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February 16th, 2009

Page 51

Nerd is very meticulous by nature… he may also enjoy the glue fumes.

New vote incentive preview image up so please go vote! or you can click on the vote button to the right. Thanks again for all the votes guys, we’ve made it in the top 50 on TWC this month! :D


  1. Kaos

    Someone is bonded to break it.. wonder who? x3
    natural look. hmm… xD

  2. Peter!

    mmm the best part of every monday!! I actually hope nobody breaks it.. Cause he’s so proud!!

  3. W.E.R.

    Captain, object destined for impact, t-minus 2-4 comics.
    I vote its lech who will break it and because he is playing with it, not because of breaking it intentionally.

  4. kitmit

    cute hair when he ruffles it up X3

  5. Me

    I love this comic. The 2nd and 3rd panel is gorgeous! ^^

  6. Beazly

    Oh, I hope nobody busts that!

  7. wolfen

    This comic just keeps getting better and better! Might we see more of Crack or Tanked doing something to that poor ship? Or maybe yeah… Lech getting in touch with his ‘inner nerd’?

  8. £Ø§Ð

    …Turn? To ammuse the crowd I guess. And…How Do The Keepers NOT SEE a Bear, Out Side There Window…

  9. Sebine

    I want a Death Bear Arc >.>
    Cuz hes awesome.

  10. lou

    does lech mean that poor nerd stinks?:D i always thought nerdy was rather the sophisticated kind of nerd, without the stench and the empty pizza boxes;)

  11. lou

    read it again, i think i misunderstood, never mind:)

  12. Eodred

    The pride when you finish a model and paint it :)
    It IS a beautiful model :)

  13. Darth Torrent

    The natural look is much more commanderly

  14. Kristen

    Oh My god, the last three pages were so good!! I loved that Evil had a shining moment of goodness before he resorted to his old ways. It shows that deep down inside, he’s really a good guy, hiding in side of a bad guy who is hiding inside of an evil bear with a pentagram on his belly and horns on his head (heehee). I’m glad the new arc is featuring Nerd. We only get to see the snooty snippets of him. I can’t wait to meet more of his personality.

  15. W.E.R.

    It’s generally a common fact, in response to comment about keepers not noticing Nerd bear, that many people, if they see something that doesn’t fit with the normal way they view the world, or its something so bizarre and they’ve never seen it before, will usually write it off as imagination or hallucinations, or they won’t even pay attention to it because, for them, it simply can’t happen or is so ludicrous that their there is no reasonable explanation for it. Because of this they will either notice it and almost immediately forget about it, or they won’t notice it at all.

    Sorry bout the monologue.

  16. RagingDragon

    That model’s doomed… O.O;

    And I agree with W.E.R. about the possible reason why they didn’t notice Nerd outside their window. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nerd had access to perception filter technology (If you don’t know what a perception filter is, you don’t watch enough Doctor Who.). X3

  17. MooPie

    i love geek i wanna pounce on him has enyone notice how close to care bears the beats look like like the carebears in the real world ooh and i want plushies of gimp and tank to give to my mommy for her b-day …hmm maybe ill make sum ^_^

  18. MooPie

    anyone (*damn dislxsia!*)

  19. midnightlost

    tank plushie!!! every drunk should have 1 lol

  20. midnightlost

    i sad, no update yet :((

  21. midnightlost

    yea yea yea i know it aint friday yet lol

  22. JookMonkey

    Im new aboard and so far hilairious

  23. TheDeepDark

    In line with W.E.R., and RagingDragon’s statements: Somebody Else’s Problem Field

  24. Evil2.0

    Why does Lech even know ‘au natural’, as if that statement towards anything isn’t gay. He doth protest about others too much

    … I’m sorry if I’m weird I’ve been sitting in a smoke infested room, due to our smoking guest’s I can’t think straight.


    Hope Evil doesn’t get to that model. Also I realy like it when there eyes get big, it looks really nice, especialy on Evil.



  27. kat

    Does nerd really need glasses if he can do all that with out them?

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