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May 30th, 2016

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My oldest is a lot like Lech, he gets in a mood and becomes so stubborn about whatever set him off he tends to just make the situation worse and worse and worse.  It boggles my mind some times how irrational children can be; I’m like “Sam, just stop talking and walk away”, so he starts shouting… I am self aware enough to see bits of that in myself, but I mostly blame Jim :)  The twins, despite being 20 months younger, are generally more mature.  I thought that was the usual role of the first born :P

Vote incentive: watching a video titled “Meanwhile in Australia” where a snake eats a crocodile lead to… shoes.

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  1. Lalasa

    Now that was just uncalled for, Lech. You do realize as well that you might be digging your own grave?


    Oh, come on. Lech’s black eye just finished healing and he’s just asking for more.

  3. Shenny

    First Gay, now Crack. Who else is Lech going to get pissy at for making nice gestures towards the girls? Did Nerd share his Star Trek ship (Enterprise? I know no ST) with Evil? How did Crack manage to cook such a good likeness of the Tardis?

    To Alison: Does Sara not wear her skirt anymore? Or is it like Nerd’s glasses in that you sometimes forget to draw it? :P

    Come to think of it, the bears don’t have much in the way of thighs to begin with. Maybe it will be an improvement?

  4. Shenny

    Lech’s backstory prediction: Girls around him would ignore him in favor of guys who were dicks to said girls.

  5. Vausch

    @ Shenny: nah, he was pointing at the pancakes on Evil’s plate. Guessing Evil took a bite from a piece away from our view.

    Maybe Sara just wears it when she’s wanting to? I dunno. It is a clothing item, less necessary that Nerd’s specs would be.

    Well then. Ok, who wants to bet there’s a Crack v. Lech fight coming and we see another instance like with the goose? A white-eyed vicious Crack just demolishing Lech?

  6. Faiz

    And Death’s will be that he got static-clinged after the vets tried defibrilating him. Just my hunch, don’t worry

  7. richard s f

    As the oldest “kid” in the family…also known as the “good for nothing”, I know from personal experience that the younger siblings are the ones people will say are “more mature”, “smarter”, and “more reliable”. With each new brother, my parents learned what to do and what not to do…then they had my sister and it was back to square one :P

  8. Faiz

    I shudder to think about that psycho-shocked, mindless Cracked like those geese he ate. Too messed up for me *blech*.

  9. MicaXIII

    oh u know he ded

  10. Glowworm

    Little TARDIS pancakes? Awesome!

  11. Chasey

    Oh, please, Lech. You didn’t even want anything to do with her after the first 5 minutes anyway; what are you still so sore about :P

  12. Shenny

    My new theory is that Lech suffered extreme neglect as a cub that causes him to lash out when others are given special treatment and not him. Muffins for the girls, cream for Sara, spaceships for Nerd.

  13. Kittens

    The look on her face priceless

  14. Riol

    Hey, Remember when those two girl bears were evil and tried to take over the bear habitat? Good times,… Good times…

  15. NekoD

    The shocking truth about pancakes!

  16. T-Shaw

    That actually got to her.

  17. CorvusCorone68

    @Riol naw only Sara did that, Cara actually helped defuse the situation

  18. TaggertShare

    Lech understands psychology! Lech know one way to ruin many a Female’s day (and breakfast). Love the look on Cara’s face.

  19. Tenure

    Crack may be serving up pancakes, but Lech is giving everyone extra helpings of bitch pudding.

  20. Chaos the Jukebox

    Wow Lech. Really? Way to ruin someone’s day(and breakfast)

    Most of the time I my older brother is more childish than I am. Although we are four years apart in age. The same thing may be happening right now between the twins and Sam.

  21. some guy

    Calling it now: Crack is going to get lucky with either slutty or pms but they’re going to end up being one or both of his assumed dead sisters. Granted slutty isn’t green, but gay did mention a few chapters back something about dying his fur so it’s not too farfetched for her to dye hers.

  22. Yu Blueit

    Still waiting to see what kind of breakfasts my two favorite bears get served – Gimp and Death. Crack has exhibited excellent cooking skills and presentation.

  23. Urago

    @some guy: But the purple bear in Crack’s flashback was male. And Cara is a girl.

  24. some guy

    @Urago: There’s not really a lot to base that off of. The only real thing to go off of with gender if they have eyelashes or not and young versions of the characters look even more gender neutral. Plus it seems awful intentional that Crack’s siblings’ gender weren’t specified in subtext despite the fact that they were the primary reason for his maladjustment.

  25. StoticM

    Oh my god, I just looked up that insult from Evil…I’m laughing for the wrong reasons right now! Good one?

  26. YourWorstNightmare

    Dang Lech! Rude much XD if hers went to her thighs, where did yours go?

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