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March 16th, 2009

Page 59

You guys really seem to like the violence :)
If it really was hand to hand Nerd didn’t have a chance… I had to shore up Evil’s rep of course.

Someday I may do an FAQ of some kind as I’m getting some repeat questions: primarily what’s with the hot dog? It’s because Nerd is a WIENER. He’s a pushover and he always backs down. Sure a Star Trek symbol would have been great, but that’s a copyright issue I wouldn’t want to broach. I had no desire to draw a little calculator or a D20 over and over (I’d go nuts) and I really loved the hot dog. It has nothing to do with junk food either. Whereas Tanked is a great target because he’s just oblivious (and generally won’t tell) Nerd is a target because he generally just takes it and comes back for more… of course everyone has a breaking point.

Shin-Goji and Kookaburra: thank you for the Gay/Evil and the poetry respectively; hi-larious as usual!

Today’s vote incentive is another gift sketch for another BN supporter – thanks again! :D


  1. t//B

    Aww.. and here I was thinking we’d see some brains.

  2. nerdfan

    lol i would totally do that except exchange the rock for a paintball gun

  3. FE

    Nerd looked psycho in the 1st 2 panels…. well actually in the whole thing…
    Evil looks so sad i feel sorry for him poor bear I wish i had him as a plushie or something so i could hug him continuesly
    When i saw the THUD and the blood and Prozac’s and Crack’s faces all i could think was OMFG!! and LOL!!
    poor evil i dont think he thought any of the bears would ever actually HAAATE him

  4. Evil2.0

    Eeeh, * shriller whistle*, Red card, you’re out of the game for hitting a bear while he’s down twice!!

    I feel so bad for Evil, he looks so sad in the last few panels

  5. Evil2.0

    Ok I have to recoment on this, I just notice that someone has sent you Gay/Evil and peotry, we can do that and if so, can we view what others have sent you or no?

  6. AstroDude

    wow that hurt me o.O

  7. PVT. Shadow

    Never underestimate the Rage of a Nerd in Mourning

  8. the ponage

    one word BAMFPH. evil just got BAMFPHED. nerd went oni mode adn took evil to the bottom most level of hell>

  9. Kenichi340


    Maybe from now on Evil will take his pranks down a notch to avoid having another concussion and lacerations XD

  10. J.A.C.!

    Go Nerd… o-o…

    I couldn’t help thinking of the color-version of ‘Lord of the Flies’ when I looked at the panel where Nerd was holding up the rock ever-so-gleefully.

  11. Smoketrix

    I like how Prozac was kewl with it till the rock came out. Then they had to rescue evil. Nerd had a gap in his teeth lol. He went BERZERK and whooped Evils ass!!! If I was Evil id heal up and go beat the stuffing out of that lil carebear. I actually feel bad for Nerd in the last panel and 9


    Evil deserved it but he looks so sad :(

  13. S.P

    Lawl, Crack and Gimp had to hold him back.

  14. Bastion

    You know, with Gimp’s ‘extracurricular’ activities, you’d think he would have an easier time restraining Nerd …

  15. Chiara-Wolf

    Panel 4 OMFG Nerds face!!! MAYJOR LOLZ at that :D

  16. Anaiyah

    awww poor evil…

  17. Some person from Toronto

    The violence is soo funny! XD

  18. EvilRabbit

    ohh, Evil looks sad in last panel. Maybe he secretly loves/likes nerd but doesn’t want to admit it so he’s EVIL?!?! DUN DUN DUN!!!

  19. yiiioooiiii

    i think evil needs a hug…… and some advil….. and a cast……and an aspirin

  20. Solario the Visored

    I’m hearing a very Anakin-like “I HATE YOU!!” from him in that one panel!

  21. Johnny Mayhem

    That copious (by this comic’s standard) amount of blood probably added to my laughter when I first read this. The attention to detail is great as always, what with Evil’s right horn being snapped/shortened.

  22. Ratapoil

    So awesome to see that asshole bully get his ass kicked!

  23. Sterling Rodd

    No one will ever read this because it’s waaaaaaay late, but I don’t care. I’m gonna babble anyway. :) There’s a lot I love about this particular page.

    Nerd in panel four is disturbing. He looks like he’s crossed over. And I’m wondering how he can lift a rock that big and heavy… then I remember, despite the civility and easy-going natures of these guys most of the time, they ARE bears, after all.

    I’m surprised and impressed that Crack would put himself on the line like that helping Gimpy holding Nerd back and hauling him back into the cave. I wouldn’t have given him credit for either the courage or the compassion. Sides of him I wouldn’t mind seeing more of someday. There’s such a vibe in general that most of these guys don’t give a damn about one another and barely tolerate each other, and in fact are frequently quite willing to brutalize each other, that any little indication they really do care is heartwarming.

    I wonder about Evil’s reaction in the final panels. His expression seems to connote more than self-sympathy. It looks like regret. Did Nerd’s reaction drive home how much hurt he’d caused? Could it actually matter to Evil? Maybe I’m too sentimental, but I’d like to think that whatever demons drive Evil, ultimately these other guys do matter to him and he has his limits. I really wonder about that. I think of all the questions these characters evoke in me, that’s the biggest one. The fact that he’s demonstrably homicidal in other circumstances makes me uneasy when I consider it, though.

  24. Nila

    Should have let him finish the job…

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