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May 28th, 2012

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This is just an unused concept from another job but I really like this guy, like he could be a fun kid’s book character or something :)


  1. alexander B

    I sense much stress for Prozac…

  2. Brian Hibbs

    Can’t just go around babying them like that. Sometimes Prozac you just got to say no and walk away before you stay up all night.

  3. richard s f

    without Prozac’s watchful eye and the fear it inspires, what will become of the other bears? Tune in next week, same Bear time, same Bear channel -insert bearnuts theme music-

  4. gamehunter


  5. Suzu

    richard s f …u cant say that without telling ppl wut the theme song is! how will they know what tune to play in their heads when reading your comment?! o.O;
    lol love the comic as always, poor Prozac

  6. Sidero

    Crack is simply so cute >.<
    I also laughed because of the satisfied face of Lech, priceless.
    And finally the 2 comics arrived and I’m so happy, I thought that the sketch was a signed Photocopy (probably i didn’t read well the description) and I was surprised when I found out that it was a original copy! I’m so happy I could explode at any moment by now.

  7. Sterling Rodd

    1) It’s really good to see so much of Crack again… and the paternal aspect of Prozac back after his virtual resignation at the polar pit a few weeks ago. I knew he wouldn’t let us down.

    2) Fart jokes! The way to a man’s heart. We love you, Alison. You understand us. :)

  8. Sterling Rodd

    P.S. Wow, it just occurred to me… Crack’s irises. There they are! It’s probably not a first… but we sure don’t see a lot of those. :)

  9. Revriley

    After so long without any decent Crack appearances, it’s great to have a story centered on him! Can’t wait to see what happens with him.

  10. BSSinSTL

    Great to see more Bearnuts. I was starting to get cracked!

  11. iamry

    Crack, you adorable trainwreck, you

  12. Primus0

    My second brother is just like that in the morning, while my third brother is alot like Crack all the time.

  13. Kehno

    hehe ^^ aw Crack has cute eyes.. It is so nasty of him to use that on Prozac. And Lech.. you are just… plaaaiiin eviiiil. you should not enjoy other persons suffering :D

  14. linzi

    how is their light in his room in the morning when their are no windows in their cave?? i is confuzzled 0.o

  15. Jimmy

    I have to watch Ace Ventura again now.

  16. Ginny

    I want Crack’s Penguin Nightlight!!!!!!!!

  17. Brian Hibbs

    @linzi: maybe there’s a hole in the ceiling of the cave to let sunlight in?

  18. Ryn

    Onldsnfoiewjfonsdflsj. Panel 5. And 7. And all of them featuring Crack. How did Crack suddenly become so adorable? Definitely in my favorites now.

  19. EnviousSpartan

    Sadly Lech reminds me of both my brother AND my father. *facepalms*

  20. Yu Huo

    Aw. Poor Crack. Poor tortured wee soul.
    I’m glad there’s an arc focusing on him. I always felt there was more to him than the panics and the crazies.

  21. Sterling Rodd

    @linzi — It’s fine for bears to speak English and have battery-operated nightlights, but uncertainty about the source of ambient light in a cave is a show-stopper?

    Suspension of disbelief is a fickle mistress, isn’t it? :)

  22. Nicole

    I agree with Sterling…have we EVER seen the true color of Crack’s eyes before?? Purdy purple eyes!

  23. Glowworm

    THe fifth panel was adorable!

  24. Paprika

    Crack is so cute… And I feel as though any theme song would be fast paced and upbeat, but show tune-like.

  25. Chuck

    Apparently some bears don’t **** in the woods! ;)

  26. Lauren

    I like the koala, but haven’t you heard? They’re marsupials, not bears. Also, the hat is adorable.

  27. Aps

    Brilliant :) Thanks for all your time and effort in starting the new arc! I hope all three of your little munchkins are doing well :)

  28. Aps

    P.S. I love that koala character! He looks like a refined, grown-up version of Blinky Bill, beloved children’s character here in Oz! :)

  29. Kookaburra8su


    and @Aps. He does look like a Koala with a walking cane, but it’s been done before.

    Even the eyepiece, is straight out of Norman Lindsay’s, “The Magic Pudding”. It’s a mild mannered version of Bunyip Bluegum’s uncle.

  30. kath

    I had to zoom in 400 percent to see what the light dangly thing was that was being held in front of the bathrobe, and discovered that it was a netted scrubber on a string.

    My nephew had an issue with elephants sleeping under his bed, and his dad would have to sleep beside him all night so the elephants wouldn’t over turn the bed. After a while – my brother convinced his son that elephants had really bad vision, and they were better at smell, so he was able to leave his bathrobe laying on the bed beside his son– and it didn’t address the real problem at hand, how to confront your fears. Well, after telling my niece the story of the monster under the bed, (and waiting a full 4 days for it to SINK IN until she learned not to get out of bed in the middle of the night, ) I told both of them the secret of dealing with the things that go bump in the middle of the night was to give it a truly silly name, and all of the other elephants, and monsters would just giggle at them and they couldn’t possibley be scary after that. But you couldn’t be mean and tease the other monsters. :D it worked. Kids didn’t call their parents into the room regarding the monsters and they stayed in bed.
    *of course if you have informed the child you have eyes in the back of your head, be prepared for them to try to find where the eyes are – you just tell them that of COURSE they would be closed because they had their fingers in them…

  31. KimmQuinn

    It’s amazing how much lighter a cave inside a cave gets when the sun rises ;P


  32. O Rap

    just noticed crack’s eyes are purple and blue. AWESOME!!

  33. Draco

    I hate it when people say that expescially when I’m about to use the bathroom myself. Also welcome back and I hope your kids are no longer sick.

  34. Cam

    I think Crack’s puppy-face may be as good as Tank’s.

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