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June 4th, 2012

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The very creative writer extraordinaire Mark Andrew Smith has a current Kickstarter campaign for his latest project “Sullivan’s Sluggers” and though I’m not usually a horror fan I had to back this one because the art is just so kinetic and fun and it’s baseball horror so I’m just plain curious.  And it also recently got optioned so holy job well done, here’s to the eventual movie.

So when’s Kickstarter going to be open to Canadians huh?  HUH?  I’d lurve to do a crowd funding campaign for volume 3.  Tanked needs his own book already!!!  Oh wait, I have to carve out the time to do the covers and stuff still…

In the meantime, what’s behind the door?


  1. Vince Velcen

    Oh Crack, you need to find some batteries a different way then this. Silly Bear.

  2. Alexander B

    Why don’t you try the gift shop.

  3. Rahnee

    Gimp doesn’t have much, but it’s his…

  4. Fazzey

    @ Alexander B: He doesn’t leave the shelter of the cave/habitat unless the other bears drag him out.
    ..Poor Crack. He’s never going to survive unless someone is willing to give up the batteries.

  5. Twig

    I thought kickstarter had gone international now. It works down here in Australia now, so I imagine it would work in Canada too. Infact, here’s a list of kickstarter projects in Toronto:

  6. Sterling Rodd

    I know it isn’t, but “Wanna larp with me?” sound like a pick-up line. :)

    …Although depending on the game, I suppose it could be…

    I’m surprised Nerd isn’t a little more bothered by Crack just barging into his room, which has a closed door. Trusting soul, given how often he’s been injured by just about everyone else. But I guess Crack’s safe enough. The only one he’s brained so far is Evil. :)

  7. igan

    Nerd is ronery

  8. Sidero

    Hurry up Crack, you have just TWELVE hours to find some battery, maybe try asking for it instead of stealing.
    I’m really disappointed Crack, really disappointed

    Anyway did you know that the new Care Bears cartoon started?
    It’s such a pity is not Bear Nuts style!

    I also discovered My Little Pony and I have advertised Bear Nuts on the italian forum and some users started to read the comic so I bring new fans :)

    I Found out that Tara Strong (one of the dubbers of MLP is Canadian) so I have to say this:
    Canadians make Hasbro 20% cooler

  9. Nicole

    Woo…guess you don’t mess with the Gimp! Crack, just give Prozac some time to sleep and he’ll get you your battery!

  10. Kurobara

    Oh wow…angry Gimp is kinda…really scary. D:

  11. Jadugara

    Heh! There MUST be something wrong with me…

    The first thing that came to mind when Crack went for the electric toothbrush was that he was going to use it to clean out the toilet after Lech’s “scatastrophe”… Then I came to my senses and realized he was just trying to rip off the batteries…

  12. Glowworm

    Gimp’s face–that was hysterical!

  13. Samuel

    I’ve helped with a couple of projects via IndieGoGo, and I know that it is open to Canadians (both projects were Vancouver based). Maybe try that and good luck!

  14. Sterling Rodd

    @Sidero — Just about everybody on MLP:FiM is Canadian, actually. Most of them are from southern Ontario. So, yeah… 20% cooler. Or 20% colder, whichever you prefer. :)

  15. Zankou

    @sterling Rodd- i find it embarrassing that so many… *not* little girls like that show.

    – didn’t prozac in the last page say that he would get crack the batteries in the morning?

  16. Sterling Rodd

    @Zankou — i find it embarrassing that so many… *not* little girls like that show.

    Why are you embarrassed by what other people like? Are you troubled by what other people would think of your enjoyment of an internet comic about talking cartoon bears?

    But I guess I felt something like that when friends of mine admitted they were “bronies”… till I actually watched the show. I based my opinion on flashes of memory of the MLP show from the early 80s, but as it turns out, that’s a little like judging the merits of Max Payne on the basis of Donkey Kong.

    I write for a living and I studied animation; I can tell you that the writing is well above average and has that rare, elusive quality of being able to connect with people across a wide spectrum of ages without having to pitch the jokes at different speeds (I don’t know about friendship, but THAT is magic–not many animated series have managed it… The Flintstones springs to mind); that the acting done with the actions and expressions of the characters brings a wonderful spark to the suspension of disbelief; and that the lives, motivations, and personality quirks of the central characters are rich and varied. It strikes me as not so much “a show for little girls” as an opportunity to step sideways in reality and experience (to coin a phrase) “a kinder, gentler” version of our own world. And I don’t apologize for finding that compelling.

    In all that, it’s a lot like Bear Nuts. :)

  17. igan

    MLP fans always get so defensive. embarrassing.

  18. amichan

    Omigosh! Love today’s vote incentive. Especially that the doom cat on the dresser and the poster in the wall. <3

  19. Blacky Blackerson

    Toothbrush+Gimp+Taking It=Trip to Dungeon. And God knows I don’t want to be trapped in there. In all seriousness, I think Gimp is getting completely fed up with the recent events. Maybe it’s in his arc in the Book of Evil, but he’s not as kind looking as I remember.

    I come back to hear more brony stuff huh? Well in their defense it’s not really all that bad. I mean, it’s not the greatest cartoon this decade (that would be Legend of Korra) but it’s the best one targeted for little girls. The writing is pretty good, the character development is great, and as I mentioned before, Spike is my all time favorite character of the show. I especially like how even though their’s no definitive continuity they still work in previous events and development (Spikey-Wikey). Their are things I can’t stand though. Outside the final episode this season, the music makes me want to cringe especially when it’s sung by Pinkie. Guess I don’t really like it because it reminds me who the target audience was. I also don’t like that if you aren’t in the “mane 6” (excluding Applejack), you’ll be damned with lower character development and sometimes not show up at all. Spike was axed for almost half the season and Zecora (another one of my favorites) only had significance in two episodes. Bottom line, it’s pretty good for kids show standards but it probably won’t appeal to you unless you have a really open mind and can sit through bubbly characters without regret. And hey, if it can amass a fan of millions including the support of the voice of Q, then it has to be doing something right.

    Would have commented as soon as this arc started if it wasn’t for two particular games absorbing a mass amount of my time. Those two are Persona 3 and 4. These two are highly addicting and extremely long. I completed P3 in about 93 hours only to realize that their is another story mode that is over 30 hours long. P4, 90 hours in and I’m still not done. So yeah, it’s long but hella fun. I also think it’s something Nerd would like. I could imagine him dropping God’s Hand on Evil every time he gets picked on. Sucks it’ll never happen.

  20. poco

    @sterling rodd
    Haters gonna hate. Don’t feed them and don’t waste your breath arguing. They have no reason for criticizing other than “it’s not normal” and therefore reasoned arguments about the merits of the show are lost on them. Just love and tolerate in dignified silence. ;)

  21. Sterling Rodd

    I love that third panel up there. If the avatars were big enough that that would be legible, I’d use that for a while. :)

  22. Death Pony

    Yes i want to larp!

  23. Aps

    He really must be stressed if he’s resorting to theft! You’d think he’d just ask Nerd…I’m sure he’d love to be of help and has a plentiful supply!

  24. raeByppilF

    Imagine the feel of finding Gimpy creeping right behind you XD

  25. Jakebe

    Oh man, I think that is one of my favorite, most adorable Nerd panels ever. :D

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