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April 25th, 2016

Page 523

Happy Crack!  Happy Crack!  Happy Crack!  How long will it last?? :)  It’s been pretty fun drawing a relaxed/happy Crack actually.  I don’t see myself getting bored of it anytime soon…

Vote Incentive: a robot dog and his boy (nostalgia attack! also available as a tee design on Neato)

Plus some silly new shirts on Woot :)


  1. T-Shaw

    He’s all better now. In the last panel they still owe the owl.

  2. rugibess

    Is he still going to be called crack bear, or will he be getting a new name?

  3. Stardust

    I will never get over Crack’s eyes. They’re too pretty! Looking forward to “normal” crack for now. :)

  4. Alister

    Hopefully Crack won’t forget about things such as “healthy, rational fears” and get himself into serious trouble. :<

  5. Stardust

    Crack looks like he’s having “fun” with Sara in the preview Allison uploaded like two weeks ago. At least I think that’s him.

  6. Urago

    Evil puking.

  7. LatiosLove

    Awww I’m so happy for crack now ;_;

  8. Siraj

    Oh my gosh, Crack being happy is so ADORABLE!


    Crack is really cute on this page. Although I’m kinda in a bad mood that my favorite character of all time is now completely changed. But he looks so happy on this page. How dare you give mixed feelings about this.

  10. Glowworm

    Happy Crack is adorable!

  11. K. Dragon

    Wonder how long Evil will be out of it… Oh dear. I thought of something. Not sure if I hope I’m wrong.

  12. Trolldrool

    Something about Crack’s eyes are really scary. He looks like he just robbed Prozac’s medicine cabinet. And Evil looks like he’s coming down from a really nasty acid trip.

    And somehow the only question I have after this arc is if Crack and Evil are going to have a bonding moment over duck genocide in the bird pen in the future.

  13. mehdi

    There must be a catch.
    Or crack needs to change his name.

  14. NAZF

    Aw, Crack seems so cute when he’s not freaking out all the time… But knowing this comic, something messed up is eventually going to happen to him…

    And, lol, poor Evil. He wasn’t prepared for that trip. XD

    Also, in regards to the vote incentive, yay for little blue robots! :3
    They don’t get enough love these days… :C

  15. Bri

    Aw seeing Crack like this makes my heart melt. ; __ ; ♡ I absolutely love it. I wish it was more of a permanent thing but in way similar to Prozac — he’d have his moments, but for the most part all of it can be managed. Maybe with meds, or not. I don’t know about that part. :b

    It’s a good lesson to show that therapy can be helpful and effective too, so I really appreciate this arc. Sometimes when you go talk to someone about your past, you realize things that you never had before. And not even just with a therapist; sometimes talking to a good friend or an attentive family member is all that is needed. <3

  16. ninkurou

    YAY!!!! CRACK IS FINALLY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t belive that he has finally been cured!!! =D

    But still, I’m aware that there is the risk of the status quo… =(

  17. RK

    Ma! There’s a dead Deadpool in the pool!

  18. TekServer

    I wonder if the Combat Wombat knows Digger …


  19. caanthedalek

    I’d definitely like to see a more moderate Crack, like Prozac; usually normal with maybe the occasional episode.

  20. DJChris

    Seeing Crack with such a happy face, it’s the first time I ever seen him like that, kinda made me getting a warm feeling inside. Finally Crack’s freed from all of the burden he went through from his troubled past, finally free from his paranoia, now he can move on with his life now at last.

  21. BJC

    Maybe Crack will just use the syringe symbol from now on and be referred to as, “The bear formerly known as ‘Crack'”

  22. Alister

    @BJC Did you just make the reference I think you did?

  23. Ice Raven

    YUP he did! ;)

  24. Faiz

    So does that mean Crabk’s all better and gets a new name? And abou Evil, I think they still owe the owl.

  25. Zadow

    I actually only found this comic a day ago but i sorta read it all during 1 day

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