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March 6th, 2009

Page 56

Poor little Nerdy… one of these days he just may snap ;)

We got back from Florida and Megacon on Monday night and we had a blast! Thank you so much to the people that came up and chatted with us about BN, that really made my weekend :) I also got to meet a lot of interesting people, including the guys from Least I Could Do (Lar the artist is a super nice guy!) And we got to sit down with our publisher and go over some details for an eventual BN trade… more on that to come… when I have something solid. And the diner in our hotel had the best french toast in the planet, I am craving it now…

And seriously, nobody knows who GSP is??

Big thank you again for all the votes guys! We actually made it into the top 10 on Top Web Comics!
Todays vote incentive is a gift sketch for an amazing BN supporter, thank you again! :D


  1. Nachtwolf

    Nerd is still pretty good at keeping his cool… If I were him I would have kicked Lech’s ass there in cell 2, Yoda style ! Also, Gimp is so nice, he’s like a little bonded piece of love and friendship !

    Ok, 3rd time… I guess I’m addicted.

  2. Kylie Ann

    I can totally relate to Nerd bear. As a female comic fan, it’s hard when other women treat you funny because you’re not all about the female stuff (marriage, babies etc.)

    I like Cracked bear in the background in the 8th panel.

    And Gimp bear is so sweet. All supportive of Nerd’s assertions, and then comforting him when he gets dejected.

  3. felixmarcus

    Gimp’s enthusiastic thumbs-up just made my day! Nice work!

  4. Jord

    I was so sure Nerd was going to completely flip out and beat on Lech.
    I’m loving Gimp, though!

  5. Sulta

    Poor nerd… Though he is taking it pretty well, not attacking anyone.
    Gimp is so cute too. I love his thumbs up.

  6. kitmit13

    gimp is cuteeee

  7. Nastee

    Anyone interested in MMA knows who Georges St-Pierre is. And nobody caught the Samoa Joe reference two strips back? Guess I know how it feels to be one of the few MMA/Wrestling fans.

    Anyway, love Evil adding insult to injury when he whispered “pussy”. :)
    When is Nerd gonna snap? Who is gonna piss him off next? Will he be able to beat ’em up or will he get his ass kicked again? Stay tuned to Bear Nuts to find out!

  8. NiaTeppelin

    Gimp one awfully cute bear!

  9. Glowworm

    Aw-I think that Gimp is so adorable. Heh-“pussy” XD!

  10. Tonka

    Gimp’s non verbal communication is done really well in this strip. And Nerd. How cute is he? I think a lot of people can relate to the poor little guy. And Evil’s malicious grins are just over the top funny.

  11. Maskee

    A thumbs up from Gimp would make my day…poor nerd though
    I’m hoping he snaps soon-but doesn’t snap like Prozac, that’s a lil crazy

    Don’t get mad Nerd!

    Get Even. ^_^

  12. Kaos

    Hmm.. is it just me who finds it ironic that Lech is saying “Mature Already.” to Nerd? xD
    Poor Nerd. i just hope it will work out for him.. and damn Evil surely is cruel. xD

  13. Tonka

    Here is a thought. A sick thought but a thought none the less. What kind of skin mags is Lech into? How does he get them? Does he subscribe or go to the Zoo gift shop? Something like Playbear? Hawt Furries?

  14. Birilli

    Nerd’s face in panel 3 is totally cute! poor Nerd =(

  15. Saint

    He’s going to flip the fuck out in his fights.

  16. £Ø§Ð

    Typical Bondage. So Concerned.

  17. Ari

    @ Tonka – “Playbear” and “Hawt Furries”? The first thing that came into mind following that comment was of course – SheMales and Women Over 80.

    Who knew a zipper could be so expressive??

  18. FE

    LOL i loved Nerd’s face in the 3rd and 7th panel lol
    And Gimp is adorable, Evil’s face while saying “pussy” was great too! lol
    I am getting very addicted to this comic, its GREAT!! so glad i found it!! (by total accident lol)

    lol devil worship lol

  19. RagingDragon

    I sense that somebody’s gonna end up bruised and bleeding. I’m not sure who, though.

  20. Anisoropos

    Logn time reader, first time poster;
    Nothing specific i have to say for this comic; just like the 55 before it, it is simply addictive.
    So, thumbs up and (please) rock on !

  21. aaron

    george saint pierre of course!!!! ftw!

  22. zomgkiwi

    I hope you back at mega con nexted year <3
    my friends and I enjoyed reading the bear nut comic I buyed <333

    I even got my mum to read it :3

  23. chesire

    why doesn’t gimp ever talk? i can see a nontalking characer but what about tanked? neither of them talk. not criticism just wondering

  24. Evil2.0

    Ok, wait wait wait wait wait…wait, is the bear that laughs at anything that could slightly be thought of as innuendo for something perverted telling someone else to MATURE??

    Am I the only one that sees something wrong with that

  25. MBC

    XD Awwww. Well Gimpy tried to cheer him up.

    … Y’know I feel horrible for thinking such things, but I can’t help but notice that for a gimp that cannot speak, useing a ‘safe word’ might be a real problem ;)

  26. Elkian

    Gimp and Tanked are a lot nicer than they would seem, huh?

  27. Johnny Mayhem

    Gimp probably only talks when he’s indulging HIS interests. Tanked is probably to tipsy to talk, ever. Either that or repeated garbage scarfing has taking it’s toll. Eh, it doesn’t really impact a great deal, but it’d make for some great stories! Looking forward to this comic’s future!

  28. ?k

    Dear God. Gimp is so painfully adorable.

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