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March 2nd, 2009

Page 55

Evil is all back to normal :D

Today’s vote incentive: Lech’s improper use of alcohol disappoints a thirsty Tanked :)


  1. Ari

    Oh gosh, I feel so bad for Nerd right about now. And yet I can’t stop laughing at the same time.

  2. Kristen

    Woah, What is up with Lech Bear? Is he a model makin’ hater? I don’t believe we’ve seen him this violent.

  3. Jord

    Nerd is gonna go crazy. I just know it.

  4. Ausjin

    I knew it! It was a joint effort! Never mind Lech was outside beating up poor tanked…

  5. Tremaine

    Ooooh, dick move.

  6. midnightlost

    nooo, got to wait till thursday to see what happens!!! evils faces are priceless: range from shock to did i? to eh no lol

    hopefully death does not come before then cause my ethereal existence will be forever tormented wondering what is gong to happen next

  7. kitmit13

    haha i love evils expression

  8. nekki

    that just proves it.. evil bear took over aol. thats why the profiles were replaced with a myspace clone…. IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE NOW!!!

  9. Sulta

    Oh, bad move Lech, bad move. Nerd is not going to be happy.

  10. Catalyst78

    Is lech as evil as evil now ?!?!?! :D

  11. Maskee

    Poor Nerd…He never catches a break XD

    Evil’s face in Panel 5 made me lol

  12. Glowworm

    Panel 5 is the best! Evil’s little grin is priceless.

  13. NiaTeppelin

    Evils expressions are awesome! They always are, that’s actually why he is my favourite :D
    His surprised face is so cute X3

    Still, Nerd is taking this very, very well up until now. If I was him, I wouldn’t have asked questions, I would’ve strangled Evil right away.

    LOL@Lech. Totally didn’t see that coming!

  14. Eodred

    I feel some Nerd Rage coming up… His model is broken, Evil laughs at it, and then Lech hits him… there goes the neighborhood… :o

  15. MooPie

    ello i made a picture for bear-nuts a lil fan art and if u wanna see it its here:

  16. Kaos

    Uhm.. that was pretty harsh done of Lech. Nerd didn’t do ANYTHING to him. unless.. he is angry at him for hurting Gay hmmm..

  17. £Ø§Ð

    Pannel 5, with the whole, Innocent Looking Evil, not only is an Amazing Oxymoron, But reminds me of my self for some reason…humph?

  18. Kookaburra8su

    Long time reader, 1st time poster

    Evil rises without refrain,
    the Nerd is bullied once again.

    So the innocent Nerd has a word,
    as a voodoo wretch do to Lech?

    Bullies and intermediaries,
    Nerds and incendiaries.

    The revenge of the nerd is coming!

    It’s just a guess.
    Love the comic.

  19. Simon Crazy Cat

    Someone, somewhere ‘kiss’ a door. XD

  20. Worcestershire

    I’m assuming Lech’s attack was simply opportunistic more than preconceived, adrenaline and all. But has anybody else noticed that there was a nail in Evil’s door right at Nerd’s forehead level?


    PS: First time post so, you know, I gotta do this: Love the comic Alison! Wooo!

  21. admin

    Big hi and thank you to all the new readers and commenters :D And thank you Moopie for the swirling Tanked fan art :)
    @Kookaburra – lol… that rocks!
    And just to clear up some questions about Evil’s intelligence re. painty paw prints … he just doesn’t care :)

  22. FE

    lol this comic made my day!! hehehe
    can’t wait to see poor Nerd Bear snap, he’s going to wreak alot of havoc i bet lol

  23. WintermuteNight

    I agree with FE. Evil trying to look cute and innocent is just hillarious.

  24. Drego

    Long time reader, first time poster here!:)

    I bet Lech is angry cause Tanked used his awesomeness and won the fight!

  25. Drego

    PS: Love this comic! it looks great, it got humor, bears, speechbubbles and good story! everything you need!
    Sorry for double post.

  26. Mr Mojo

    Heh, Punch to the back of the head. Can’t get more classic comical violence :)

  27. Sulta

    Yes, ’tis quite good. Although I think it could do better without the speechbubbles.

  28. Kgummy

    …why do I have a feeling we’ll get some angry german kid/gamer up in here?

  29. Rasputin42x69

    Whatever nerd rage Nerdy is about to bust out, both Evil and Lech deserve it. (Though I do have a soft spot for Evil, Hail Eris…) Lech needs some pain coming his way.

    Excellent comic, and if you decide to produce plushies from this, I’ll be first in line for Nerdy. :)

  30. taytaylalala

    need more. x] looove it.

  31. Xiekaru

    Lol lech has a “gay friend respect” thing going on hes pissed at nerd caz he beet him up ^3^


    Love Evil’s face in the 5th panel. But why does Lech punch Nerd in the head?


    wait i think i know now

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