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December 22nd, 2014

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Happy early holidays to everyone!  I of course have plans for a more appropriately timed and festive Face Book post, but I make a lot of plans that get upended these days… I’m freaking busy lately which is good/bad.  I’ll probably take Christmas off though… probably.

‘How Rainbows are Made’ is available now in Teefury’s Odditees 2 collection (something I made determined to be ‘odd’, there’s a surprise) but it’s only available until the 24th.  Great kid’s tee?  Or greatest? Or adult of course (people look at me funny when I wear this one…)

Plus a silly Mario themed tee up on Woot.  I always found those underground levels extra sinister: who hollowed out all these caverns?  Why do all these tunnels exist?  Why are there so many pipes that all go to the same place??  It doesn’t make sense!

A winter animal themed vote incentive while I glare jealously at my Uncle in Florida’s FB pics of his cycling trip :(

Update:  MORE shirt stuff (I said I’ve been busy…)  ‘Aerial’ is also on Woot today and it’s the last chance to get the Alpha Cats and Ninjas before they get “reckoned”, which is an ominous way of saying put in the back catalogue where the price increases :)


  1. superchocoblue

    Smooth. ;)

  2. abowden

    When you’re digging a hole… stop digging.

  3. EatingFurniture

    That’s definitely up the skirt, and there’s the mention of the videos, if anyone had any doubts about what’s gonna happen in the next frame… either Nerd blushing, Sara pushing down here skirt and bubbling with anger, or a close up of a censor bar.

  4. tedflip


  5. rugibess

    tankeds face in the second to last panel will be stuck in my head for awhile

  6. Blacky Blackerson

    Well what a charming moment. Though you’d think Slu…erm…Sara would be used to that kinda thing xD

  7. Shenny

    I’m not entirely sure that we should be surprised over Sara’s skirt covering her lady bits when Cara, and every other bear really, goes around stark naked.

  8. D.Durand

    Does Pinky is really a woman ?

  9. Rainey

    And this is when they discover she’s not a girl at all. ;)

  10. EatingFurniture

    @Rainey Then we find why Tanked was immune to the hormones ;)

  11. Infabulous

    What kind of videos?… Sometimes Nerd, it’s better to remain silent.

  12. Faiz

    Didn’t see that one coming. Anyways, advanced Merry Christmas guys =3

  13. Ana


    I was hopping I would get a comment from you about Korra’s finale. I thought it was great. I hope you did too. Amazing strip as always. Happy Holidays.

  14. Nicole

    Hahaha! Sara’s face in panel 7 is priceless!

  15. Boris

    Wait…did tanked do that on purpose or by accident?

  16. TaggertShare

    Well that should sober Tanked up!

  17. Alister

    Nerd is as careful with his words as Tanked is with his footsteps.

  18. Bry

    lol oh boy wonder where this is headed x3!

  19. Urago

    It’s not like there’s anything to see. Like Cara and the boy bears, their naughty bits are covered by fur.

  20. EatingFurniture

    @Urago Not if you bury your face that far in.

  21. rugibess


  22. Infabulous

    Merry Christmas Everyone! And a Happy New Year!

  23. superchocoblue

    Hey guys!!! Happy holidays!!!!!

  24. Cam

    Oh Tank… And Nerd, Godspeed….

  25. Shpee

    Tanked “The inebriated plot device” bear comes through once again.

  26. Quant

    Nerd looks like a dady or a elder brother for restless child here)))

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