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February 9th, 2009

Page 49

And Gay is perfectly fine! He just needs to moisturize for awhile…

I had a friend in high school who absolutely hated being written on, she would freak out if you came near her with a pen. That of course only increased everyone’s desire to get marker on her. She said that when she was little her mother told her that marker ink was poisonous and you could die if you wrote on yourself… it’s funny how the things we experience as children can shape us. I imagine Evil would be all for it.

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  1. Ausjin

    Aww. Evil is a force that may be employed for great good. I like that concept.

  2. Kaos

    Is it the Death Bear or Lech who tries to stop evil? then he failed horrible. xD
    so hard to tell who is who when Lech and Death bear have almost same color. ^^;

  3. Ausjin

    Wrong color for Lech. Could be Nerd Bear without his glasses, but I am pretty sure it is Death. Who more fitting to watch over you after a life threatening injury?

  4. Sara

    My Dad once told me horror stories of kids accidentally giving themselves tattoos with ballpoint pens, and I loathe being written on as well. True story.

  5. Shoove

    While I agree with you on the fitting part Ausjin, his color is still wrong for Death Bear. I’m rather sure that’s Nerd Bear.

  6. Ausjin

    Hope you are right. I rather like Nerd Bear. It would be nice to see a nerdy character with the guts to stand up to someone like Evil.

  7. kitmit13

    yeah it looks like nerd bear to me

  8. Kylie Ann

    Ha ha ha ha ha!! I love Evil bear!! He was sincerely trying to be nice to Gay bear (with the steak, not so much with the marker.) Although now that I think about it, was the steak there to torture Gay, since it doesn’t look like he can eat it?

    Definitely Nerd bear telling him off. And poor Gay bear’s IV’s popped off.

    I love this strip. It’s completely awesome!!

  9. Nastee

    Evil drawing the tiny penis + crabs picture was ten kinds of awesome.
    That was Lech, it was his color, not Death’s, and facial expression was not typically Nerd’s.
    I feel sorry for those lions, but a diet never killed anybody.

  10. Gleb

    Now for the new bear? :o

  11. Rastamanvibration

    4th panel…What kind of idiot would fall for that?!?

  12. Sebine

    Rastam: The Idiots who run that zoo… apparently.

  13. Kylie Ann

    Not Lech – a) why would he care – he’d think it was funny and b) his fur is slightly more blue – kinda like a blue-grey rather than grey. I definitely think it’s Nerd.

    And hey, Gay’s fur is coming back that pale yellow colour. Wonder if there’ll be any permanent damage seena t all.

  14. Glowworm

    That first panel made me laugh so hard!-“Tiny” XD!

  15. admin

    It’s Nerd, he’s trying to protect Gay :)
    Lech wouldn’t care and Death is the same color as Evil’s horns.
    I’m aiming to have the 10th bear appear in vol 2 so it’s going to be a little while yet…

  16. Nastee

    Uhhhhhhh… so how many pages ’til the end of vol.1?

  17. Eodred

    tiny and with crabs… poor guy.
    Nice to see evil try and make things better, but still being a bit evil at it.
    and I simply love the lions in the last panel

  18. Kamino Neko

    Why is it that every time Nerd tries to get Evil to stop being evil, he just makes things worse (for poor Gay)?

  19. Xel Unknown

    Yay!!! *Happy Dance Time*

  20. Xel Unknown

    So this is the Lions comeupings. :) *Dances some more*

  21. Kaos

    Ah it is nerd? thanks for clearing it up. Well Nerd beating up Evil? it is a fight i would pay for. xD

  22. Nastee

    Hell yeah! Monthly PPV’s with bears settling their differences in a cage, pun totally intended! :D

  23. £Ø§Ð

    Aww Snap! You cant do that to the Chef! But, I must Say, Extreamly cleaver there.

