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December 5th, 2011

Page 298

Poor Steven.  I think he means… well?

Woot included my “Unstealthiest Ninja” design in it’s holiday sale!  You can get Ninja on a long sleeved tee for winter (yuck. winter.)  The sale is on until Dec 9th.  I love the Monty Python hoody :)  (it’s also available as a regular tee shirt here.)

Twins still sniffling.  Occasionally they wake up way too early thanks to runny/stuffy noses.  I actually hear it and wake up before they do and am thus extra cranky before they even start screaming.  As usual, Jim snores through it all.  This children rearing thing is soooo one sided :(

An ermine.  It is cute.


  1. likeacupcake

    ….I don’t think I’ve seen Gimp more worried than right now.

    He’s got his work cut out for him me thinking.

  2. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Hey, uh… where is Vainity? Haven’t seen him in a while…

  3. TLV

    Ok, I’ve been silent up till now, but seriously! When the hell did the bear lose its arm!?

  4. SinisterThougts

    @TLV a little ways back, during the Polar Opposites Arc.

    My first time actually commenting, but I’ve been following along for some time. Need to get on the FB page… I always hate missing the Vote Incentive pictures.

  5. Zergling

    Woah Prozac, calm down, you are becoming almost as bad as evil with those thoughts.

  6. RahneeHoneyLizard

    TLV: Here… You’ll have to highlight and right-click. I don’t know how to make it link automatically. -_-

  7. Suzu

    a while back the polar bears kidnapped Nerd and as revenge he asked Evil to do his voodoo trick on one of them, and they fought over the voodoo doll and accidentally ripped its arm off.

  8. Suzu

    Dang beat me to it :P
    forgot to comment on the actual page xD Looks great! Poor Gimp has his work cut out for him this time!
    I wonder what the other bears are doing while every animal is gathered in the polar bear exhibit?

  9. Alexander B

    lol, why hasn’t he transformed yet, and why hasn’t he twigged nerd is in on it?

  10. Alexander B

    Also Nerd, time to come clean, even if it was you they smelt.

  11. gamehunter

    OMG this is so cool :P

  12. Beta

    Holy cute that thing is!

    I really wanna buy the long sleeved version but the cash drain right now… so difficult!

  13. Tara

    Is that some sort of mix between a rhino and a hippo? :p

  14. heather

    evil is the first they look for XD

  15. Kylie Ann

    Ruh roh.

    Poor Evil – all of this was Nerd’s fault in the first place. I hope Nerd gets a beating after Prozac’s done with Evil.

  16. Beta

    The best part of all this is that frog in the end. He’s totally photobombing.

  17. MetaPope

    Just put my Christmas list in for our family draw. Turns out the gift price limit matches the cost of Artists edition 1 and 2. Thanks Alison.

    Also, is that the first time we have seen the Hippo? And I am still hoping to see Gluttony some time in the future.

  18. Sketch


    @MetaPope: If you remember when Evil was going around with a purple marker, the Hippo might have been the one he drew on. It definitely looks similar.

  19. Sketch

    ..Except for the colour, ofcourse.

  20. Neko_Goji

    Now i hate the polars for being the embodiment of every jock that picked on me during my school years, but steve did not deserve his arm cut off, and the whole taped up monkey and threatening mutilation while effective to try and weed out the culprits is a lil over kill, but i am sure everything will be just fine in the end.. Steve having a lil ” Talk” with Evil and nerd would be nice come uppance. Two wrongs don’t make a right as they say.

  21. Nicole

    lol@Beta! Photobombing frog! :D

  22. Doma

    …Officially shipping these two…

  23. Rin

    What kind of a nerd says, “By who?” He should know that it’s “By whom?” methinks!

  24. Sterling Rodd

    LOL “Photobombing”… I had to look that one up. I have a new meme to research on YouTube. :)

  25. Beta

    Ah yes, Photobombing. What fun it is to do. :D

    And apparently that Giraffe still doesn’t have his photobombing technique down yet. Look at his horrendous timing. He barely got his feet in the shot. :P

  26. Sketch

    @Beta: I only just saw the Photobombing frog. Mhm, it isn’t the Giraffe’s fault. Feed him some shrink juice. :I Or cut his legs and neck off.

