getting an arc, too.

  6. LatiosLove

    Aww poor crack no wonder he is the way he is :P he’s so traumatized ;_;

  7. Solrak

    Sweet poor bear, I can see why he is so spooked all the time. I hope the best for Crack after this chapter.
    Okay, I laughed at that one. Still though, I hope he doesn’t get into drugs.

  8. Mazz

    Poor baby. <3

  9. YourWorstNightmare

    awwww poor baby no wonder he is so scared of every thing! Oh please tell me these aren’t some crazy druggies who are gonna test their drugs on him and mess him up even more, that would probably explain his paranoia through, and omg it just HIT me WHY Crack is so afraid of water!!! Like i didn’t even make the connection till now but remember the arc where he was terrified of water and they tried to get him to take a shower i think it was but he was terrified, its because of what happened!!! DX

  10. Michael Sirius

    @YourWorstNightmare well he is CRACK and that is infact a syringe on his belly so most likely, that’s exactly what happens


    *snifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff* aw yea

  12. Creed

    OMG OMG OMG hes sho adorbs *^* i want hiiim T.T

    ok, so the coment about gay, personally i dont think its fair that gay is a sub and there isnt an openly gay top, i mean i get the lech joke, but still, t would be nice to get that 0//0 *Wants like a rainbow striped tiger to be with gay soooo bad*

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