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May 16th, 2016

Page 526

So this will likely be the last arc of what’s essentially a collected Book 5 material.  Considering I haven’t gotten around to printing a Book 3 yet… crud.  I’m behind on things like covers and extras, not to mention the 15-20 pages I have to re-colour (GD drive crash trauma) it’s all I can do to stay on top of new updates :(  I really want to get my butt in gear and do it (through Kickstarter most like, that seems to be the easiest way to fund a print run… and plushies??) but life/kids/work is winning this battle.  But Gay and Lech have matching black eyes!  Isn’t that just the cutest ?! :D

Vote incentive: now this is the crossover superhero movie I’m waiting for!  (also available as a tee design from Neato)

For two derbies in a row now I’ve ended up in 5th/tied for 5th place :(  Sooo sad, but you can still get ‘Mad’ on a shirt: (and glow in the dark ‘Unstealthiest Ninja‘ is back until midnight tonight!)


  1. Startdust

    I’m…I don’t know how to feel about this. Now all we need is for Gimp to talk, then I will die.

  2. adhdadversary

    Took me a while, but I’m starting to like changed crack. I mean, I’m screaming at that title card. And don’t worry, Alison, we know you’ll be able to stay on track, even with your hectic schedule:)

  3. Jarvi

    Awwww… I love poor Crack being so happy :) I really hope something terryfying won’t change him back quickly xD

  4. T-Shaw

    I’m actually liking the new Crack for a change.

  5. Vausch

    He…used the stove, raw eggs, and he had to use something to puree the bamboo. Plus he likely touched alcohol.

    Good lord. Crack, you’re…able to be lived with.

    I hope the poor guy doesn’t start overcompensating, thinking he needs to make up for every phobia he’s suffered. It’s a very kind thought but if his neurosis was something akin to obsessive compulsion along with the anxiety, this could get bad. Yes, I just finished a psych class.

    Love the black eyes on Gay and Lech xD The off screen skirmish must’ve been a good one.

  6. Stardust

    I messed up my username and my first comment is gonna get moderated. Anyways, seeing Crack so normal is odd for me…but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Also, when did he become a cook? Is he secretly a prodigy that can learn skills ultra fast?!

  7. MicaXIII

    mmmm I don’t want him to revert! I feel like he’s gonna to keep the status quo for the sake of comedy, but I don’t want it to happen!

  8. Faiz

    Hmm…. This has got to be a bit interesting…

  9. Cyzzle

    This Crack is definitely scarier than the usual one.

  10. Siraj

    Ahhh, Crack with a handle on himself is ADORABLE! Also… why is Prozac so surprised? he was THERE with Death and Evil! If anybody would understand it, it’d be him!

  11. dakaggo

    I really want to see Lech and Gay make up >_<. I mean I don’t know if you can make up if you hated each other in the first place but I really want to see them settle down into a more loving hatred.

  12. Shenny

    I love that Tanked isn’t weirded out at all. He’s so loving and accepting of everyone. It’s kinda touching really.

  13. Bryana

    so far so good, but will it last? this “new” Crack is quite adorable though and i hope it does last. then again, Crack wont be Crack without his paranoia. oh well, in any case, who knew Crack had hidden talents as a chef. watch out, Gay, he may surpass u in cooking talent.
    speaking of Gay, it seems Gay and Lech got into another one of their brawls off-screen, er, comic frame. need a bit of ice for those black eyes, boys?

  14. YourWorstNightmare

    I feel like Crack may end up starting to try making up for everything he feels he “burdened” the others with because of they way he said he wanted to make up for being annoying and I think its sad and will probably not end up going very well. I feel like without his fears he is now going to realize all the stuff he did that he thinks bothered all the other bears and his confidence and self-esteem will plummet……and I’m just guessing so i could be wrong an a pluto level but we will see. Also I’m not too sure keeping all his fears locked inside his own mind is even healthy, plus without his phobia of, well everything, his personality may drastically change and that could lead to some problems with the other bears, like maybe a power struggle with Prozac, we all know he is pretty much the lead bear but without his fears Crack seems to be on his level so that could become a problem. We all know Gay is a cook but now it seems Crack may have a talent, and a liking for it, a well. Without his fear of sickness or injury but still with his knowledge of hit he may compete with Gimp for the medicine bear title. He seemed like he may have been a bit of a troublesome cub before the accident and he was able to subdue Evil that time he thought he was the clone so we may even end up seeing some combat between those two for the mischief maker title…….basically this thing is reeeeeeeeeeeally open for whats gonna happen next and personally I can’t wait to see where Alison takes this!

  15. Alister

    Sounds like someone got their first good nights sleep in years.

  16. chase

    I wouldn’t mind Crack staying this way; he’s too adorable. It just makes me think that, yuhnnow. That’s his namesake. Something tragic’s going to happen to revert him. That, and, Evil’s foreshadowing in that last page. :(

  17. n

    maybe crack will change into daredevil bear from now on

  18. Brian Hibbs

    I have a suspicious feeling that this arc will be dedicated to returning to the status quo by giving Crack an all new set of traumas to be irrationally paranoid about.

  19. Trolldrool

    Crack has never been more terrifying. The old vs new contrast is too strong.

  20. LuckyTiamat

    I have a strong feeling this isn’t gonna last. I can already imagine Crack getting hit in the head, or in some other way reverting to his old state. Perhaps Evil will have something to do with it?

  21. Errick

    I’m kind of hoping he gets to stay happy. Status Quo Is God has taken a sledgehammer to entirely too many tortured characters who finally had a little bit of good happen to them in other things I’ve read/watched… :P

  22. Bry

    whoops, i put my full name again earlier…oh well. anyway…
    @ LuckyTiamat u have to remember, Evil tried to help Crack get over his paranoia (albeit temporarily and because of his own ulterior motives), so idk if he’d purposely make Crack return to “normal”, unless it’s as YourWorstNightmare states and Crack begins getting a little too annoying by trying to make up for the problem hes cause over the years(?) and taking on roles he shouldnt and such

  23. Ele0Ment

    Evil is gonna get his revenge… I can small it hehehehehHEHEHEHE

  24. Bri

    I know happy!Cracked isn’t going to last, but oh man, I kinda wish it did. He had such a brutal childhood (let alone LIFE), and he deserves this newfound peace and freedom. I’m happy that I got to see him this way though, even if temporary. :’)

  25. kath McGill

    perhaps change the venue that you are publishing on? from what I understand, amazon has a publish on demand service, that you don’t pay anything to have a hard back book published, the person who is purchasing the book pays the cost and you receive the royalties that you have pre set. there is also E books, which IMHO yes, you can have a cartoon/ picture book in ebook, and it also may be the way to go as you can link things (like this comic strip) to it as well as make changes later if you need to. best of luck with it!!

  26. EatTheTootyLikeGroceries

    Hm….Does cracked know how to make beercakes? xP

  27. Solrak

    Ever had beer bread? It tastes delicious.

  28. DJChris

    I’m seriously liking this Crack much more than he was before, and I know they whom doubt this relieved self wouldn’t I wanted to keep an open heart about it and hoping he can make it through his problem better now. So all you doubters that would think otherwise can eat it, believe that.

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