Page 50
February 13th, 2009

Page 50

And now for a little fun with Nerd :D This is the start of another longish arc (11 pages) in which Nerdy develops a backbone, whatever good that’ll do him…

Plus a milestone for BN! Page 50!


  1. Ausjin

    An arc about my favorite character, and an achievement! Not much more I could hope for.

  2. Mr. Shivers

    Typo? Nerd Bear is talking about the new D-class warship. The pictures are labeled X-class.

  3. nekki

    lol awesomeness. nerd is like the bear me..

  4. Will Simply Be

    Yay, as usual, I was happy to get my bear-nuts fix. An arc about one of my favorite characters too!
    Just noticing, but nerd’s room is totally cool! I for some reason had to bring that up.
    Go Get em, Nerd.

  5. midnightlost

    but where is nerd going to get the quantum engines to make it functional?

  6. Sarah

    I just love Nerd’s grin and his glasses flying off from his excitement

  7. Tremaine

    I love the expressions in these comics.

  8. Tehbob

    The nerdgasm of Nerd made me all fuzzy and warm inside. Oh to be able to joyjuice about something like that…

  9. kitmit

    nerd bear ftw >:3

  10. Joe

    Love the comic but just a quick question, Why does it say Xclass on the advert in the mag but nerd bear says its D class? Sorry i’m picky

  11. NiaTeppelin

    Aw, Nerd is so nerdy, it’s just cute!

  12. Xu-kitty

    Wooh! Fiddy pages! =3

  13. Ian

    Mixing Enterprise-D w/ Millennium Falcon? YOu missed Battlestar Galactica =D

    great job on the comics. I’m really looking forward to see how this arc will turn out to be.

  14. admin

    I’ll fix the D versus X thing for the book, sorry! You guys have eagle eyes, I will consider you all my editors now :D

  15. Tonka

    Still loving this. 50 strips seem to have gone by so quickly.

  16. RagingDragon

    This is gonna be epic. X3

  17. Gleb

    I just now what will happen next.

  18. Annie

    I just love Nerd bear =D Can’t imagine him having a backbone…. so obviously can’t wait for the next update!
    I was wondering… is it possible to have the couch with all the bears as wallpaper?? It has been one of my favourite images since the beginning of the comic =D

  19. Eodred

    Congratulations on your 50 comics :-)
    This Nerd storyline is gonna be so much fun, since I kinda went to a ‘getting backbone’ situation a few years ago. :p
    By the way, already a Happy valentines day :-)

  20. ASRodrig

    I’ve always wondered something about Nerd: Why a hot dog? Why not a calculator, or maybe the little badge from Star Trek…

  21. admin

    @Annie – I’ll add that to my list of stuff to do :)
    @Eodred – Thanks! And Happy Valentines to everyone!
    @ASrodig – cause Nerd is a wiener (a calculator would be a pain to draw over and over and the ST symbol is copyrighted so I’d have to change it anyway)

  22. alecho

    oh oh oh oh! D Class Model War Ship!!! yes!!! btw, your comic is awesome! :)

  23. £Ø§Ð

    …Funny thing is… I Have the Same Poster…

  24. luckinflux

    Alison, you rock my world!

  25. Bengo

    Hi, haven’t talked to you in a while. How are things going? Good, by the look of it.


  26. Paul

    Haha, great! I saw what you did there with “battle ship of doOom.”

  27. CyberCorn Entropic

    You have your very own starship, I see. :P Good work on hitting 50 comics.

    You might want to make a FAQ dedicated to the comic in which you answer questions like ASRodrig’s. Perhaps you can explain the reasoning behind the more obscure symbols there among other things.

  28. BeastBoyRox746

    Dude! I just went to a hobby shop and saw a whole bunch of those… and went on a happy spazz attack.

  29. admin

    hi Bengo! Things are good, hope you are well.
    @CyberCorn – thank you! That’s a good idea :)

  30. John

    Wow… I can’t believe I didn’t notice that he has 2 monitors and a lightsaber in the back of his room before.

  31. Maha Panta

    Go Nerd Bear, Go!


    Don’t let Evil find that. :)

  33. Johnny Mayhem

    Do I spy with my lil’ eye, a Vader action figure on the bottom right-hand shelf? If it is, props to Nerd. You hafta do another strip with Nerd playing with his figures.

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