Page 454
December 29th, 2014

Page 454

So that was my Friday night here (or rather REALLY early Sat morning since it was around 2 am).  I’m assuming it was too much Christmas and not enough sleep that finally did Sam in.  No better way to get woken up in the middle of the night than by a weepy child covered in vomit.  ANYWAY, doesn’t seem to be anything worse or we’d get the same treatment for the next couple of nights as well as it runs it’s course through the twins.  Tanked has other issues though… welcome to the family girls!

Vote incentive: MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS! If you follow us on Face Book though that image would have been a bit more timely :)

New tees up this week (and all of them kid friendly):

‘Penguin’s First Snow’ is at Shirt Woot

‘Just Keep Flying’ and ‘Friendly Flight’ are in Teefury’s latest collection of tees aimed at kids (or really big kids).  Check out that Wookie Cookie tee, that’s freaking adorable!  Lots of Star Wars in there.


  1. superchocoblue

    Oh Nerd. As endearing as always. The girls’ expressions are priceless lmao. I kinda want for Evil to interact with Sara and Cara already….

  2. rugibess

    i love that sara face in the last panel

  3. Evil Bastich

    At least he only did the praying at the alter spew and not the exorcist projectile vomit…….

  4. Infabulous

    Holy sh*t. I though it couldn’t get worse… it looks like I was totally wrong. Tanked literally spoiled everything, all he did in the last arch (helping Gay, “talking” to Cara) turned into nothing.

  5. YetAnoutherBrian

    “No better way to get woken up in the middle of the night than by a weepy child covered in vomit.” I feel better knowing I am not the only one.

    Just this morning. “Daddy, my tummy hurts.”

    “Are You going to chuck?”

    “no…” Blarf, chucks al over the floor. He says please and thank you, covers his mouth when he sneezes and coughs, but will not use any of the strategically placed chuck buckets. Sigh…

  6. TaggertShare

    Wow! Payback is a Puke!

  7. Bry

    looks like the girls might have the explain to Nerd and Tanked (not that Tanked would fully understand) about how women work and maybe the birds and the bees…that should be fun xD

  8. Bry

    * to explain

  9. Urago

    Nerd, Cara and Sara are bears, not Bob-Ombs or Creepers.

  10. EatingFurniture

    Well, I don’t think anyone’s concerned with Nerd’s videos anymore…

  11. richard s f

    did tanked just give a hint of the secret ingredient?

  12. Someone

    Please I need updated bear bios!
    Also HUGE fan of your work love the drawings

  13. Anon

    Poor Nerd is trying *so hard* to babysit Tanked. It’s not going well at all.

  14. EatingFurniture

    @Someone The names will probably need to be decided upon first, which will probably happen sometime in the comic. It’ll probably be a few pages.

  15. Cam

    Oh Tank, stop causing trouble for Nerd. And I wonder how the girls will react to that. Maybe they will question him and find out Nerd has no experience with girls and show him the ropes. ;)

  16. EatingFurniture

    So, does anyone else LOVE how cute Nerd looks in every panel he in on this page?

  17. superchocoblue

    @Eatingfurniture:He’s adorkable.

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