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June 6th, 2016

Page 529

Attack of the Assertive Crack! ┬áHe’s handy with a frying pan considering how recently he started using one… Apparently Adaptable Crack!

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For Fathers (and Grandfathers) everywhere :)


  1. Shenny

    Looks like she hit the nail on the head.

    Holy crap what sort of five course breakfast is Crack making?

  2. T-Shaw

    Wow, Crack really does care about Sara.

  3. Vausch

    Anybody else have their jaw hang drop then curve into an open mouthed-smile?

    I love that look on Crack’s face. It’s simultaneously no fucks given with a hint of “that was a long time coming”. Sara’s too. She may barely know him but this has to be a surprise when most of what she does know is him freaking out over the mundane.

  4. StoticM

    …That caught me off guard. That was kinda awesome, good job crack. Side note place all bets on how long this lasts. Sorry to be a pessimist.

  5. Ele0Ment

    omg Crack is stepping on Lech at panel 9 XDDD


    What am I looking at here? Conflict building up to become only one hit and nothing else, then Crack is distressed without bloodshot eyes. What even is this comic anymore?

  7. shadowbuizel

    I guess you could say he… cracked him

  8. Siraj

    That… actually was pretty hot. Damn, Crack! <3

  9. Chasey

    Ha. I love it. He was definitely trying to start something, but that ended better than it could have.

  10. name

    i will be sad when new!crack isn’t here anymore. manic!crack is pretty cool and I want him and sara to get it on

  11. soman

    i am just waiting for when crack reverts back to his old self XD

  12. Sterling Rodd

    Ha, is it just me, or does anyone else think that when Crack said “My eggs are burning”, the follow-up comment should have been “Mine too…”? ;)

  13. Gorp

    I hope Crack does not change back. Also, maybe he can be a dup with Gay! Get comfortable, fill out, and we could have a true “bear” in the comic, with a touch of Old Spice Guy. <.<

  14. Bry

    lol i went from dumbfounded expression to grinning like an idiot in 2 seconds

  15. Kittens

    I’m laughing so hard right now crack is awesome

  16. Alister

    I love how Cara just started to NOPE out of the first panel. I would too.

  17. Hikaru

    … Great. Now I ship Sara and Crack. Thanks guys. Just… thanks.

  18. ShamelessShipper


    Also, I wonder how the new girls take to gimp?

  19. Arron

    *Woodhouse voice* Apologies sir, your eggs will take another four minutes.

  20. Stardust

    @Arron: Poor Woodhouse. Archer’s gonna throw his shoes off the balcony again.

  21. Djkblue

    Cracked you are my hero


    @Stardust: Woodhouse, this is Miami. Don’t you have any cooler clothes?

  23. Stardust

    @ADHD: No sir, not anymore.

  24. Faiz

    Wow that was something I never thought of! ThaT’s man enough there.

  25. YourWorstNightmare

    1st panel and Cara said NOPE XD but omg I totally could ship Crack and Cara its so cute X3

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