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April 18th, 2016

Page 522

Today was plus 20 and sunny!  It was finally gorgeous and warm, and Evan lost his glasses…I can’t win.  They have a band around the back so they don’t fall off, and they’re rubber and bendy and really kid durable, but he won’t wear them.  It’s a battle to get him to keep them on, and I’d just gotten the insane amount of scratches on one lens (still says he has no idea how that happened) repaired.  On the other hand, Owen constantly whines that he wants glasses and it’s not fair.  Blah.

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Silly cat shirt reflects my feelings :(


  1. stardust

    I’m not crying. Not crying. Shit.


    Every Sunday night, I lay awake until the clock strikes twelve. I need my weekly fill of BN. Oh yeah and also death looks great in a monocle.

  3. Shenny

    I’m sure the outfits must be in reference to something, hopefully someone will catch them and tell us.

    What a sweet ending to such a horrible tale. Although I’m sure this arc won’t conclude that nicely, this is Bear Nuts after all. :P

  4. Faiz

    Does that mean Cracked’s cured???

  5. kath McGill

    I hated my glasses when I was a kid. I wouldn’t wear them- it wasn’t that I was being teased about being 4 eyes, it was that my vision was always changing and one week they worked the rest of the time they gave me headaches. To this day I need glasses (though when I was young it was because I couldn’t read the black board now its because I can’t read up close.

    I had the glasses in my car. I had spent 800 dollars on them and they fixed a lot of things. I don’t need them to drive and my husband found them in the cup holder thing and said “Oh here are your glasses and he put them on my lap (as I was driving and I didn’t see them) I got out of the car, they fell into the driveway and I didn’t see them… and the next day going to work I ran over them… (sigh) I still haven’t replaced them and I am using cheater glasses to manage, though I am over due for an eye exam…

    I don’t think Crack will change much, as it is in his nature to freak out over stuff, but he will understand now why the geese set him off and it is possible that he will still blame the geese for not warning his mother and his siblings for the danger. Of course in the zoo, there are the polarbear dangers but not much else.

  6. Riol

    The feels train has finally stopped at its destination,

  7. CorvusCorone68

    Death with a top hat, reminds me of Baron Samedi

  8. Cyzzle

    That bad-memory-slave version of crack will come back. And he’ll not be happy. I guarantee it.
    Split personality endgame maybe?

  9. Aldin

    “Does that mean Cracked’s cured???”

    I have my doubts.

  10. mehdi

    “You can leave that pain, here”. That seems so easy.

  11. YourWorstNightmare

    That just seems to easy, “Leave it here Crack. He’ll take care of it for you.” Nope that was WAY too easy, something is going to go totally wrong here….and i feel like that is not the end of the story……there is no way things are this simple, besides to just dump all the horror of those memories on that guy…..they are still in Cracks head with means he is now the holder of everything bad, INSIDE CRACKS HEAD….OMG i see it all now!!! It’s coming!!! I think there may be some split personality coming…could be wrong, but it pans out.

  12. Chris

    D’awww :)

  13. MarauderDeuce

    Dapper Death is great! I hope this isn’t the only time we get to see him.

  14. SomeUnregPunk

    y’all know that inner crack is going to start beating on outer crack right? We are a bit late for a tussle between bears after all.

  15. Maz

    Awwww!!! The feeeeeeels

    And incidentally since updates of woot shirts are posted, does anyone have a complete list of DOoOmcat shirts being sold on woot (INCLUDING the sold out ones) ive got a checklist of ones I like and am buying but ever since I saw the robot tiger image from voting I know there are other shirts that are woot cool that are not on my list and i wish ro stock their sold out pages till they are not sold out. And is there some sort of Ninja over the moot exclusive shirt i missed cuz i love the ninjas

  16. MicaXIII


    ok but what lead him to go through withdrawal, like his character profile says he is? now we know why he would want to take some hard-core narcotics but we never see how he got into it. he has a syringe on his stomach, I wanna know the story behind that syringe!

  17. TaggertShare

    “You can leave that pain here” is too easy. When I was fourteen one of our neighbors’ 11 year old Daughters let me know she liked me in a way that stills makes me laugh. Too long to explain it here. Then their House burned down. They relocated in another Town so a potential Girl Friend was forever lost to me. It still hurts all these years later. I also had two Class Mates die at ages 7 and 12. I really feel Empathy for Crack.

  18. BearNutsCommenter

    I like how you made the outline of Crack’s speech bubble in the last panel a bit scribbley. Shows that he’s happy, but his voice is still shakey.

  19. Caveman1029

    This reminds me of a plot line in super natural where they put up a wall in SAMs head to keep all the bad but the wall is destroyed making things even worse… Don’t scratch the wall crack

  20. admin

    @Shenny:sorry! No subtle ref, just wanted to draw some fun outfits before they left the Crack zone :)
    @Kath: shudder…
    @MarauderDeuce: it’s also some great alliteration…could be a fun tee…
    @Maz: Here’s the link to my whole Dooomcat catalogue on Woot:
    You can also search for other shirts using keywords. Robot tiger should be easy to find.
    The ninja in front of the moon was an exclusive shirt for their shirt of the month club.
    @Mica: I imagine he inhaled a stupendous amount of Meth/etc, not to mention being coated with it (does it seep into the pores? Do bears have pores??) and he’s been in withdrawal ever since (not going to draw him shooting up or anything)
    @Taggert: that is tragic, I can’t imagine losing a class mate so young (twice!)

  21. cesar castillo

    you know it would have been kind of cool if it turned out that purple bear from cracks childhood turned out to be nerd bear.

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