Page 61
March 23rd, 2009

Page 61

I had way too much fun painting the wall paper… it’s really the simple things that amuse me. And yes that is Tanked, it’s just super refined Tanked :D

Today’s vote incentive: what is Crack afraid of now ???


  1. Evil2.0

    Ok is he seriously sober for once or.. is he dreaming, or is someone else dreaming this?? I can’t believe it if it’s really him.

  2. Ian

    this comic is great!

    is it tanked origins?

    (1 sip… it’s all it takes…)

  3. Annie

    Maybe this is BEFORE Tanked was introduced to the pleasure of beer altogether? =D

  4. Xel Unknown

    Or maybe it’s his friend dies and he drinks to forget!!! (Like many heavy drinkers in fiction.)

  5. AstroDude

    um… i’m sorry but… WHAT?!

  6. Anonymoose

    … or perhaps Tanked in another time~

  7. Whisper

    -Shiver- Tanked is scaring me… xD Let’s see how it turns out, though.

    First panel with the sqirrel in it, I was like, wtf? Is the squirel high? Then I relized it was just the manacle.

  8. Todd-Fox

    well at least we know his drunken-nees came from aristocracy…..his knowlage of wines and fine beverages must be infinate!

  9. Darielas

    OMG, I love Tanked’s look in the last panel! Could I get that on a T-shirt? I would treasure it forever~


    Probably just a drunken daydream

  11. PTM

    Tanked is so much cooler like this.

  12. la

    gack. o__o
    …………………………..;_____; Tanked.

  13. Mara

    I LOVE this drunk daydream sequence. Hehe. This comic, and the next… is it two? HILAROUS!

  14. TurtleSensei

    First comment I’ve made on this. Been reading for the last hour here at work. This comic is so amazing. I want to hug Lech and Gay they are awesome! And Tanked… so cute! I love his little cravat and hat! You have a new fan so hi there!

  15. Skykitsune

    Wait, apparently I must be at a fan site… No way in hell is Tanked ever like this.

  16. zombie comic

    zombie comic…

    […]Bear Nuts by Alison Acton » Archive » Page 61[…]…

  17. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    This is probably my favorite page because its just so fancy <3

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