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December 15th, 2014

Page 452

My kids have the same manners as Lech.  10 days till Christmas and I keep using the “I’ll take your presents back to the store!!” threat to keep them in line… it doesn’t appear to be working.

3 designs up right now on Shirt Woot!  They had an alphabet themed derby and I drew a lot of ninjas and a lot of cats (which will likely lead to the inevitable ninja-cat shirt, but anyway…).

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  1. T-Shaw

    Wow. Did not see that coming.

  2. superchocoblue

    Oooh! Jealous jealous ~

  3. rugibess

    and I now love Cara with that last panel

  4. emily

    I just realized your last name is Acton! I always read it as Action. I’ve read this comic for years and I’ve never noticed. *smh* you keep doing you! I’ve loved finding out new things in the story and your life, whether the action is in your name or your encounters !

  5. Shenny

    Love Gay’s expression in the fourth panel.

  6. EatingFurniture

    You see? I told you he was hungry!

  7. Evil Bastich

    My parents used to keep a spare deer head and painted it’s nose red threatening to kill Rudolf and the moment we act up they pulled the head out…..

  8. Tempy

    Oh my dear, I think our little Lech has a case of greenies over Gay’s new found friendship with the girls ;3

  9. Infabulous

    So much charm in only one bear…

  10. Gab

    Uh…was that an attempt at showing dominance?

  11. Michael Sirius

    Jealousy, called it. I’m pretty sure that Gay knows exactly what he’s doing to Lech and is savoring it.

  12. ponyhome

    My wife always threatened the kids with taking the toys to Goodwill. They didn’t believe her until all the toys disappeared one day. “Well, I TOLD you!” They didn’t mess with her after that.

  13. Vausch

    Oh, Lech, don’t worry. If the girls go you’ll have Gay all to yourself again. Then you’ll be the first to get a hot muffin and lick the beaters.

    I feel like I made an unintentional innuendo and I don’t know why.

  14. AstroFenn

    there was a story in the paper where a lady wrote a letter to the kids from SANTA that said they were on the naughty list and had until Xmas to behave enough to be on the nice list, it reduced the kids to tears BUT! the sons now doing better in school and they both have been behaving since then XD

  15. Medievalkite

    Probably just as well the “I’ll take your gifts back to the store!” doesn’t quite work. When my mom used that the first time that I can remember, my sister and I actually believed her so we told each other what we bought for each other because we thought she was taking them back XD

  16. Glowworm

    That last panel is adorable.

  17. TaggertShare

    Alright Cara! I like girls who have a wry sense of Humor.

  18. Anon

    Not so secure about his status, after all.

    srsly gay is like the least threatening of the male bears what’s lech’s problem

  19. YourWorstNightmare

    Lol Lech wanted those muffins XD he knows enough about Gays muffins to know when it is a new recipe just by the smell! That is some major muffin betrayal on Gays part

  20. Chris

    I think… Lech might be a Leeeetle jealous :3

  21. Zakurei

    Kids catch on quick with empty threats. The trick is to physically hide gifts with bad behavior until it gets noticeable that some have gone missing. Of course the twins might still be too young to fully understand or care lol.

    Also I’m detecting a hint of jealousy with Lech (but for who I wonder :D)

  22. Kath McGill

    totally loved that last part. Hope the girls are bears here to stay- while it *is* a breeding program, the girls have had serious issues with other zoos, and if they see they are actually getting along (and not killing eachother) things might work out.

    As for Santa. you may want to google it, but there was a woman in Salt lake city who’s kids were acting up and she totally canceled Christmas for them. took down the trees, took the presents back and the kids *now appreciate* what chrismas is about. There is a line in Dr. who. “go ahead and do it” if you back track and reduce it down, it has no meaning.

    When my dad was 8 years old, he lost his mother to a mastoid infection (which is a pretty serious infection but can be treated today) back then, they didn’t have antibiotics the way we do, and the ones they had were so expensive my grandfather couldn’t buy them to cure her. she was 29 yrs old, and because my grandfather worked 18 hr shifts, he couldn’t take care of the three small boys and placed them in an orphan asylum (Very scary places). He cried himself to sleep every night, and because of that, because he was *bad* they put coal in his stocking.

    I do understand my grandfathers pov. as a child, his father had evacuated them from Germany sending them to the states with his younger brother (who was 16) the government turned him away at the border, but, the 5 boys were sent to a work house where my grandfather became (at the age of 7) a rag boy in the steel mill (life expectancy was half an hour because their arms would get severed from their bodies) he had only a third grade education his entire life, and even though he married young, he knew he wasn’t able to give the boys the care they needed.

    Kids will be good, and bad, and according to their age, its about the same length of time. if you truly are serious about this whole thing, sit the boys down and say “Look, (Sam) you are old enough to behave better, we have decided because we can’t deal with you being bad, and dealing with the twins who follow your lead, that we aren’t going to deal with Christmas this year.” grab a tote, send them to their rooms and undo the tree. Pack it up, and when they come out to an empty area, then, well, it may be enough to shock them into realizing that your serious.

    if they act up again, sit them down, say, We talked about this before. go to your rooms, we are taking down the other stuff now.

    grab a tote and remove the stockings and some of the other Christmas stuff you have, pack it up and then let them see that its gone as well.

