Page 527
May 23rd, 2016

Page 527

What’s this?  Confident Crack?  Suave Crack??  Innuendo Crack??

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  1. adhdadversary

    This is going up on my list of favorite pages in this comic.

  2. StoticM

    Oh my god I love these page. And Nerd looks adorable.

  3. T-Shaw

    Looks like Crack finally impressed the ladies. Jealous Lech?

  4. Shenny

    Okay so chocolate chip muffins ended up being slang for some gross sex thing, what about chocolate chip pancakes?

  5. Faiz

    I get what Nerd snorted about since Lech is one egotistical lewd-ass jerk and ends up ‘turning off the girls. Crack’s showing much more interesting conseequences in here.

  6. Faiz

    Eh? Oh and by the way, can someone or somebody tell me why is Cara in tears of joy a bit??

  7. Faiz

    Frankly, I find Nerd the cutest in here at the 11th panel. Look at the glee on his face, it’s an epic cute!

  8. Urago

    @Faiz: Cara’s unique trait is her mood swings.

  9. Chasey

    Haha, yay! I love Nerd so much; adorable!

  10. Siraj

    Oh goodness, Nerd is so freaking happy in the last panel, it’s adorable <3

  11. Bry

    Well then… Is our little Crack gonna get lucky?

  12. MustacheHam

    This is just too sweet. It’s practically giving me cavities. haha!

  13. Athlone

    Panel 8, the lip biting and finger biting while he squirts all over her pancakes!

  14. Glowworm

    I love the panel where Cracked is turning on Sara.

  15. Alister

    Crack and Sara? Yep, I can ship it.

  16. Laura

    This made my day!

  17. Ninkuro

    This story is getting very interesting! Also, Lech is Jealous. Maybe he will have something to do with the return of the status Quo. I mean, Im enjoying a lot seing Crack finally happy, however, we all know how this will end. Deu Ex Machina will not let that happyness last…

    We all know that he will have to return to his old self for some reason, here a list of choices:
    1) Sundelly Crack became a jerk. And his friends make him return.
    2) Crack discovers that he was happier as a scared cat.
    3) Someone evil or jealous make him return.
    4) He have to return to save someone else.
    5) Sundelly a magical reboot, like a accindetal brick on the head or interdimensional alien ghosts invasion.
    6) He just appear back to his old self withouth any explanation…
    There are so many choices…

  18. Ele0Ment

    Will Lech find Gay for some useful advice on how to befriends with girls? LOL

  19. Watanuked

    I am going to that this, blow it up big, and frame this on my wall.

  20. Errick

    I see the hints and all, clearly this won’t last, but I’m crossing my fingers that Crack doesn’t end up precisely where he started.

  21. Nessa


  22. LatiosLove

    The innuendo is strong in this one XD

  23. Stardust

    Lewd. So lewd.

  24. CorvusCorone68

    i love anytime the personality traits of Tanked are culminated, that pancake drool is ROFLCOPTER material in my book

  25. Bry

    @ Ninkuro i see what u mean. so far what do we have here? hes cooking, which is usually Gay’s job, and hes having a sexual innuendo moment w/ Lech’s girl. something tells me hes gonna start taking over ppl’s, er, bears’ roles (or steal a certain bear’s girl…) and hes going to piss SOMEBODY off. so i think your 1 and 3 is close to the mark, possibly 5 since this is Bear Nuts and anything goes. or, like we’ve seen, hmm, twice before(?) this is all just a dream, or hallucination from the shaman-owl’s potion, and Crack is still paranoid af

  26. Kittens

    I love how cute nerd I just want to hug him

  27. Vausch

    Well Bry, saying Sara is Lech’s girl is a stretch. I mean he’s scared of her XD They don’t seem to have anyone they’ve been outright paired with at all, even if Cara first went with Prozac at first and Sara with Lech (his confidence at first quickly falling when he realised he was not going to be in control of the situation). I do love Lech’s reaction though. Despite his self-appointed status as the alpha and outwardly confident attitude, he’s lacking any form of tact and can’t take even the lightest hit to his ego without lashing out or running off.

  28. Neonic Blade

    Dang Crack, gutsy move.
    Squirting your cream all over Sara’s pancakes in front of Lech?

  29. Bry

    @ Vausch well, Lech sees Sara as his, so thats what i meant. i know no one has been officially paired

  30. YourWorstNightmare

    Omg…..O.O did Crack just FLIRT with SARA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is very strange…..and scary O.O

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