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February 20th, 2009

Page 52

Gay enjoys a little Tae Bo with Billy Blanks now and then :)

Heads up to anyone in the Florida area: Studio Dooomcat will be at Megacon in Orlando next weekend!! Yay Florida weather, I’m tired of winter. This is only our second trip to the US and my first time in Orlando… which I hear can be a bit of a sensory overload.
We will be somewhere in the artist alley (just look for the Dooom banner on the table) and we’ll have Bear Nuts mini comics, stickers, and button sets. We’ll also have prints from our Melee series which you can find previews of here in our print shop. And of course, we’ll have me and my sparkling personality… depending on how much sleep I get :)

Plus another vote incentive preview image for you guys. These are examples of post cards we’ll have with us at the con: vote


  1. Wutdisdolulz

    Looks like gay wasn’t expecting that so soon! He needs to watch a few more of those Tae Bo videos

  2. Ausjin

    The characters are generally pretty cute in this comic, but is it weird that I find the last three panels to be the cutest part thus far? It is a dangerous thing, mixing violent and adorable.

  3. Kyle

    Just started reading this Thursday and it’s a great comic. Is this the first time Gay had a pink turtle on his belly instead of a pink rhino?

  4. Kamino Neko

    Poor Crack. Also, I love Gimp’s face. Very expressive mask he’s got.

  5. Meg

    I think one day Gimp’s gonna open up that mouth zip/ take the whole mask off and yell something like “Screw you” at one of the bears. Yeah, I’m weird, I noticed.

  6. weeg

    yeah i expect gimp to pull a ‘silent bob’ and only speak once per 500 pages and it will be remembered by all

  7. Q

    Nerd’s look in the final panel is priceless. “Did I do it wrong?”

  8. RayvenWolf

    Man gay is either knocked out on his feet or is about to be like, “You HIT me! You actually HIT ME! Why you!!” And just tears Nerd a new one, in a very dramatic and queeny fashion.

  9. ontels

    So thats why nerd took of his glasses.

  10. Sulta

    I’d just like to thank you. I started reading this last Monday and I have already read the archive four times. I love this comic. I’m going through a pretty rough patch and for some reason the comic really helps with my depression.

    Gimp is the cutest in this comic. I love how he looks at Lech. ^^

  11. Eccelso

    Top 25 :)

  12. DominicanKing614

    Pop …. lol

  13. Glowworm

    Never noticed the change in symbol on Gay’s belly before-weird.

    Anyhow I love Gimp’s expression in the third panel-so awesome. I think I love Gimp Bear because he’s so sweet. Also loved the battle on the last three panels.

  14. partyboy

    woo!!! go nerdbear!!

  15. admin

    Sorry for the squishy looking rhino; it’s not a turtle, it’s just badly drawn :P
    @Eccelso – woot! That was a pleasant surprise indeed.
    @Sulta – I’m so flattered and I’m really glad I can brighten anyone’s day. I have a lot of fun creating these pages and it’s wonderful that that seems to come across for readers too :D

  16. Adam

    hahaha awesome wish i could come down guys sadly plane tickets cost a bit more then i can afford or id love to come and meet you both in person ^-^ sigh

  17. Nemi

    I’m a new fan and I have never laughed so much at a comic strip as I have here at just one panel.
    I wish I grew up watching Bear Nuts instead of Care Bears…

  18. Silvio

    :D What more could I want!

    When do you update the comic?

  19. deezy

    im from florida- boy are you in for a ‘chilling’ surprize

  20. LMW

    Nerds will always Rock in my book

  21. £Ø§Ð

    :ontels: That’s Right! I forgot he took them off. And That is preatty much how it works In real Life also. The Fired Up one usualy ends up on the ground… And, uh, that Look on gays Face, That was The Look of Prozak after he forgot to take his Pills… this wont end well…

  22. CyberCorn Entropic

    Considering Gay just got done mostly healing from being nigh-incinerated, it would stand to reason his belly rhino might look a bit…off.

    By the by, that first block of text should end with “caused a spike in attention that benefited them all”. (One of the advantages to webcomics is that you can easily and cheaply fix any errors like typos or Evil’s missing horns.)

  23. Kristen

    I just love gay bear in his sweatband. I can just imagine when he’s outside stretching that the theme song running through his head is the workout song from Flashdance. Perfection on the look that gimp bear gives lech bear.

  24. Kristen

    P.S. @ cybercorn, the statement sounds like it is third person present tense. like a narrator is explaining the story as it unfolds, not telling you the statement after the story happened, so benefit them all works as well.

  25. Kristen

    Or, I could go back and reread the tense of the whole comic and shut my big mouth. :D

  26. Xel Unknown

    Cool a Nerd doing a one hit K-O! I like it, I like it!

  27. King Todo

    This is going to be absolutely amazing.

  28. Eodred

    Gay’s gonna freak out because Nerdy hurt him
    and Nerdy’s gonna freak because he hurt Gay.
    (at least, I hope)

  29. RagingDragon

    Looks like Gay either overestimated his own strength or underestimated that of Nerd. X3

  30. Waffle

    Nerd rage!

  31. qtsushigirl

    Hehehe I’d be a hypocrite to root Nerd on… I react pretty much the same way Gay did whenever I get hit or insulted. —–> O_O ——-> O_ O_O

  32. W.E.R.

    and then tip, tip, tip crash face first onto the ground

  33. taeboshellie

    Thanks for using Tae Bo, we would love to send you a free t-shirt! Please email us at

  34. chesire

    gimp seems really nice….eh don’t judge a bear by it’s leather I guess…

  35. Evil2.0

    He looks so cute in his little stance with his little sweat band.

  36. Elkian


    you know, you wouldn’t expect these two to find, in any sense…I’d think they’d get along well…hmm…



  38. Mara


  39. Ilikepie

    Lawl Gay got PWN’ed Nerd has offically won my respect

  40. Skykitsune

    Last 2 panels = Win.

  41. Kitsunekage


    Also, working on one’s striking does not inprove one’s blocking, Gay….

  42. Reptile

    Crack’s butt looks so cute!

  43. Neon

    I love how Gimp is so expressive, despite never talking.

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