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December 8th, 2014

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Lech is: A jealous, B protective, C hungry, D brain damaged…

Teefury’s new Harry Potter themed collection (guest curated by Mugglenet) debuts today and runs for one week.  Some awesome stuff in there, including my ‘Owl and Weasel’ design.  I’m kind of excited about the new short stories coming out from JK Rowling (a 12 days of Christmas thing on her site) and I’m surprised all over again at how long it’s been since the last book was published.  Yet another thing to make me feel old :P

Final shipping deadlines for Christmas delivery are upon us (I don’t actually know what they are for the US, just that international is probably done).  DBH is still offering FREE shipping on all apparel orders.  Someone mentioned last week about having to sign up on their site before you can even see the galleries, which I didn’t know about.  If that’s an issue you can check out NEATORAMA instead; most of the same designs and I think they offer the greatest selection of oversized tees as well.  Both sites offer superior in house print quality (over say RedBubble that do it off site) and I love the quality of all the stuff I’ve gotten from them :)

Vote incentive: fun commission sketches for a Christmas gift (love the personal and unique gift ideas!  Jim puts no effort in any more…)


  1. EatingFurniture

    E. All of the above.

    I love how Lech looks so satisfied with his “education.” Look at his adorable smile in the first frame!

  2. rugibess

    Its good to see gay and the girls getting along. I wonder what lech is going to do.

  3. rugibess

    … wait …. why does gay have nail polish….

  4. Blacky Blackerson


    Think about it. Gay…it’s in his name xD.

    Seriously though, Gay, what are you scheming? I think you got something up your paws. Also Lech…you gonna risk going for that booty again? Need I remind you that she nearly dom’d the shit out of you xD?

  5. Vausch

    It’s obvious Lech is jealous.

    The girls are taking Gay from him. And his muffins.

  6. chase

    I think Gay’s just happy to get to be doing some girly stuff with others for once.

  7. Infabulous

    I would go with A. But I am not sure if he is jealous of Gay stealing the girls, or, like Vausch said, he is jealous of the girls stealing Gay and the muffins.

  8. Michael Sirius

    Of course Lech is jealous, muffins are his and Gay’s thing. Remember? Chocolate chip muffins?

  9. Bry

    it’s definitely A, maybe a bit of B too. it’s kinda cute seeing Lech jealous. he typically just bounces around between girls and doesnt really care for them much afterwards (then again there was that monkey incident a few chapters back)…but, as a couple have said, he may also be jealous Gay is giving the girls muffins, thats their thing (or so Lech has pointed out before bec, although it’s amusing to think it was suggestive, I doubt Lech would have “fun” w/ Gay). so maybe the jealousy is going both ways: he’s jealous Gay is stealing the girls (specifically Sara, he may not have gotten far w/ her before he chicken out due to her dominating nature in bed, but that’s still his mate), and he’s jealous that the girls may steal Gay away (if the girls get close to Gay, who will Lech pick on, fight w/ then later share chocolate chip muffins w/?). i feel like theres a bit of protectiveness involved too, and i think it once again goes both ways: hes protective of the girls bec he thinks Gay’s scheming something (even though Gay is usually the first, after Prozac, to quickly make amends, though occasionally poking fun at the animal, eq Vanity), and hes protective of Gay bec Lech thinks, after all he’s went through recently, the girls (specifically Sara) might use Gay. i’m leaning more towards jealousy though, bec, gay or not, Gay is still a male and Lech’s alpha instincts r kicking in.

    srry for the long post ^~^”

  10. Bry

    oops…Gay was the one that mentioned the chocolate chip muffins, not Lech…my bad

  11. Alister

    Oh Lech, is Gay giving someone other than you muffins hitting a sore nerve there?

  12. TaggertShare

    Back on the prowl, Lech? Watch out. You may be Lecherous, but Sara can be treacherous.

  13. YourWorstNightmare

    Hmm lol sorry it has been a while since I last commented but I’m still reading XD way I see it, it can be one of three things, A.) Lech is just jealous that Gay gave the girls muffins. B.) Lech is not wanting Gay to get close the the girls and thinks he is scheming to get one of them. My personal favorite XD C.) Lech actually has some deep set feelings for Gay and is jealous of the girls hanging with him and getting muffins XD can’t wait to see how it will turn out

  14. Anon

    Aaaaaaw the girls are bonding.

