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March 20th, 2009

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So Evil is trying… and I don’t mean the bees of course. It’s an uphill battle :)

For anyone who’s convinced that Evil didn’t wreak the model I’m so sorry, but you give him too much credit.

Big hi and welcome to any new readers who made their way over from Deviant art; all of a sudden we got 100 comments on the last page and only 1 of them was mine! That’s crazy guys! As always, thank you so much for the feedback!

Today’s vote incentive: Something different from me (no, I don’t just draw whacked out bears all day) This project has been paying the bills for awhile and vol 1 just came out this past month. Here is the cover to the first ‘Faerie Path’ manga, which I drew/inked/toned. It took about 9 months and it’s my first published work (that and a short coming out later this month in Popgun volume 3 but more on that later) FP is a sequel trilogy to a Harper Collins novel series so if you’re a teen/pre-teen girl you may very well like this. If you’re not in their target demo, you may still very well like this… the art’s not half bad in my humble opinion :)

You can find out more about the series on Amazon.


  1. EYES

    HAHAHAHAHA I love it!
    Will Nerd seek MORE revenge? ATTACK OF THE NERDS BEAR!

  2. Xel Unknown

    I agree that I wouldn’t call this trying if anything this is showing Evil becoming more clever with his evil acts… Because you do one minor good thing and inside of that good act is an evil one just waiting to happen that’s more evil then just doing an evil thing.

  3. Daffu

    I can not, in any way, seem to figure out how to express my love for the humour in this comic XD; it completely made my day when I found it a few days ago (Via deviantart – I just happened to see what looked to me like an 80s cartoon parody and I had to click). Love the art, love the characters …. love the comic. *shall stalk this!*

  4. Shane

    Despite the fact that his pride might be hurt by getting , Evil still maintains his rep as the fan favorite.

  5. Evil2.0

    I see a more Nerd/ Evil moment of Aww I forgive him he aint so bad, lies It is Nerd who gives him too much credit at this point.

  6. Elkian

    Shoulda gone and hugged him; even if it didn’t stop the bee bit, woulda made him feel at least a little guilty…

  7. Smoketrix

    Evil = love. He is the most pro bear. But I have some questions.
    1. Evil say he’s the best hand to hand fighter but what about Death Bear?
    2 Who wins in a crazy fight, Nerd or Prozac?- my moneys on big P
    3. When does LEch catch his ass whooping?

  8. Kurobara

    Ha, Geek should know better than to think Evil actuall apologized. “I HATE YOU!!! D<” is probably a compiment and a sign of true accomplishment for Evil.XD


    You know, i’d be fine if Evil wouldn’t apologise to me for something like that

  10. la

    I go from “awww” to “ack!” in three seconds. xD As always, I love this comic. That arc was fun. <3
    The character interactions are so great.

  11. TuxRug

    Oh my, since that beating, Evil’s had one pupil larger and the other pupil tiny. That’s a classic sign of a concussion. I wouldn’t want to get on Nerd’s bad side. Generally, a good guy. But during that beating, it looked like he was channeling evil at a proficiency level even greater than Evil himself…

  12. AkatsukiNekoJr

    D’aww that was sweet while it lasted

  13. Skykitsune

    Nyahaha! I knew it!

  14. Solario the Visored

    It’s a hate-love-hate relationship. :3

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