  24. qtsushigirl

    Awe even if he did it to be accepted back, I still think he was sweet. By the way, this reminds me of my beloved children’s book “Harold and the Purple Crayon” gone evil. :D

  25. Oakshand

    you think lech would try to stop evil?

  26. Q

    It’ll be nice to see where this leads. I want more Prozac and Death!

  27. W.E.R.

    hah hah, lions and tigers and bears oh my! from the food storage containers

  28. Bumble

    Awwww the lions are hilarious in the last panel!! I simply LOVE his expression xD Thank you this made my day brighter :D

  29. RagingDragon

    The 6th panel made me squeal like a little girl who’s had too much sugar. X3 And I agree with qtsushigirl. ^w^

  30. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    When Evil wrote “Bears” on the food crate, the “E” was correct; but when he wrote “Insert Brain” on Gay’s full-body cast, the “E” was reversed.

  31. Oakshand

    he coulda copied off the food crate

  32. Garrett Williams

    Those lions are so cute

  33. CyberCorn Entropic

    Hilarious. :P One has to wonder if Nerd is almost Evil’s partner in crime.

    By the way, that’s a short door in panel 4.

  34. Rockin' Kat

    Ok, I like this comic so much that I’ve been impulsivily loading it on days when I know there will be no update just because I’m bored and it’s caused me to notice something a little off. I’m just going to say that it’s in panel 7 so if you choose to fix it, you can make people wonder if they’ve been duped into starting at something for hours looking for something that’s not there.

  35. Rockin' Kat

    Ok, I like this comic so much that I’ve been compulsively loading it on days when I know there won’t even be an update, and as a result of this, I’ve noticed something a little off. I’m just going to say to look closely at panel 7, so that if you should choose to fix it, you can make people wonder if they’ve been duped into wasting hours(well, ok minutes) staring at it looking for something that isn’t there.

    …I appologize in advance if this posts more than once… I’m very confused right now.. I hit submit comment and didn’t see any sign that anything actually happened.

  36. W.E.R.

    naw, bears are tall, makes sense because of also the time when Death was able to reach up and paralyze the security guard

  37. Orange Squirrel

    @Rockin’ Kat- Yeah, I see what you’re talking about. It did take me a little while, though. Although, maybe he’s just standing a little sideways??

    If you look at panel 7 then at panel 3 it’s easier to figure it out.

  38. BeastBoyRox746

    XD I dont know if anyone’s said this yet, but Evil reminds me of Harold and the purple crayon~ XD

  39. Kayuá

    Thats so cool Alison! The way u get their looks and their faces, i can compare your work here to watterson´s calvin and hobbes! Really awesome! Keep it up!!

  40. BlueNight

    Ballpoint pen ink reduces inflammation; circle infected papercuts, hangnails, and “backne” to get rid of pain cheaply and effectively.

  41. Evil2.0

    Haha, insert brain

  42. Elkian

    tho bears actually lean more to the herbivorics side of omnivor…ism? Whatevr. If I had to eat sprout crap everyday, I’d kill/maim for beef too!


    lmao on the first panel. way to go

  44. S.P

    *Laughs at the crabs Evil drew*

  45. Bastion

    I’m saying that every time I use a marker on things I shouldn’t from now on! Which is … more than I should admit to <.<

  46. onexused

    Don’t want your kids to do something and are tired of saying, “because I said so”? Just make up some lie about it being life-threatening!
    So annoying. One of my great aunts used to do this when I was a kid and she babysat me, and a friend does it to her younger siblings, “Don’t carry that splitting maul yourself,” (he was being careful) “you’ll fall and break your leg off!”

  47. Kitsunekage

    @ Rockin’ Kat I see it! I totally see it! I can’t believe alison didn’t catch that!!

  48. Rockah12

    Alright, forget the earlier thing I said abou this MAYBE working on Cartoon Network. Just go with Current, if it’s on in Canada.

  49. pingo1387

    it really makes you wonder what the bears food is made of…

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