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May 2nd, 2016

Page 524

Time for another zany interlude!  We’re dealing with ear infections and whininess here so a little hot dog tasering is a nice change :)  Poor little Owen seems to miss out on fun stuff at school whenever he’s sick.  A couple of weeks ago he stayed home with a cold, and missed the performing puppeteers show.  He stayed home on Friday, and we got all these pics of Evan playing with ducklings in class… jealous AND sick does not a happy combo make…

Vote Incentive: in honour of May the 4th: my perpetual thoughts on Ewoks.

Going to see Civil War on Friday!  I haven’t gone to a movie in awhile so I’m looking forward to that :)  Not as much looking forward to this particular Marvel movie as I don’t really want to watch them fighting each other the whole time- sad!  And someone’s going to die right?  Who are they going to knock off?? :(  Anyway, Fury shares my thoughts on immature super heros and their egos.


  1. T-Shaw

    I agree.

  2. Shenny

    But wait, why would Gay have Gimp dress as Batman? I mean from the artist standpoint it’s another face covering but it doesn’t seem like Gimp’s idea, more like Nerd’s.

  3. Vausch


  4. Shenny

    Also I’m interested in seeing how Prozac’s pills will affect Tanked, especially since he’s of course taking them with alcohol.

  5. Anon

    And then Tanked died from an overdose. Dang this comic got dark.

  6. Faiz

    Gimped is not impressed!

  7. Alister

    @Shenny It was mentioned in the arc when Prozac was trying to find different methods of relaxation aside from more pills that his medication didn’t interact well with alcohol, so Tanked had better not drink that little cocktail of his.

  8. Private Thinmints

    I hope those pills are only placebo, else Tanked will be in trouble.

  9. gridsleep

    Why would Evil give one of his precious stolen Tazers to Gaylord? Or did Gaylord sneak it out of Evil’s den since he’s off helping Crack?

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