    Don’t leave them in the room while you are doing this because they WILL throw a tantrum. You need the *shock and awe* of they were bad, and that’s that.

    As for totally canceling Christmas… kids get way too many things to begin with. There have been people who have tossed every toy the kid had, a better idea is to have the kids pack the toys that they don’t use and take them to a center that will be giving kids toys

    and, at the last resort,

    if they truly are unmanageable, take what ever you were going to give them, (take the tags off that have their names) take the kids down to your homeless shelter with the toys and give them to the people who are there, because those kids will not have any Christmas at all.

    I honestly don’t believe that a kid changes with threats. I have known some unmanageable children who become very bitter over the years because they were indulged in every way and when a parents said no, the kids hated them for it.

    Sam should be old enough to understand it all.

    it was also said that when kids learn there isn’t a santa , they feel as if the parents have lied to them all along. no easter bunny, no tooth fairy. We learned Santa was St Nicolas, a very real person who helped children and left them little gifts in their shoes. We never celebrated the easter bunny, but we did celebrate the resurrection. as for the tooth fairy, we were rewarded when we lost a tooth if we were brave.

    Stand firm.

    (of course my mum used to pretend that she was calling the local children’s and youth services to remove my disruptive brothers from the house and they would beg her not to… which worked for a bit with the older ones. The younger ones, I guess she gave up, because there were plenty of times that they were destructive with my possessions (that had been put away nicely and they played with them and broke them because they thought it was funny. ) Now THEY deserve a lump of coal.

  23. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    Knew it !!! Lech is so jelly of the girls !! haha ! Gay that is betrayal though! Lech always gets first taste of the new muffins not girls!!

  24. Michael Sirius

    @Anon but you see, for Lech isn’t worried about Gay stealing the girls, he worried about the girls stealing Gay.

    I finally get it. Yes. You see, Lech noticed the muffins and felt betrayed. Then he noticed that it was a new recipe, and he was even more betrayed. As a last ditch effort he tried the muffins hoping that they wouldn’t be as good as the ones Gay made him. He stormed off because the muffins were good, he felt betrayed. Because, if one’s on/off boyfriend made some random girls muffins, with a new recipe no less, well, one would feel pretty jealous and betrayed.

  25. YourWorstNightmare

    @Michael Sirius took the words straight out go my mouth XD talk about hitting the nail on the head. Just think about how much history they have with muffins if Lech is able to tell its a new recipe just by the SMELL
    @sherlockxjohn8karkat EXACTLY lol

  26. YourWorstNightmare

    But you know what I’m REALLY waiting for…? When are they gonna notice, or even apologize about being the ones who beat the crap out of him and chunked him over a wall O.O do they even care? lol you would thing that at least Prozac or Lech would feel kinda bad

  27. Cam

    Omg, omg omg omg omg. I’m looking even more forward to this than when the girls were announced. Please tell me Glech becomes canon. PLEASE. Or at least a REALLY strong hint at it? PLEASE? I will be heartbroken if not.

  28. Michael Sirius

    @Cam agreed

    I just noticed that in panel two, Lech and Gay stare into each other’s eyes and manage to forget about the girls until the last panel.

    I hope this isn’t the last we see of Lech in this chapter

  29. Bry

    heheh i knew our little Lechy was jealous, but it appears to be over Gay and his muffins, not Cara or the girls in general…surprise, surprise. then again Gay’s muffins ARE delicious ;P

  30. EatingFurniture

    @Cam I think it’s already been hinted that there used to be a connection between Lech and Gay, but now they both have secrets that would prevent them from being together in front of anyone else, so it’ll probably be a while if ever.

  31. sherlockxjohn8karkat

    @YourWorstNightmare RIGHT?? I think Lech is just hiding his feelings except for the muffins at the moment (ahah) But I think he might apologize ( along with Prozac ) later.

  32. Nicole

    Cutest Starscream ever!! :D

  33. Alister

    I love Cara for making that joke so much right now!

  34. Faiz

    What’s the matter with Lech?

  35. superchocoblue

    @Faiz: He’s jealous and it’s incredibly cute.

  36. Michael Sirius

    @superchocoblue You got that right

  37. admin

    @ emily: lol, my nick name in school was Action Figure, twas annoying.
    @ Evil Bas: I had a friend who’s dad did that. He was a big hunter and I thought it was grotesque how he’d decorate the heads every year :P
    @ Vausch: that does sound… titillating… :)
    And wow to all the taking away Christmas stories! Hardcore parenting, which I would totally do if my kids really pulled some shit. Unfortunately their transgressions are more of the annoying type than truly bad… for now I’m sure.

  38. irispassion

    Daww, he’s… jealech :D (wow, that joke was terrible, sorry)

  39. EatingFurniture

    @admin I had the nickname “Hand Checker” based on my last name. I don’t know what I was checking for, but fortunately the name never stuck for long, so it doesn’t really matter.

  40. rugibess

    @ EatingFurniture My nickname was dodger from elementary to High and even the teachers called me it…..

  41. EatingFurniture

    Nobody’s taken Gay’s face from panel 6 and made it their avatar? I’ll have to put it on my avatar wait list.

  42. Infabulous

    @EatingFurniture: You mean panel 4 right? Because panel 6 is Lech eating and spitting Muffins.

  43. EatingFurniture

    @Infabulous *7. I’m always confused about what is considered a panel.

  44. haha!

    What a douche!

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