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May 9th, 2016

Page 525

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all it applies!  None of my sons remembered and I had to clean the house as we had company coming… still better then that time Jim had Sam “help” him make me pancakes, and then left all the kitchen mess for me to clean up (I was also 7 months pregnant at the time).  Oh those memorable moments you never forget :P

Vote Incentive: Motherly love :)

May the 4th designs from Woot! (plus you can still get my other Star Wars/Powerpuff mash ups in the Dooomcat back catalogue)


  1. T-Shaw

    The end of the story? I wonder what happens next.

  2. Stardust

    Shhh Evil. No jinx pls.

  3. adhdadversary

    First off, I’m trying out this gravitar for the first time. Not sure if I’m doing it right or not. I’m not exactly for my favorite character being completely changed to the opposite of what I love him for, but that first panel is just so cute! Evil holds high hopes. For now, RIP the crazy panophobic I hope may return one day.

  4. Vausch

    Y’know what? Best response to that. Just let us pretend things will work out. Just this once.

  5. Urago

    Crack looks cute in Panel 1.

  6. EatingFurniture

    We all know this can’t last…

  7. Chris

    Alison… don’t you be mean to Crack. I love Prozac, he’s cute:3

  8. DozerTheDozerian

    Biiiiiiiiiiirdieeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :)

  9. Caveman

    Lol the long shhhhh because she had to much space left in the comic…

  10. mehdi

    Now I’m jealous of crack, now.

  11. K. Dragon

    Well, we were all thinkin’ it.

  12. Alister

    In that last panel, Prozac looks a little strained. I guess he’s trying really, really hard not to think about what Evil was starting to say.

  13. YourWorstNightmare

    Prozac looks extremely disturbed in the last few panels…..Evil is soon right and he knows it, we are just all in denial because poor little baby Crack looks so at peace and its not gonna last.

  14. Bry

    @ Alister more like hes silently praying Evil is wrong so he dorsnt have to deal w/ Crack’s paranoia anymore

  15. bought a shipment of clothing from Gay

    Yess Crack you go buddy! The bear habitat is fianally nice and peace full!……. it won’t last…..

  16. LatiosLove

    A moment of peace with Crack :’)

  17. Chasey

    I really hope Crack will remain happy and peaceful, but I do fear it won’t last. I mean. That’s his name after all.

  18. Faiz

    Cracked looks a lot like Prozac in the 1st panel.

  19. Francis-Olivier

    So was that shhh a I’m gonna break your kneecaps if you don’t stop talking kind or Have some hopes kind?

  20. Constance

    I hope we do Gay next. :P

  21. darendaugh

    Ssssshhhh.. Shut the fuck up evil.. Let me savor this moment……

  22. Solrak

    Man, what a rollacoaster of emotions. Even though everyone already pointed out that it may not I hope that Crack enjoys this inner peace while he can, I think he deserves it. Also, Gay Bear in charge of the others was enjoyable.

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