  27. Draco

    Evil and Nerd better get out of there pronto!

  28. Alexander B

    Also, its odd for prozac to show this kind of aggression, normally its just “imma kick that c*nts arse” and he goes all hulk, but that isn’t happening this time.

  29. I❤Monkeys

    I’m still feeling sad for the innocent monkeys…

  30. Blacky Blackerson

    Will the monkey survive this misunderstanding? Will Nerd and Evil get out of this situation with their lives? What will Prozac skin Evil with? Will Gay receive that butt sniffing he’s so curious about. Find out….well, you know.

    Seriously though, I kind of feel bad for Nerd. All he wanted was revenge for his Star Trek collectible item and now he’s bordering the line of death row. That’s what happens when you make a deal with the devil.

  31. Beta

    I’m really enjoying seeing Prozac angry and not hulking. When that happens his brain seems to go into mush and he just reacts. He would seemingly beat the snot out of them and thats it. In non-hulk form, however, his anger stems towards plotting of how this next lesson should be taught; so to speak. Here we have an example of the variety we get from pissed off non-hulk prozac, with the notion that he will be skinning evil. Much more sinister than simply using brute strength. There are many ways super-pissed-off-I’m normally adorable and small-where did all he happiness go?-Prozac could get at those who disobey, than his predictable hulk counterpart ever could. Hulk-prozac has one key move, while this one’s options are only limited by going hulk.

  32. Kurobara

    Heh…I can see Nerd coming clean once Evil is about to be dismembered.

  33. Kitsunekage

    @Blacky Blakerson What will he skin Evil with? Simple, my friend! A chair!

    @Beta Great…. now we have to come up with a new name for this new aspect of Prozac. let the debate start…. now.

  34. Sterling Rodd

    @Kitsunekage PreHulk Syndrome? :)

  35. Lemrez

    Dunno about you people,but I shall calling him Lamotrigine!

  36. Kitsunekage

    @Sterling Rodd Too long. We could shorten it down to PHS, though…..

  37. Beta

    Frankie Prozac – ie “uh oh, prozac’s turning into frankie…” The state in which Prozac is suffering from the first stages of withdrawal. stemmed from the famous withdrawal scene of “Frankie Machine” in The Man with the Golden Arm, this stage is where Prozac has been to long away from his meds, and in his pure frustration decides to take his half-sane anger out on everyone else. Has not lost complete control of his actions yet, and can still cognitively make decisions and plot further actions.

    Hulk Prozac – ie “uh oh, Prozac’s hulking again!” The state in Which Prozac has gone into a complete state of withdrawal or has not had enough meds to counteract his dependance to meds, which control his outrages. Stemmed from his much similar appearance and actions as “The Hulk”, this stage is long past the days of Frankie, where he has some form of control of what he says or does. Hulk prozac does not think, he just does. Smashing and destroying are the only two things on such one’s mind during this period. He cannot think rationally, and talks with his fists.

    Other nicknames for pre-hulking could also be “Crank” and “withdrawal”. Crank of course stemming from the drug, and withdrawal from his actions and his first signs of the same name. “Oh boy… here comes Crank…He’s all pissed off again” and “I Guess it’s Withdrawal time again… Will someone please get his meds?”

  38. Lemrez

    This really doesn’t need to be named due to it not being the first time it happened. To spare linking it try to get to page 99 or just do the second page of the origin of evil part 1.

  39. Beta

    Oh we know. We’re just trying to have a bit of fun :)

  40. Lemrez

    Well ,I have been reading another comic to escape my pentagram scarred friend but I have always wondered why Evil’s scar was red. Does he color it in? Wouldn’t surprise me if Tanked’s crayons went missing. (BTW! The first thing I saw when I read the book of the other comic was a damn pentagram)

  41. bbr

    Added a link to you on Gogglecat Comics :

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