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February 27th, 2009

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Lech watches too much UFC… can you watch too much MMA?
GSP! GSP! GSP! How many acronyms can I throw in one comment??

New vote incentive up… vote if you like Tanked :D


  1. midnightlost

    has evil pushed nerd too far????

  2. midnightlost

    although i hope lech doesn’t kill tanked, i mean damn he already drunk as it is poor drunk bear

  3. Jes

    yes you can watch to much mma especially local stuff…..

  4. Anubis

    Oh. my. dear. lord.
    Evil just committed a sin. XD
    he’s a dead man.

  5. Kylie Ann

    To be fair, it might not be Evil … it doesn’t look too good for him, but until we see his little paws covered in blue stuff …

    Someone might want to frame him (like Gay bear for what Evil did to him?)

    And poor Tanked … he might tap if he didn’t need his hands for trying to not get choked to death by Lech.

  6. Wolfen

    I think Evil might be framed here… Just a hunch. But so far the evidence is pretty damning. But I would not be suprised if it was gay bear’s stunt.

  7. W.E.R.

    I agree with the framing here but… damn. in a slight parody,

    Hell hath no fury like a nerd with a broken model.

  8. DominicanKing614

    wow didnt i call it last comic for Evil ? …. now what remains to be seen if he did it by accident trying to help or if he just did it to be evil …. we’ll see soon wont we lol

  9. DominicanKing614

    by the way anyone notice the DooomCat subliminal advertising in Nerds room ? … lol

  10. RayvenWolf

    Oohhh evil is gonna get one heck of a bashing from Nerd. It is possible he’s being set up but at this point I am expecting a lvl 50 nerd rage attack followed by magic missile. >.< god my bf is a bad influence.

  11. Ausjin

    It kind of bothers me that both doors have just a single set of tracks and the tracks lead to each of them. Other than that, I love it!

  12. Eodred

    I bet Gay is trying to frame Evil, since he’s the one who they’d suspect anyway… and as an added revenge towards the previous storyline. Poor Nerd, all that work lost…

  13. Ausjin

    Though it just dawned on me that the tracks would make sense if it was two bears at the scene then went separate ways.

  14. Nastee

    Does Evil know what’s waiting for him? I can imagine Nerd feeling the rage inside him right now.
    Cue IWC:
    Nerd’s gonna kill you!
    Nerd’s gonna kill you!
    Nerd’s gonna kill you!

  15. Krimson

    ..What an ass! Evilll…

  16. Felrass

    Doomcat poster is win!

  17. NiaTeppelin

    Wow, I am impressed who calm he still is (on the outside, but nevertheless – wow!).

  18. Sulta

    Holy crap, I’d be so pissed right now.

  19. Xel Unknown

    Nerd Bear’s not going to do anything yet I say… He’s going to fight back in the most devilishly way. Not alow Evil gain what he always wants from these events. Which I beleave is hearing people’s pain from his actions.

    But I could be wrong and a cool Attack from Nerd’s going to happen to Evil. One that’ll be epic…

  20. Katie

    Love the poster on Nerd’s wall. (^o^)

  21. Kaos

    Well i think we will see a furious Nerd who will beat up Evil.. then Evil will not think of Nerd as a weak victim anymore.
    Well i do think someone wanted Evil to be punished. But gay? i find it hard to see him doing that. Hmm.. Perhaps Lech who does like Gay in his own way.

  22. RagingDragon

    I question Evil’s intellect…

  23. Stormwolf

    HA! I had a bad feeling something evil was going to happen to his model :)

  24. aaron

    awesome strip and no i dont think you can watch too much mma!
    not me anyway.
    really enjoy this strip though.

  25. PyramidScheme

    I mistakenly took a drink of my soda before reading this one. I am now scrubbing soda from my computer monitor.

  26. FE

    Hmm… I don’t think Evil did it… I doubt Evil would be stupid enough to not notice paint on his hands, Evil would notice and frame someone else. But what do I know maybe I’m overestimating Evil’s smartness…

  27. 220V

    rear naked choke! I love UFC, this comic rocks :D

  28. £Ø§Ð

    I forsee something along the lines of a Set Up. Or, Evil actually sorry for something he did… or didn’t do.

  29. GBeans

    Poor Nerd bear. I would cry in his position. :(

  30. Rex

    I think it might actually be Lech bear who did it. He was the last one we saw in the room.

  31. Flora

    Poor Nerd, still in shock after such a terrible loss.


    Someone’s gonna get it! Someone’s gonna get it!
    *to the tune of nanny-nanny-boo-boo*

  32. Ari

    Although a lot of people are saying Gay is probably the one who framed Evil, I doubt it. Gay was outside particpating in the “fight” the bears were staging when Nerd last left the room, and he only ever came in (or rather, was carried in) when he sustained the “injury.” So he wouldn’t have the time.

    As for Lech, he’s the next most plausible suspect, but what motive would he have in doing that? And of course, Evil could still be a suspect, but I doubt he’d be that dumb to just go leaving his pawprints around. I guess we’ll see in the next update.

    Anyway, this is my first time posting here, though I’ve been reading the webcomic since near the beginning. Hi there everyone!

  33. Eptha

    oooh Knew it! The temptation for Evil was just too big.

  34. Kristen

    I love the look in panel six. You can just see poor nerd bears mental break down coming. And for some reason, I have the distinct feeling that Nerd is going to wreak as much if not more havoc because of his model than Evil did in the last episode. It’s always the quiet ones. (quietly remembers prozac bear running out of his pills and the psychotic melt down he had a few episodes back.)

  35. Joe BeerBaron

    “There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.”
    – Patrick Rothfuss, Kingkiller Chronicles.

  36. SEA

    I can see in my mind his eyes narrowing into a slit and saying ‘Evil’. XD

  37. Tsubani

    Hmmm. I am like Nerd Bear with my anime. I keep it in its packaging unless I haven’t seen it. If I haven’t I’ll buy a cheap version and watch that and then buy an actual limited edtion or somwhat in that order. If someone opened or destroyed my limited edtion things (i.e. my Limited Edtion Hellsing collecters pack) I would flip. I want to see how angry Nerd Bear gets at Evil Bear. Will he actually get scared and learn a lesson? hehehe

  38. W.E.R.

    while i agree with the three things wise men fear, i also have to say the fury of a woman scorned

  39. Jay

    I looked up UFC – and found it meant: Ultimate Fighting Championship
    I looked up MMA – and found it meant: Mixed Martial Arts

    Umm… GSP? Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport? Geophysical Statistics Project?
    Generalized System of Preferences?

    I don’t get it. Is it a person/place/thing or a verb?

  40. Fuzzeh Bunneh

    Noes! Evil was framed! it aint his fault! it never iiiis! Altho, either way, it isnt going to end well…

  41. wingzerobm

    Evil is about to fell a wrath of a angry women.
    or in this a nerd.

  42. Tehbob

    Laughed so hard at tanked’s face.. still crying.

  43. maiku

    this comic is amazing

    oh and ps. UFC- ultamate fighting championship
    MMA-mixed martial arts
    GPS- Georges “Rush” St-Pierre

  44. Heather

    Again- the atheist sign doesn’t make much sense for evil to have… XD. I don’t really get that.

    But still love the expression of Nerdy- he’s my favourite. Poor guy.

  45. Reynold Hughes

    Hey! I recognize that cat on that poster on that wall!


    NOOOOOOO!!!! Bad Evil! *sprays with squirt bottle*

  47. Rio

    Blues clues!
    more like evil’s clues,nye he he…

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