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March 13th, 2009

Page 58

I’ve been debating… did Evil have it coming? Or can you really blame him if it’s in his nature? Is his nature really evil? Or is he really just ‘petty, vindictive with a side of nasty’ bear?

New vote incentive for today: poor, poor, Lech


  1. Nameless otaku

    never, ever, mess with the models of nerds.
    Oh, might learn evil to never take anyone as “easy target”
    he should be thankfull for that lesson. *nod ‘nod*

  2. Eodred

    I just lol’d… :)
    That’s probably all of Nerd’s rage combined and Evil is his stress relief…
    I do like Prozac’s look in the last panel looks like he’s thinking: very nice… smack him, that way he’ll be disabled for a few weeks and we’ll have peace.

  3. mechgogo

    “I could beat you in a fair fight!”

    “Well then, there’s not much of an incentive for me to fight fair now is there?”


  4. Crotalus

    Stupid s.o.b. brought claws to a club fight! XD

  5. Maskee

    Evil…meet Nerd’s Hurt Stick
    I hope Nerd like, trophies the stick on the wall or something
    “Evil Beating Stick”

    mwhaha The stick gets +5 attack bonus towards Chaotic Evil enemies!

    …I play too much D&D

  6. Maskee

    omg. just read wolfen’s post

  7. £Ø§Ð

    It’s His Wand Of Motivation.

  8. wolfen

    Maskee: and don’t forget the Richeous Wrath as a damage amplifier!

  9. Eptha

    Get ’em Nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Maskee

    True!! very true! my god he is dangerous right now

  11. Xu-kitty

    Beware nerds, for we speak softly, and carry big sticks… powered by SCIENCE!

    No really:
    “F=MA, bitch!

  12. Letheyann-Elethendyl

    OMG!!i love the 5th panel!!in the 7th,nerd’s face is priceless,like,”i’m takin’ the attitude b**ch”

  13. kaijuluv40

    Nerd went medieval on his butt!

  14. gay

    i don’t get it

  15. Kyoui

    lol Prozak “Oh my!”

  16. Gothpy

    “Oh My” is an understatement

  17. Evil2.0

    Ah, wait wait *whistle* yellow card, unfair usage of a piece of wood

  18. Evil2.0

    Lions and Tigers and bears

    Prozac: Oh my

    …..It had to be done

  19. Kenichi340

    “Better fear me better run away!”

    Evil did indeed have it coming!

  20. Todd-Fox

    maybe evil is clinicly insane….most of these guys are…it makes me so happy to see other mad people getting along ^_^

  21. Smoketrix

    GO NERD!!! I got love for Evil but NErd came at this correctly. If you can’t beat em and shut em pick up a stick and go get em. YO this comic is the truth…. sorry evil



  23. HottFuzz

    Evil got raped

  24. AkatsukiNekoJr

    C’yah! Go Nerd!

  25. Skykitsune

    Nyahaha! Holy crap that’s funny! Evil will get him back though, I’m sure of it!

  26. Kitsunekage

    Is it just me, or is Prozac smiling in the last panel?…. maybe he wants to see Evil beaten up as badly as the rest of the bears. Evil excepted, of course.

  27. Johnny Mayhem

    “NATURAL 20, JERK!”

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