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April 3rd, 2009

Page 64

Evil is a little lazy when it comes to hunting/foraging. Another behavior brought on by cushy zoo life :)
At the Toronto zoo there were Canada geese everywhere on the grounds and they would walk right up to the side of the tiger cages to eat french fries off the ground, driving said tigers mad I imagine. Unfortunately the day we went was very hot and all the big cats were lying around looking dead.

Today’s vote incentive is Evil doing Evil things (that stuff gets really sticky in fur!)


  1. cheezedog

    Looks like its life as usual over at this end of the zoo.

  2. Q

    lol, Evil is doing everything to avoid answering the question.

  3. Kookaburra8su

    NOW i’m sure of it. Tanked really does/DID have a squirrel friend. EVIL…..!!!

    Either that or Tanked is has just slipped back to his unconsious world after choking on the stone. (sic, oh man I’m slow, didn’t anyone else get it, DUH!, Tanked is Stoned!!!)

    Nothing good can come of this
    You’re better off on the piss.

  4. Kookaburra8su

    PS, Is it OK for me to do more than colour Chainsaw bear and add other stuff to the image?

  5. Ausjin

    At least the head stayed off the table. If it had managed to roll onto Tanked’s leaf of snacking stones…

  6. tyrone

    can be just as dangerous! Rocks can be thrown at you, fall on you,roll on you(bolder),
    slip on them,and not to easy to swallow if at all! old Habits die hard!

  7. DominicanKing614

    my god ur right Ausjin … if he had eaten it i dont know what he or the other bears would make of it … lol

  8. DisAstrum

    awesome comic! i have come to love all the characters! (not THAT way gay bear, get your paw off my leg!)

    anyways! I love the artwork and would like to see more more more!

    (any way we could get updated more? *hopeful bambi eyes*) Anyways, rave reviews! 10 out of 5 stars!

  9. Typh

    great comic Alison, you could use the headless squirrel for your next Halloween special “attack or revenge of the headless squirrel”:P haha, Evil & Death are the best can’t wait too see what you do with Chainsaw bear:D

  10. Evil2.0

    HAHA, been there done that, I love how Evil is pissing Prozac off to where he doesn’t see Tanked choking again.I especially love the “I don’t understand teh question”

    You miss, are pure awesome, keep up the sublime work

  11. £Ø§Ð

    Yeap, Think We All Know Some One Like Evil.

  12. BN Fan

    You make me LOL every week, Alison. I… I love you. And as a person who lives in a place swamped by cats, used to seeing half-eaten/rotted rodent corpses lying around every day, I must commend you on your amazing squirrel anatomy (both inside and out!)

  13. BN Fan

    OH and… I think panel four would make an awesome t-shirt or poster. Both the picture and comment, ofcorse.

  14. plajj

    I also love panel 4!!!

  15. admin

    @ DisAstrum: Thanks! More updates will likely kill me :)
    @ Typh: I like that idea… but he’d be pretty rotted by then! I think Evil could probably come up with some more.
    @ Evil2.0: Thanks again! I certainly shall.
    @ BN Fan: Thank you so much, my current cats are indoor (lost too many to cars when I was growing up) but many a bird carcass I’ve found on my step. They’re such thoughtful creatures :)
    @ plajj: :D

  16. Nobrain

    Just read everything from the beginning today.

    I absolutely love this comic and couldn’t stop laughing.

    It’s about 2 AM where I’m at, I really love the comic!

  17. Not Joe the Pummer

    I’d love to have drunk bear in Panel one as my desktop. thats gota be the dopiest looking expression i’ve ever seen.

  18. M

    I am more convinced that tanked bear is more a severely brain-damaged bear…

  19. SweetRMS
    Thiss is a funny game

  20. SweetRMS

    i love evil

  21. Maxatack42

    lol tanked looks helarious in the first fith sixth and last pannle XD

  22. MeisterJ

    man, this is an incredibly enjoyable comic. Hell, i just re-read it and realized i’d missed a page before [oh noes!]

    i can’t wait until we see more of Death, Gimp and Lech. I’m one for the not as sung, insane heroes.

  23. RagingDragon

    I love Evil’s expression in the first panel. X3

  24. AdB

    I love Tank’s expression in the first and final frame..

  25. kris

    i love these comics my friend got me hooked so i thank her alot my fav is death evil and prozac lol

  26. chesire

    XD tanked’s face on the first and last panels are hilarious! & I totally agree that panel 4 should be a shirt or poster. Oh! and one of death standing with his scythe going “settle down children” me and my brother would totally by those (if we had money)


    Tanks tounge constanly sticking out and Evil’s eyes make this great

  28. Mara

    I love Tanked… hehe. His imagination and then the reality… the “biscotti” and… hehe… putting it back in his mouth after he’s already choked on it. I want a Tanked plushie.

  29. Solario the Visored

    I say! Letting your head fall off during tea time is terrible bad manners, old chap! :(

  30. matt

    poor dead animal and go evil a man needs to eat

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