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April 11th, 2016

Page 521

Ok yes, that’s not exactly a crack den he fell in…but ‘Meth Lab Explosion Bear’ is a mouthful and I prefer all the puns/titles I can riff off of ‘Crack’.  Speaking of, I’m just about done writing the followup arc and having an awesome time with the new and “improved” Crack :)  And speaking of non-Crack, there’s a small preview up on the FB page!

Vote Incentive: Eggs and Bacon take 2!  (Blergh, bacon.)

Lots of silly new tee designs up on Neatorama! Plus I want a plush Cthulhu in a sailor hat… Kickstarter??


  1. gamehunter8

    breaking bad references , L0L

  2. Pinecat

    Oh jeeeez, how in the fuck did Crack even manage all this shit- oh wait he didn’t, his mind’s just like noooooope. You could say his bain’s a little… Cracked.

  3. Alister

    Instead of Meth or Crack Bear, he should just be called IMMORTAL BECAUSE JEEZ HOW DO YOU LIVE THROUGH THAT.

  4. differ

    bloody hell, he is like a damn cat. more then one damn life :P

  5. T-Shaw

    So that’s how it started.

  6. nooB

    And thus Crack earned his cutie…. bellymark.

  7. Anon


    I didn’t expect things to get funny again so soon.

  8. KR

    One more Heisenberg casualty :D

  9. rezalez


  10. S.P

    Talk about crash and burn.

  11. Chris

    No, Crack Bear! Why must life treat you so badly? *picks up and hugs*


    New and improved crack? Uh oh.

  13. Nerd Da Bear

    Jeezus thats kinda op lmao. Love te breaking bad reference ;3

  14. K. Dragon

    Okay, his raving paranoia starting to seem reasonable.

  15. Bry

    jeez, talk about a series of unfortunate events:
    – siblings are eaten alive in front of him
    – mother leaves to go hunt but gets hunted herself
    – unable to properly get food because he wasnt raised to hunt just yet, so hes probably starving
    – constantly running from predators
    – tumbles down a hill
    – lands in a meth lab-trailer which explodes soon after
    – goes flying and lands in the middle of the street
    – run over by a car

  16. MustacheHam

    @Bry yep…that explains it all…and all events are associated with those geese honkin’. :I

  17. YourWorstNightmare

    O.O dear god that poor baby! And look! Yet again there are geese!!! HARBINGERS OF MISFORTUNE!!! I no longer like geese DX That poor baby, as if getting blown up in a meth lab wasn’t bad enough he had to get hit by a friggin CAR right after?! OMG I bet he got his addiction from the pain medication he got at the vet(or zoo?) they took him too after they hit him!

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