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February 23rd, 2009

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We leave on Wed for Florida and Megacon! We’ll be in the artist alley, just look for the Dooomcat banner on the table. We’ll have prints from our Melee series, as well as some Bear Nuts mini comics, stickers, and button sets. I will also do BN and custom bear sketches at the con for anyone who loves original art :D

New vote incentive up as well; more previews of fun stuff from Studio Dooomcat.

And there better not be any snow on the ground in Orlando! :)


  1. W.E.R.

    I love Lech’s look in the fifth panel. It completely says, “Dude, are you taking this guy Seriously?” And I completely feel Nerd on his excitment. i’ve built plenty of models too, particularly for war games, and nothing is more satisfying than finishing one and getting to show it off.

  2. alecho

    yeah, me too. I feel for Nerd on his excitement. Showing off a finished model is quite a sense of accomplishment ;)

  3. King Todo


    Poor cornea.

  4. BlueNight

    When I was much younger, my dad tried to get me into models. First we built a Mayflower moving truck trailer (just the trailer, not the cab), and then the General Lee (though at that age, to me it was just an orange car).

    Then we started on an old-fashioned ice cream truck. I got frustrated because everything had to be painted, and I just gave up. Why should I have to paint something the same color the plastic already is, darnit?!? I wanted to BUILD the model!

    My dad gave up, and we never built another. He never realized I was interested in the building, not the final finished look of it. If he had just let me construct it unpainted, maybe today I would be making prize-winning models.

  5. Q

    I have a bad feeling about that model.

  6. Sulta

    That model can only end in pieces. Who does it is the quesiton…

    Poor Gay.

  7. Eodred

    Gay is such a drama queen… :p
    I simply love the expression of Prozac in panel 8.
    Why do I have the feeling Gay is gonna try to get back at Nerd by doing something to that model…

  8. Sulta

    Acourse there’s the possibility that Alison is focusing on that model to deliberately make us think something is going to happen around it. Maybe that model has very little to do with the story?

  9. George

    Hahaha! Hilarious strip. Good luck at the con.

  10. Kidd

    Id bring a coat to Florida- its been cool down here lately, specially at nite. Had frost but no snow…..yet.

  11. admin

    Everyone’s saying it’s cold in Florida right now, but how cold? I looked up the weather online and it’s ranging +20 during the day, which is hot to me. We were in Greece in January once and it was so nice while the sun was out that we could walk around in t-shirts, while the locals were bundled up in winter jackets/hats/scarves/mitts. Did we ever get some funny stares :)

  12. mourir

    i dont see this ending well, not well at all

  13. neveko

    Prozac’s blank, high look in the third to last panel mildly disturbs me.

  14. ASRodrig

    My, Prozac seems to be in a good mood.

  15. othellow

    the model is going to be gone. Evil =;)

  16. NealNotNeo

    we all know that that model is trashed beyond all repair. Prolly by Evil, or Tanked ate it . . . somehow.

  17. RagingDragon

    Somebody get Gay a daiquiri. XP

  18. £Ø§Ð

    Ha. 20F+. That’s Practicaly Hot Up here in Upstate NY. AND, I like How Nerd and Pzak Get along Well. makes it seem like there is nothing Wrong.

  19. Kristen

    The cornea being scratched bit reminds me of the scene in the movie heartbreakers when peanut jennifer love hewitt was choking on hit the doctor in the eye and he started screaming like a baby about the cornea being scratched. I love that movie.

  20. Simon Crazy Crazy

    I fear the worse…Someone will broke something or something like that. XD

  21. Xel Unknown

    I personally don’t think anything’s going to happen to Nerd’s model till after he’s done with it that way the shock takes him by more of a surpize and hits him harder.

  22. DominicanKing614

    …… he said paint job …. and considering how hard Evil has been trying to be nice to everyone to get back on their good sides …. he might try to paint it himself as a favor …. i can imagine only horror though as he gets the wrong color scheme …. or just plain breaks it out of coloring frustration …. poor Nerd …. oh well

  23. TigerGulp

    Not to be a downer, but as a nerd, all of you are wrong. What is the ONE thing a nerd needs more than anything else? It is the only thing that defines a nerd and seperates him/her from everyone else. Its not the models, comics, inhalers or the avid references to D&D, Star Trek, etc with every other word. And no, it’s not Pokemon. That’s new nerd, not old nerd :P

    A nerd needs their GLASSES. Those cheap, thick, God-ugly magnifying lenses that you wish you could bury but need.

  24. qtsushigirl

    D’awe, I love you Prozac and Nerd!!! If Gay did that to get out of the job, I have to admit that we think a little alike. X3

  25. Serafim

    I recently discovered this site, I enjoyed reading the comic and will continue to read it. Good luck with all your future endeavors, I will try to follow your career as I enjoy what you have drawn thus far. (Do you have a site with other work or anything else I can take a gander at?)

    I was curious admin, is that avatar part of a larger image, if it is would it be possible to view it? If you do not wish to answer feel free to ignore my query.

  26. NiaTeppelin

    I never realized how cute Nerd is whenever he is happy. Poor thing, we all know that happiness won’t last much longer…

  27. W.E.R.

    A nerd does not need glasses. i can stand true to that fact.

  28. Eptha

    Great strip! Been catching up for a couple of days and this is my first comment. I like the whole dysfunctional carebears thing you’ve got going on. It really warms up that twisted, morbid side of me :)…

  29. Mara

    LOVE how dramatic Gay is. And how cute Nerd is about his model. So happy!

  30. Ayla

    This page made me laugh like a maniac. If it’d been a cartoon, it may have killed me. As a webcomic, I might be able to breathe again at some point… maybe… but nonetheless, I’ll be hearing ‘OMGOD! My cornea is scratched!’ in my head at inappropriate moments for the next few days. Pray for me.

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