BN Interlude07
May 14th, 2012

BN Interlude07

New pages start up next week.  In the meantime you can get Flowery Death prints on our Society 6 page and I’ll work on getting some of the other interludes up there as well.  Of course I didn’t get as much regular BN stuff done during my break as I’d wanted, but I have 10 finished pages ready to go and that gives me some breathing space as the mobile game art work stuff is piling up, the babies are starting to stand which requires constant vigilance, and I still haven’t seen Avengers cause Jim has too much work… oh and having three kids.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks :P  I am very glad that Whedon has a giant hit on his hands and I look forward to whatever else he gets to do now with gobs of Hollywood money!

I recently did a cute little commission for a reader’s custom new baby announcement cards (a baby dragon is WAY more interesting than generic pink booties!).  I’m assuming she has definitely arrived by now and is keeping her parents constantly busy and sleep deprived.  Happy first Mother’s Day Ariane!  Anyway, this totally got me thinking about more interesting baby stuff.  For the longest time I tried to find a nice growth chart and couldn’t so we made our own with a large canvas (this was after Sam took a marker to one we’d been given as a gift so I needed a replacement).  I think parents need more options for cool baby stuff ….zombie themed nursery decor anyone?  How about ninjas?  Ooooo the things I could do…


  1. Suzu

    Such adorable Death x3

  2. alexander B

    nice to hear we will finally be getting new comics, and nice art to :)

  3. Lurky Reader

    Shoot me in the face with a bazooka for saying this but…I thought of ”Twilight” when seeing this. :<

  4. Jeroen

    That is a very cute pink babydragon. Also, very cool death pic. (that could sound so wrong out of context).
    I’ve found that kids are very good for the portrayal of ninja’s, imps and other critters that scamper about your house you should have plenty of inspiration.

    As for Avengers, if you get a chance, go see it. It’s awesome and at times hillarious without becoming overly funny.

  5. Buentj

    best places for that baby stuff you were talkin about would be here,
    they got some wicked baby stuff.

  6. squeakybunny

    I gave a friend an idea for a picture once. Mama dragon carefully massaging a singed breast while holding her hatchling who has a wisp of smoke curling from his snout. The caption? “You just HAD to have a hot meal, didn’t you?”

  7. Rachel S.

    Ooo baby lockness monster, or baby bigfoot

  8. Anime fan

    Death is my favorite.

  9. Sterling Rodd

    @squeakbunny — You could follow that up with a singeing across the chest and the baby in his crib and call it “two hots and a cot”. :)

    Comics again next week! Yee haw! Frosty mug! :)

  10. kath

    my hubbie and I saw the avengers movie last week- Apparently my best friend thinks that Hawkeye is *hot* (erm) … and has worked to collect every single avengers Dr. Pepper soda can there is.. the only one she does not have is , of course, Hawkeye. The movie, is filled with guilt moments, fangirl moments, and – an undercurrent of less than full disclosure to serve the moment. Much of the theater gave Hulk a standing ovation at *his* moment, and you need to stay to the very very end, there is an easter egg that my husband loved. (Alas, nature called for me rather insistantly and i couldn’t stay through the credits) but he said it was really good and you have to pay attention to what Tony Stark says near the end to understand exactly what is happening) we went to see the early show, but they also had it in 3d, and I max (which I heard was really cool during the battle sequence, though a bit intense)

    As for kids and bear nuts– Please take as much time as you need and PLEASE don’t feel rushed on our accounts. ALL of your fans totally understand the pressure you have been under even to get things to a normal chaos. Heck, as a writer myself, I have put projects off for YEARS just becase I got married!! (and finally only just getting back to the creative side of it)

  11. Nicole

    Love the baby dragon! And I think your ideas for baby stuff are brilliant. Go for it! The would totally sell!

  12. tsophiekins

    I agree with Kath, The thought of having new pages is delightfully exciting, but don’t stress yourself on our part! Glad to hear you have commissions coming in as well!

  13. Unknown

    Death just laying their in the grass is so darn cute. I love it!

  14. Yu Huo

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  15. danna7

    That’s really very sweet! Although my next thought was “Hey, he could make extra money killing the grass in people’s driveways.”

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