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March 9th, 2009

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Gay, always so giving of his time, is available for design consultations… but so far none of the other bears have taken him up on the offer.

Another upcoming comic preview features Crack being Crack: vote


  1. Shialee

    oh my, first comment? The euphoria!

    hehe, this comic is beyond adorable. :3
    Maybe Nerd will show Evil how a true evil genius works. :]

  2. Ausjin

    I hate my self for saying this, but since it is fitting for Nerd… The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny!

  3. Rahr

    I sense a 4chan attack coming.

  4. Q

    E v. D was scheduled? That’s horrible, Death shouldn’t be allowed to fight Evil, unless they BOTH used their powers, but the zoo guests would think something was up.

    Prozack’s face is epic. “Evil versus Nerd!” … (Oh, crap.)

  5. random reader

    i´ve always wondered about something why is nerds bellypic a hotdog?
    i dont see what hotdogs have to do with nerds maybe nerds eat hotdogs but so does millions of other people.

  6. random reader

    oh and why is prozac the only one who isnt gonna fight?
    isnt that double standards or something?

  7. Sulta

    Oh man, this is gonna be epic.

    I or one would have wanted to see E v D….

  8. Me

    I love That expression on Prozac’s face when opening the door lol xD

  9. Mmartin

    i guess bears hate mondays or they just don’t fight on mondays?

  10. NiaTeppelin

    Oooh, something epic this way comes!! D:
    Even though I would love to see Evil vs. Death, I think Nerd’s battle will be just … more epic.

    Gay is such a Drama-Queen, he always makes me laugh XD
    Now that I think about it, all the bears are totally loveable! There’s not a single one I don’t like – that’s really rare.

  11. Jord

    “Let me touch your face!” Lmao
    I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.

  12. W.E.R.

    showdown of the century. and the hotdog stands for junk food, which quite a few, but not all, nerds consume in prodigious amounts

  13. Scott Gallatin

    Forgot to mention this before. It was great to say hello to you at megacon. Sorry I didn’t get back to you before the close of the show. I had a table the other end of the isle and managed to stay behind the table this year.

  14. Drealien

    This is going to be an interesting fight. I place my bet on Nerd.

    Oh, about the hot dog… Admin said in a February 13 response to Comic # 50 that it’s “cause Nerd is a wiener”.

  15. RagingDragon

    *holds up a sign that reads “GO NERD! KICK HIS ARSE!”* X3

  16. £Ø§Ð

    …I Think This is Going To be Where “Nerd Rage” Comes Into Play. And, W00T! For Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destinay!

  17. Xu-kitty

    Oh, Gay and Gimp both have “G” names…

    Heh, ever notice that Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday spell out: “WTF”?! XD

  18. FE

    Lol I love Gay’s room
    Oh yeah and a hi5 to Ausjin for The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny!! lol
    and when Nerd falls in love we got Geeks in Love for him… he could have a whole playlist of songs like that lol
    btw Prozac’s face in panel 6 is pretty funny

  19. Tremaine

    Evil fights dirty, but Nerd apparently goes for the eyes. This should be a fun fight.

    Gay is absolutely freaking fabulous. I love it.

    @Rahr: Attack? What for?

  20. TigerGulp

    *offers nerd quick karate lesson* Good luck!

  21. Kristen

    I can’t wait. I want to see Nerd ‘whup’ Evil. *dresses up as a cheerleader and roots for Nerd*

  22. deathBlackWings

    haha when I read the “Wait….” I was thinking “aw hell naw”

  23. Xel Unknown

    NERD!!!!!!!! GO NERD!!!!!

  24. Urthdigger

    Prozack’s face when entering Gay’s room cracks me up every time :)

  25. Rahr

    @Tremaine I sense that Nerd will tap the powers of 4chan. So Evil will be fighting Pedobear or whatever other meme he feels like tapping.

  26. G

    What happened to Nerd’s glasses?

  27. Eodred

    I thought Gay’s room would be a little more… pink and purple, with some fab paintjob or wallpaper to cover up that hideous wall, it’s so last season. XD
    I like the face of Prozac when he goes outside the door.

  28. maru

    any one else get “Revenge of the Nerd” in their heads?

    and yes why a hot dog..?

  29. Kuehnau

    The hot dog kind of silly. A D20 or a calculator would have been a better idea.

  30. £Ø§Ð

    ALSO! Gimp always reminds me of all The Corny Forigen Kung Fu movie. And He is The Seldem Wise Head master or something. And… Nerd has A a “Weiner” on His Stomach… as In, A Weiner is a goofy person…or, Bear.

  31. The Rondelier

    yep, £Ø§Ð is correct. the author once actually posted the explaination that Nerd is a bit of a ‘weiner’, ie lets himself get walked over all the time. nothing to do with nerds eating junk food all the time or such!

  32. Kookaburra8su

    For Bear Nuts, I too, bow my head.

    The wise submissive is the Gimp
    master of the means to be a wimp

    So Nerd re-enters and stakes are raised
    Thus Prosac enters to be amazed.

    Gay’s informed of the next bout,
    Evil and Nerd to have it out!


    A few words from the Lecher?
    “Who’s to win? I’ll bechya!”

  33. Eptha

    Haha! the sheer terror!!!!

  34. Tabitha

    So… No Monday? Is the zoo closed Mondays?

    W.T.F I loled so hard!!!

    …Impending Epicness indeed…

  35. taytaylalala

    Evil bear and Gimpy bear are sooo cool.
    Love them!!! <3

  36. Sir Awesomepants

    Nerd is holding that marker like a gun :o

  37. Evil2.0

    Ok, I sympathize but seriously, come on get a bandaid and go take your name off the list how hard is that, they will not notice…hopefully

  38. David (:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA i love prozac’s face on panel six xD!


    Go Nerd WOOOOOO!!!!

  40. EvilRabbit

    Gay is such a legend XD he has a dressing table..he’s definetly gay :P

  41. reccaman

    warning misunderstandings ahead

  42. Kitsunekage

    Why did Prozac not notice the match up sooner?…

  43. Johnny Mayhem

    Hahaha, I bet Gay enjoys being tended to by Gimp more than he lets on! I can just imagine Gimp and Nerd doing a Karate Kid-style training montage. Aww, man, that would look awesome!

  44. Sketch

    ..Having a look at the schedule.

    Evil v Death!? I just HAVE to draw that up!

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