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February 6th, 2009

Page 48

Evil is the master of found weaponry :)

For some reason, I want to call the hippo “Hurley” because he reminds me of that character from “Lost” – which is a show I absolutely hate and yet I can’t stop watching… damn you JJ Abrams. “Cloverfield” quite literally made me sick; we saw it on a Friday night and I felt almost hungover the next day. Every try teaching a bunch of zany kids jiu-jitsu on a Saturday morning with a splitting headache? FUN!

Now this is a little different but if you’re curious there’s an interview podcast of me here
Just scroll down a bit to find the one with my name, Alison, from 01/25/2009. I’d never done an interview before and I had no idea what kind of questions would come up so hopefully I don’t sound like a total dork (“um…dead air… ah..”) And does anybody else think the sound of their voice recorded is really strange? Anyway, Jamais (who also has a webcomic) was fun to talk to and got me thinking… which sometimes is a good thing :)

Hope everyone is warm and well! It’s – 28 C with windchill outside right now!


  1. felixmarcus

    Oh my! That poor hippo! He looks petrified! Scarred for life!

    …love it!

  2. midnightlost

    woot i’m first! lol atleast hope this gets on there first, either way GO EVIL.

    Love this comic, demand more updates!

  3. midnightlost

    grr got 2nd oh well, still love the comic look forward to when it updates

  4. admin

    @midnight – you were still pretty fast :)

  5. W.E.R.

    Does Evil have a particular beef with the african animals? or just all other animals in general? So far i’ve only see him kick around Lions, Hippos and Giraffes.

    OOOOOO I hope he never tries to mess with a crocodile!

  6. Ausjin

    Please do not wish me to be warm… That is a curse to us here. I am unfortunate enough to have heard ice cream trucks play Christmas carols.

  7. CyberCorn Entropic

    “Hurley Hippo” works. Maybe he/she’s an anorexic hippo? (I admit I don’t watch “Lost”.)

    Looks like Evil’s busily cheering himself up. Oddly enough, when I saw Evil was using a purple marker, I couldn’t help but think of that one children’s story about the boy with the purple crayon. “Evil and the Purple Marker” What nightmares that bedtime story would bring.

    Dang, I just realized calling an anorexic hippo “Fatso” would indeed be evil.

  8. Jooly

    I think my recorded voice sounds like a little kid and I’m almost 30…

    I have mixed feelings about Lost.

    Adore this comic. <3

  9. Kylie Ann

    I haven’t watched Desperate Housewives in a while, but I get the voice of Mary Alice (or whatever her name is) narrating the strip for some reason … scarily enough, it fits.

    Poor Evil. This isn’t going to help. I think the others have to stage an intervention.

  10. Eodred

    Poor Evil, he doesn’t know better… al he wants is a little attention.
    I love the hippo, it looks so confused. :)
    And evil on the last panel, just priceless. :)

  11. Jon B

    Great comic. I’ve loved this comic ever since I found it (from Twisted Kaiju Theater). Evil is hilarious.

    And yes, I find the sound of my recorded voice very strange. Thank you, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

  12. Glowworm

    Ha ha! That poor hippo!

  13. Rastamanvibration

    I love his expression in the 9th panel!Evils angry ninja style!

    “What the hell!?” all this in a few minutes!Where do ya think the water on the keyboard came from?

  14. blind2d

    this is sooooo great! I love all your comics, but this one shows Evil at his best (or worse, depending on yer point of view). Keep up the exceptional efforts!

  15. sneakybutler

    My one question is …they’re bears why are they so short? and are their bigger bears… just some food for thought.

  16. neveko

    You’re asking why they’re so short and not how they speak English, constantly stand on two feet, and have opposable thumbs? …Kay.

  17. Tonka

    I try not to laugh at the level of violence perpetrated by this little scamp. I try and always fail. I love the Anarchy A symbols Evil is leaving everywhere. Great comic, great story, great art. This has become one of my favorites.

  18. kristen

    You know who I feel sorry for in this comic, the zoo keeper. That office is a wreck and will take weeks and tons of money to fix up. Plus, you leave your office in a good condition and come back to that disaster. I’m thinking a “Oh what the hell” is in order there. PLUS, I can’t help but agree with W.E.R. I mean, is evil bear angry because he’s not from africa? Does he just want to create anarchy for everyone in the zoo or is it just them. I have to wonder, as I happily enjoy the anarchy.