  15. Michael Sirius

    @YourWorstNightmare You and I both know it’s C.
    @Infabulous You know he’s jealous of the girls stealing Gay and their sacred muffins.

    Remember children, Glech for the win

  16. Michael Sirius

    Thank you, Alison.
    The subtle Glech intones you gave me today shall carry me on through this already long week…
    …Even if that wasn’t your intent

  17. Timni

    that SHADE though

  18. rugibess

    I wish I had a time machine so I could go into the future where there are more pages of bear nuts…… One can dream

  19. YetAnoutherBrian

    @rugiless, with a sufficiently hard blow to the cranium and this link you can go Back in time to 2008 and have 45 chapters of Bear Nuts to read.

  20. EatingFurniture

    @Bry Those are a lot of the points I wanted to make. I chose “E-All of the above” because he is jealous about the girls getting muffins, Gay’s ability to catch the girls’ interest, and the girls’ ability to attract Gay. He’s protective of his relationship and of his aplha male status. He’s hungry for power, and because Gay made muffins. How can you resist that? And all the bears are brain damaged.

  21. Cam

    Hmm, Lech is mad Gay made them muffins, and they did have that time when Gay made Lech the best muffins he’s eaten. Please tell me, he’s jealous of the girls. I want my Glech ship to become canon! XD

  22. Michael Sirius

    @cam you and me both

  23. EatingFurniture

    @Cam & Michael Sirius I think almost everyone here supports Team Glech.

  24. dizzie

    wow Lech…. really? just. REALLY? xD those claw marks havnt even healed yet dude.

  25. Michael Sirius

    That’s because Glech team is A team and if you’re not playing for the team then you’re playing for team D
    Just think, next week, Gay and Lech will have an *interesting* conversation

  26. Vausch

    Actually…Bay, I have to question…has Lech actually been with a female? I mean we’ve seen him with a teddy bear and looking at magazines, but that’s pretty much it.

    The closest we can assume is the monkey, and its gender was never explicitly stated. Seems my hypothesis of Lech’s insecurities is gaining some traction there.

  27. Shenny

    I love how Cara’s all “Oh god not this crap again” in the last panel.

  28. Bry

    @ Vausch youre asking to of me? i guess u have a good point. we dont TRULY know if Lech ever has as much experience as he claims he does. maybe his dirty, little secret is that he’s actually a virgin and he’s never had real action w/ a female before Sara, who knows?

  29. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    Bearnuts has been so good!! I love too read it. I love how Lech is A Jealous and B Protective about Gay and his Muffins <3 I ship it !!

  30. Bry

    * this (lol fail)

  31. Infabulous

    The ship is strong with these ones. Haha, who am I kidding? I also ship them so f*cking hard.

  32. DK3

    … i know he is gay and all but why he owns nail polish? Is he secretly a transvestite or does he do claws to the other female animals?

  33. EatingFurniture

    @DK3 He might paint Madge’s nails.

  34. Vausch

    @DK3 I know straight guys that own nail polish. Usually it’s black but others use it for cosplay.

    Bry: Yeah, sorry, misread your name. Would continue to support my hypothesis, though. I mean the ones who talk the most about something are usually atop mount stupid.

  35. Infabulous

    @DK3 and EatingFurniture: I am pretty sure he uses them too ( Which I am not sure if it makes him a transvestite, or just a really REALLY feminine gay, to the point of also wearing a lady’s purse (

  36. Gab

    I’d answer A and D xD

    but I think Gay’s just happy to be able to have girl friends around to play with. He didn’t really show any desire to uh..procreate(?) with the girls when they arrived.

  37. YourWorstNightmare

    @Michael Sirius XD oh yeah totally

  38. Treehugger

    reasons why gay is so weird to some peeps:

    1. this is the stereotypical gay, not the real one.

    2. he really is gay.

    3. gay hasn’t shown any signs of getting a crush on any of the guy’s yet.

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