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June 20th, 2016

Page 531

I sometimes prep these updates 1 or 2 days in advance if I know I’m going to be busy on Sunday (and provided the page is actually done) so I said nothing about Orlando and that didn’t sit right.  But after a week to process, I still don’t know what to say.  My little twins turn 5 today.  I can’t imagine them in a world where senseless and disgusting things like that happen.  I can’t imagine the shooter was ever an innocent little 5 year old himself, but he was.  How do people become so damaged/angry/bigoted?  I think it was a Dennis Leary quote maybe about how the only thing his son hates is bedtime, all that other horrible stuff has to be taught to children… another thing I can’t imagine.

Happy Birthday Evan and Owen… I hope you can hold onto your innocence as long as possible :(


  1. Thornarn

    Happy birthday to your little tykes! Hope they are well!


    Theory: Prozac is going to get so happy with how everything is now perfect that he will fall into insanity. Crack Bear 2.0

  3. Dainty

    Know that being a caring mother will protect your kids from ever submerging into that pit of hatred that the shooter did. Stay strong. ♥

  4. T-Shaw

    A good Evil is a happy Evil.

  5. Faiz

    I agreed with Nerdy today.

  6. Riol

    Haply birthday!!!! Happy birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!…… you☺

  7. Bry

    Happy Birthday to your little ones! They’re so flippin’ adorable!

    As for the comic page, the only thing Evil is optimistic about is his his latest evil scheme…other than that Nerd hit it right on the nose. Oh, look, Prozac is so happy…that aint gonna last long…

  8. Bry

    Whoops, put “his” twice, lol! And I just remembered Alli said thisll be a long arc, so maybe Prozac’s happiness will last long. …Longish?

  9. SummerSquirrel

    As parents, it is our job in life to raise our children to know right from wrong and understand the value of life and taking responsibility. That being said, we cannot control the evil in this world and the brain washing that takes place to cause more of it. Let your children be your bright happy beings of chaotic happiness and love that you will one day unleash upon the masses. They are the future, and while we can’t control everything, we can do our best to raise our little ones to love others, and do what’s right. You’re a great mom, you have a great family, and on top of all that you’re an accomplished artist/story teller. Last weekend was a terrible weekend. We can only do what we can in hopes that we can prevent it from ever happening again.

  10. StoticM

    Happy birthday to your twins!

  11. Bri

    Aw @ the photo of your twins. <3

    You’re always good at drawing expressions, but I really like the expressions in this page. Nerd also continues to be increasingly charming and interesting. :D I think it’s really nice for the bears to have a break from all the chaos for once, even if it may be a short break. Even though it may be the norm for them, even they need a change of scenery once in a while.

    Eep, Nerd has no eyebrows in panel 7! D:

  12. aaron

    Since I haven’t said it before, I wanted to tell you first that I really love your webcomic and have been following it for years. Second, for everything you just said, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  13. admin

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, I’ll pass them along!
    And thank you aaron :)

  14. Magasek

    Your sentiment of not imagining your children in a world where senseless and disgusting things happen strikes a chord with me. I’m a father of 3 from Berthoud, CO. My daughter just graduated high school a few weeks ago. I don’t know how far news travels, but just last week, a girl from my daughter’s graduating class was murdered by a boy from the same class. The boy was the girl’s ex-boyfriend and was unhappy by the breakup. His father had told him where he kept the key to the gun cabinet (grrr, why in the world…) so he stole one of his father’s guns, kidnapped the girl, killed her, and drove her body across the mountains where he was caught by state troopers as he tried to dispose of her on an abandoned property. Berthoud is a tiny town and everybody knows everybody else. Everyone at the high school knew these two people, my daughter walked next to the girl during commencement and was in elementary school class with the boy. It’s a scary enough world for parents to bring their children into and then we spend so much time trying to protect them from the evil that’s out there. We want them to be safe and happy and we don’t want their innocence to ever end. But we know that some day, that innocence will end and the world will turn it’s ugly head and say boo. It’s heartbreaking as a parent to see that happen. For my daughter and the rest of Berthoud High’s graduating class, right as they were stepping out into the world as adults for the first time, the world pulled the rug out from under them and that innocence was shattered forever. I pray that your boys never have to live through such things. Take care of them and teach them well, show them love and joy, and hold them tight. They are truly precious.

  15. TaggertShare

    Hey, Prozac and I have something in common. I grow and eat Kale. Maybe I should give Vanity my the recipe for Kale Brose.

  16. LatiosLove

    Haha! Now evil is the odd one out! :D Hooray for the new Crack!

  17. Bry

    @ LatiosLove Evil was always the odd one out…him and Death, only difference is Death is somewhat respected because hes pretty wise

  18. Nicole

    I’m sure late to this party! The twins are gorgeous! :)

  19. YourWorstNightmare

    XD Nerd knows Evil so well lmao he actually looked speechless for a sec

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