  19. NealNotNeo

    has anybody noticed that the keyboard appears wet . . . . OH GOD! HE WOULDN’T!! “sniff, sniff” Yup. He would.

  20. £Ø§Ð

    Actually, I was going to mention that. The Key board is Wet. Look’s like he tried to knaw on it… And, Why an “A” with a circle around it? Why not an “E”, for “E”vil? Or is it “A” for Anogram?

  21. qtsushigirl

    I think a stereotypical “good girl” like me could benefit from behaving like Evil Bear once in a while…

  22. tremaine

    Hey just wanted to voice my love of this comic you got going here. I couldn’t help but notice from the calendar that you’ve been working on this for a while now. Good stuff. I love the personality of your characters.

    Also, protip for £Ø§Ð: a circled A is a symbol for Anarchy.

  23. neveko

    You guys have never seen the anarchy symbol? Sheesh.

  24. Orange Squirrels

    You know what I think we’re not addressing about the disaster Evil caused in the office? Why is the drawer just bent in panel 2? Wouldn’t the wood break?! Otherwise…maybe they’ve got flexible wood?

    Anyway, I love this comic. I’m sorry to tell you, that although I know when it updates, I love to check it EVERY day.

    ‘Cause one’re going to surprise us with “Wacky Wednesday” update and I’m not going to see it until Friday. And then I’ll be very upset.

    Also. I never saw Evil as a purple kind of bear. I thought that would’ve been Gay. Haha.

  25. Xel Unknown

    :) I’m loving this! GO EVIL GO!

  26. Kylie Ann

    I love the moustache and horns and “evil” beard drawn on the kid in the family photo.

    Also, I don’t think Evil will want to come across the lion again. He looks sort of annoyed, although I’m sure he can’t possibly know what Evil wrote on the sign.

  27. Bainicl

    Does 44 degrees celcius count as warm and well?
    We also have strong breezes down here in Victoria…

  28. admin

    I didn’t realize Evil was exhibiting such biased hate on the African animals… he does abuse some more common animals in newer pages, but I think he still likes abusing his own species the most :)
    @Ausjin: ice cream truck Christmas carols? That’s kind of hilarious.
    @ Orange Squirrels: I am planning some Wednesday surprises….
    @ Bainci: I’d love to go to BC some day! My God parents live in Victoria but I’ve never been there :(

  29. Xel Unknown

    Wow… That’s the lion’s come upings? Was wondering when that’ll happen. Hope there’s some more in store for them!

  30. Garrett Williams

    wtf they interrupted your sentence with country music in that interview. Both songs were very out-of-place. Nice interview, though. (Now on ending song, and it’s just horrible) They could certainly go without any music.

  31. CyberCorn Entropic

    A minor correction to my previous post – I should have said “bulimarexic hippo”, not “anorexic hippo”. Neither of which really isn’t that funny, come to think of it. Good thing Bear Nuts is your gem of an idea. You pull it off better than I would.

  32. finbarreilly

    With a character like evil, I’m not sure if you thinking is such a great thing;-)……

  33. finbarreilly

    Oh, and thanks for the mention!

  34. RagingDragon

    Cor blimey! He’s going on quite the rampage. O.O;

  35. alecho

    oh man… what a mess~! but i still think the hippo is cute ;)

  36. gez

    Bring in a girl already! pleaseeeee :D

  37. ElTaco

    Lesbo bear to kick the crap out of letcher bear would be funny.

  38. Nastee

    Hahah, love the look of Evil in the last panel!
    So, killing the chef will fix the food situation? What is he thinking?!

  39. Shane

    My only question is what is a frus and why is it trated? Shouldn’t there be a dash in there somewhere?

  40. Heather

    Why’d he draw the atheist sign? Atheists aren’t evil. :P

    Regardless this comic is bloody hilarious! Love all he random violence

  41. Evil2.0

    And remember kids, anything and everything can be used as a weepon, see you next week when we cover arson.

    You all know Evil would teach said class.

  42. John

    @Heather – It’s not a sign of Atheism, it’s a sign for Anarchism (A world with no laws or government).

  43. John

    Ehh… maybe that’s not a word… Probably anarchy.


    Poor hippo. Funny nontheless

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