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June 13th, 2016

Page 530

I’m still thumb nailing this arc out and it’s going to be long, probably the longest one yet.  I’m having fun with it and really look forward to some of what I’m going to be drawing (which is great, sometimes a weekly commitment like this can be a bit of a drag, especially on pages that don’t have a lot going on) but it’s also weird; I never expected Crack’s arc to get this involved… whelp.  Stay tuned: at my pace it’s going to be months before it finishes!

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  1. T-Shaw

    This is going to be interesting. I mean with both Crack and Prozac.

  2. Anon

    Only Evil can see through the bullshit.

  3. differ

    ooooh, now i cant wait for next comic ^x^

  4. Luna

    I wonder if Prozac is suffering from withdrawal of NOT dealing with the bears antics. That’s what happens to those who are the problem solvers in their group of friends or family. They get so use to fixing problems and keeping the peace and wishing at times that they could get time to themselves or not have to do that, that once they have it they have no idea what to do with themselves or miss everyone needing them so much. Then often try to MAKE problems.

    That or Prozac’s waiting for the shit to finally hit the fan because he knows Evil is right, this won’t last.

  5. Shenny

    Aw Death is so happy. He never gets appreciated for all the stuff he does.

  6. Constance Lirit

    There can only be one.

  7. Siraj

    Bwahahaha, I know what’s coming… “Shhhhhhhut the fuck up~”

  8. Bry

    awww…happy Death. :D! and so it begins…Prozac already appears to be getting a bit antsy w/ the new and improved Crack

  9. Brian Hibbs

    So Crack is going to “take care” of Lech is he? Maybe assertive Crack is also vengeful and vindictive Crack.

    It’s good to hear that this’ll be a long arc, this comic is at its best when it has time to flesh things out a bit.

  10. chase

    Are they coffee pancakes for Death? Hehe.

  11. Zee63

    Is Crack drugging them? Are they medicated pancakes, which is why each one gets a special batch?

  12. Mr. Casual

    This is nice. :) Everyone but Evil and Lech gets a smile for once in their tumultuous lives. And Prozac looks so happy. Enjoy it while it lasts, Pro.

  13. K.

    Been a lurker for awhile, love your comic!

    I was contemplating the implications of Crack’s new self being a permanent addition to the cast, and how this affects the significance of his name and ‘Belly Badge’ – and it JUST occurred to me that this could be an interesting solution to ‘replace’ Crack without having to actually put him on a bus.

    For all we know, after this whole Breakfast scene, he might go back to his room to realize that under his apron his “Belly Badge” has inexplicably transformed into some other symbol and he may or may not need to be re-christened… or perhaps the name ‘Crack’ can take on an alternate meaning.

    The title ‘Change of Heart’ may actually be a form of semi-foreshadowing if that is the case. All just Wild Mass Guessing, though.

  14. Zefiren

    Prozac looks like a delighted father enjoying the fact that one of his children is no longer broken. It’s heartwarming to be honest.

  15. Quant

    ? it’s like a little bear?

  16. Kittens

    I just loooooovvvvveeeee death sooooooooooo much who couldn’t love that cute face

  17. Faiz

    Yeah esp. the 3rd panel

  18. Chris

    I am curious as to how this will play out, especially with regards to Prozac.

  19. StoticM

    This is going to be interesting. Fleshing out this arc is great idea can’t wait to see the results. Also on a unrelated note..started making facfics about bearnuts anyone want to read and give an opinion?

  20. LouieV

    I certainly hope that this doesn’t end up going down the “Oops! now Crack is back to normal!” ending cause then, like…what was the point of the previous chapter? I’m interested to see where it goes but I really hope it doesn’t put Crack back where he began.

  21. StoticM

    @LouieV It’s probably something we won’t expect I’m bringing my hopes up just to see how this plays out. I really love the shhh Evil joke. It’s too strong and something I bet a lot of us reading thought before or now. Also just leaving this link here… I’ll do some drabbles about other characters, but i just want to have this story play out.

  22. StoticM

    not* jeez.

  23. Solrak

    While I liked the old Crack, I am really loving this new and improved Crack. I know it may not last, but I am enjoying it, and that he is enjoying this too.

  24. YourWorstNightmare

    O.O is no one else worried about what is so ‘special’ about Death’s pancakes? Hey look! Prozac’s famous shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is back XD

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