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May 21st, 2012

Page 316

Happy long weekend Canada!

I kind of thought all kids go through a scared of the dark phase but that’s never been an issue for Sam.  He’s never needed a night light and he sleeps on the bottom of a bunk bed with blankets draped around like a tent.  Will he likely always be this way or does fear of the dark suddenly develop when they’re older or something (like old enough to know what fear is?).  Crack is old enough, he’s just special.

We had a great weekend at TCAF and a relatively stress free trip with three small children so yay! (won’t be doing that again though.)  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much of the con since I was by myself at the table.  I did meet some awesome people and I have a couple of links to share with you guys:

-Angela my awesome table neighbor kept me company and put up with my incessant whining about missing my babies, and how much pregnancy ruined my knees, etc… and she draws an adorable comic about being an engineering student/engineer.  It’s a fun glimpse into a different world that reinforced my happiness that I went to art school :)  Wasted Talent

-Fun comics for kids by Colleen AF Venable!:  Guinea Pi I’d seen these before in a review and wanted to get some for Sam, and now I have one signed by the writer :)

-The little unicorn boy just makes this for me:  School of World

-Not specifically related to TCAF, but seeing all those indy books got me keen to work on other stuff too and I have tons of ideas sitting in notebooks that I’m itching to work on some day… like the story of Dooom for instance…


  1. Puffles

    Prozac: “The shit I put up with…”

  2. Paprika

    I love this because when I was a kid I did the same thing… And he’ll probably never be afraid, although I’m told all rational creatures are 0.o

  3. Bix

    Crack looks like a bunny in the 2nd panel :3

  4. Brian Hibbs

    Oh no not the penguin why did you kill the penguin!?

    Yes he does look like a bunny, fittingly as he’s just as quick to freak out as a bunny is to run away.

  5. Ryn

    He looks so cute when he’s not concious enough to be freaking out… And somehow, even when he does freak out in this page, this whole page suddenly makes him so endearing. I think Crack just became my favorite after Death (sorry Evil, scoot down to third).

  6. Brian Hibbs

    @ Ryn: Agreed, but it seems so rare to ever see him not freaking out.

  7. kath

    Im not afraid of the dark, I don’t think I ever was- We purchased a bunch of those night lights that come on when the power goes out, but they were bloody expensive on the electric bill. Pretty much my neighbors security light is enough to see where I am going in the dark.
    I will say, however, when I moved into my current home, My father purchased this big flashlight for me- it weighs a fair few pounds and if something was to cross my path in the dark, it would be my choice of blunt instrments.

    Well, I move in, and of course I am ALL ALONE IN THE DARK at night time, and I pretty much grab the flashlight and sleep with it for the first two months that I am in the house. Like in the bed with me, right next to my pillow—Did I use it? yeah, a couple of times… but just knowing it was there was great. I currently have it on my nightstand, beside the lamp and I have to remember to keep the batterys changed so they don’t go funky on me. But it really helps. The whole thing about being scared in the dark, is something that shouldn’t be brushed off- rather, the whole- close your eyes and what do you see? and make a peek aboo game of it. sometimes there is a security in the dark, for me- dark is a restful place that I can escape from migraines.

    Crack, is a very fragle bear that finds comfort in little things. Prozac is one to talk, until reciently? he HAD to have his daily pill to keep him calm. Is there any difference? nooo.
    It didnt die Crack honey, it just went to sleep on its own…

  8. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    At last… AT LAST!


  9. Duez

    Haha, oh gosh why must Crack be so adorable there?! X3 Very nicely done, also I dunno why I noticed it, but huzzah for sleeping one one’s belly! Poor Prozac though, indeed putting up with quite a bit of silly nonsense. Reminds me of myself though, the things I get called out to help with or do, and with my emergency nature, it’s always a freakout and dash, just for something simple. XD

  10. alexander B

    poor, overworked prozac. no wonder he still takes prozac.

  11. Beta

    He won’t be scared until he is either told some scary story he might believe from either his little friends or more likely family. Uncles like to do that. Until then there’s nothing about the dark for him to be afraid of.

    DOOOOOOOOOM! That picture looks amazing.

    Crack can close his eyes!?

  12. gamehunter

    SUPER new arc :P I love the start !!! <3

  13. Kurobara

    Prozac’s face at the end just cracked me up. XD

  14. Glowworm

    I love the penguin nightlight. I actually never needed a nightlight–I actually loved the dark and was not pleased when summer came around because it took longer to get dark.

    On the otherhand, my special ed brother had a nightlight–I’m not sure for how long though.

  15. Dubael

    Yeah, the dark thing, some are born with it, others develop it over time, some never do. After all, it’s not the dark that is frightening but the things that can skulk about unseen. The tent thing, could be a I’m safe in the dark cause I have my nest about me. Regardless, I’ve dealt with both issues and each kid is unique and will require her or his own special circumstances, however I think you’ve figured that out *warm smile*
    Love your work, glad you were able to get out to TCAF, wish I could have.
    All the best wishes for you.

  16. Bosn_C_Otter

    I have five children and one grandchild and I have learned one thing. NEVER leave a light on, night light on or any thing like that unless the child request it first. Once you done it on your own the child will want it forever… I still sleep with a nightlight.

  17. Nicole


    Yay, BN is back! :)

  18. Lupin

    I want that night light X3

  19. Theanachronistic

    Panel 2 is so insanely peaceful. Prozac is priceless at the end too.

  20. Sterling Rodd

    Yeah, I have to agree with Theanachronistic. It’s a little affecting to see Crack at peace and free of his demons, if only for a few moments.

    And Prozac back to giving a care without over-analyzing it. :)

  21. Nicole

    Forgot to mention…love the idea of hearing Dooom’s story! :D

  22. Malus

    Is it me… or does the Dooom Cat pic make anyone else think it should be in Skyrim?


  23. Saeed

    Wow. This is something I would have done as a kid. Love the expression you put in the second to last panel. You portrayed the fear/anguish perfectly.

  24. Beta

    I enjoy that there are 3 moons in Dooom’s picture, just as there are 3 O’s in his name.

  25. Yu Huo

    If anyone is even THINKING about not clicking the vote button to see the AMAZINGLY AWESOME artwork they are so, so wrong. Click it. Cliiiiick iiiiiiit.

  26. Nessa

    My favorite bear is, and has always been, Prozac.

  27. rphb

    People aren’t afraid of the dark, they are afraid of the unknown. In darkness you cannot see, therefore you cannot know what is there. Its the same as you get scared when you hear an unknown sound, and it is the same reason we are scared of death. The unknown, and the unknowerble

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