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March 30th, 2009

Page 63

And… we’re back to reality. Tanked’s child-like mind has a child-like imagination… or perhaps the adult version of fetal alcohol syndrome.
Here’s the hi-res line art for Chainsaw Bear if anyone else would like to color him. The ones I’ve seen so far are amazing, thank you guys!

Today’s vote incentive: has Crack finally snapped?? Or did he do that awhile ago and this is yet another relapse/acid trip? (not Evil…sorry, that’s Friday’s!)


  1. MAC

    I laughed so hard when I saw the dead squirrel, I don’t even know why.

  2. la

    It was just a drunken daydream. Oh wow. ;__; Reality IS much more amusing, though, no matter how well-polished the flowerly dialogue was.
    “What traps?” “………………………..”
    xDDDD <3

  3. Tomas

    i feel so bad for tanked, its not fair

  4. Mara

    The Squirrel is the best touch, I think. All sewed up and falling off in the end. (And it seems that there is another Mara, I just noticed. I’m not the same as the one up there.)

  5. Skykitsune

    Ah… There we go… Back at the main site I see…

  6. matt

    Oh i feel bad for tank

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