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March 27th, 2009

Page 62

This is for anyone who’s getting bored of seeing Tanked throw up… I on the other hand will probably never get bored drawing Tanked throwing up. :D

Today’s vote incentive: A fun random character that may or may not show up in some capacity or other at a later date… if ever. How’s that for vague? If anyone would like a go at coloring him I can post the hi-rez line art.


  1. Lord Zeon

    Personally I don’t think I can ever get tired of Tanked throwing up.

  2. W.E.R.


  3. Aconite

    Seeing Tanked eat whatever and puking is what makes him Tanked Bear

  4. Cat1864

    Why when I read these last two strips do I shudder in fear and conspiracy theories of shadow governments race through my mind? Could Tanked actually be manipulating the others by pretending to be totally messed up? Who could he be in league with? The squirrel? NO! Not the bunnies!

  5. midnightlost

    pondering when we get to see tanked come out of his delirium and show us his wasted side, or at least how many bottles of nyquil he drank to induce this illusion lol


    go Tanked! go! That’s showing them who’s boss!

  7. Airobeth

    Wow, this gets better and better. Gotta love tanked… A friend of a friend of a friend of mine was wasted on a certain dug i shall not mention and he hallucinated to the point he saw squirrel’s with mohawks and ak-47’s seeing tanked act like this…. and it includes the furry rodent…. i worry… I really do

  8. Coatillion

    What is Evil feeding him now?

  9. Sebine

    This is a perversion of Tanked

    We demand beer and puking!!

  10. Eptha

    LoL this is great! I’d like to see the process tanked goes through to get from this to…well…tanked :P

  11. Tatsu

    lol line art! post it, trying to color it might be fun.. it’ll be horribly done no doubt..but fun…

  12. Peter!

    I hope you know, I haven’t had the internet for about a week and the first place I went is here. Oh, and Tanked is ridiculously adorable like that. Although I’m thinking it’s all in his head and he’s really just drunk right now.. :P

  13. Heather

    Clearly this is all in his head… right? (The end shot kind of looks like it does when on tv it will melt into the REALITY of what’s going on)

  14. Crotalus

    O_o ???

  15. Fuz

    Hi, i’ve been reading this comic for ages, but has no reason to post (although i have laughed at many)

    But the vote you put up, made me clap my hands with joy. Can’t wait to see this guy appear. and yes I saw you promise a high rez piccie but i just had to do something there and then….2 hours later (i got a bit lazy in the end but couldn’t stop)

    keep up the great work

  16. kitmit13

    I bet he really is too drunk XD

  17. Foxingreen

    Wow, so this is what runs thru Tanked’s mind while he is drunk. :D

  18. admin

    @ Peter: I’d die without internet for a week… that’s so pathetic isn’t it…
    @Fuz: That’s awesome! I’ll post the line art next update :)

  19. Allan

    @Fuz: The bear with the chainsaw is FANTASTIC!

  20. Atb

    this is my first time commenting, so i thought id say your comic is amazing :D
    second, i decided to quickly throw some colors on that chainsaw bear you did! hope you like it

  21. RagingDragon

    Seeing him like this confuses me. ._.;

  22. Zelly

    Yes please for line art. :)

  23. £Ø§Ð

    …$20 says that tanked Poisend ’em.

  24. Evil2.0

    I’ll take you’re bet and say he didn’t

    Now that the gambling is done, I must say Tanked looks wonderfull when he’s all refined and he looks so cute in his tophat and gloves. I really wonder what’s going on though..

    Ps. I love the psycho bear, I can just see him being Evil’s cousin or something it would be awesome if you included him!! :)

  25. james Booooooosh!!!!!!!

    It would be kinda ironic if it was gay bears brother.

  26. Juneberry

    I colorized your homicidal bear for the fun of it! here he is

  27. WintermuteNight

    Delusions of propriety, conversations with squirrels, biscottis and tea…. ok where did Tank get the special brownies from?

  28. Appel

    the last panel is SO adorable^^ tanked is looking so very happy

  29. Scotty A

    that last panel puts this one over the top!

  30. FE

    {insert very witty laughing here}

    Tanked and Mr. Squirrel are adorable!!!!

  31. FE

    ooo i wanna color the psycho killer bear ^ _ ^

  32. RandomDave

    Hi, first time poster, I love Bear Nuts. It’s an absolute riot of a comic. :D

    I saw the lineart of Chainsaw Bear and just had to color him. Here’s my rendition:

  33. RandomDave

    Darn, forgot to put this in the first post:

    My favorite part of the Chainsaw Bear drawing, is that it looks less like he is going to chop you up and more like he’s decided to strangle you with the chainsaw cable.

  34. Ghorroj

    I bet. I bet that Tanked is actually wearing a paper hat, the ‘tea’ is something like muddy water out of a cracked beaker, and he’s actually about to throw up on the startled squirrel after a lot of drunken mumbling.

    I wonder what Evil put in his beer this time?

  35. Luckeux

    I’m sure that he is really on mush and in fact talking with a rock…

  36. Fuz

    @Juneberry – great shading!

    I’m itching to see what his real colours are going to be….or is it a she?? o_O

  37. Crum

    Sophisticated Tanked makes me giggle. Although, I don’t think he’s just hallucinating. We have proof of what Tanked thinks about when he hallucinates. (Chapter 4, page 10) So…is this pre-tanked Tanked?

  38. gridsleep

    That’s really hilarious. I have a chainsaw bear in my bedroom. I should say Chainsaw Bear, because it’s a trademark of a sculptor here in the Hudson Valley (Marlboro, NY if you’re in the area) who does all sorts of fantastic sculptures with a chainsaw, including bears ten feet tall, bear mail box stands, and a bear sitting on a Harley Davidson, all carved from log wood (I chanced to see the Harley bear sitting on a trailer before delivery, or I would not have believed it possible.) I don’t know if he’s ever done a sculpture of a maniac bear holding a chainsaw, but I bet he could do a fair rendition of it.

  39. gridsleep

    Correction: Chainsaw Bear is located closer to Middlehope, NY.

  40. Tinna

    My bet is this is a flash back to before Tanked began drinking and as such this is HIS LIFE prior to giving into drink. Perhaps the mighty hath fallen, when his friend the squirril is horribly maimed or killed he turns to drinking to escape the pain of losing his friend and being such a gentleman with the temper of a pussywillow I can only imagine that it wasn’t too hard to fall to his knees before the grog.

  41. WintermuteNight

    @Random Dave: Dude, that is an awesome color scheme for CB.

  42. Anonymoose

    There’s something I’ve been curious about for sometime now… about how big are the bears compared to thing around them? In the Prozac Origin stories Death Bear was nearly as tall as the cop at the drug store but other times the bears seems rather small (as this case with the squirrel or when Evil was in the zoo office)

  43. Juneberry

    @Fuz -Thanks! I had fun doing it :)


    I never really had a problem with tank’s puking

  45. TurtleSensei

    **Very witty laughing** that made me so happy to see! So cute! I’m just waiting for one of them to say “Prodigious!”

  46. Skykitsune

    Damn! I’m still at the fan site! Where’s the main one?!

  47. JS

    I know I’m hitting this one way late and likely no one will ever read this… but this one kind of makes me sad. It’s like “Tanked, if…” Like this is who he’d really be, otherwise.

    But, then, of course, he wouldn’t be as fun or endearing. :)

  48. sneakers

    Oh Tanked. If only your tea parties weren’t a fabrication. But whatever keeps you happy, really.

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